Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Trying to live healthy, sharon becomes shane and the drama that follows,funny things for this soccer season and blogger won't let my title be longer..

Over the weekend I decided to drink some left over Orange flavoured vodka I had in my fridge with one of the new Kenyan students. It is that point that I realised one thing.I haven't drunk in months!The last time I had a beer was sometime in May when I went to see my sis and went for a Kenyan bash.I guess for some reason I don't drink alone and I tend to be picky about who I drink with.I guess I am turning into a teetolater by default.I also dont have any red meat in my fridge and I only eat red meat when I go to McDonald's (once or twice a month) or the mexican restaurant (once or twice a month too).I am just waiting for fall to get cooler and I am going to start running every alternate morning.Here's to good living!

I was reading this story in the NYtimes about lesbian women who go for sex change ops to become men and the drama that follows.The ironic thing is the discrimination they force from their former friends and fellow lesbians after their operations, much unlike the support transgendered men enjoy from the gay community.
It has been a subtext of gay politics in San Francisco, the only city in the country that covers employees’ sex-change medical expenses. And it bubbles to the surface every summer at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, a lesbian gathering to which only “women born as women and living as women” are invited — a ban on transgendered people of either sex.
Where as for men who change gender to become women it is seen as a fulfilment of a dream for women who do the same it is seen as betrayal of the cause and going to the other side.In some way this highlights the animosity lesbians feel towards men.It's so amusing to see a group of people that complain about discrimination practicing it themselves!Oh well I'm no gender activist so I'll just sit back and watch society morph yet again.

Here are some funny points that I culled from a list about funny things that should happen during this soccer season but won't.I picked the ones that most people even fair weather Chelsea fans can understand.

1.A whole month to pass without Sam Allardyce moaning.
2.A post-match interview on Sky Sports to feature an Arsenal player other than Thierry Henry.
3.An ousted manger, sacked for general and palpable incompetence , to forsake his compensation package on the grounds that it would be morally abhorrent to accept money he does not deserve.
4.In a dramatic new documentary series, Sky Sports to reveal that football existed before 1992.
5.David Beckham to donate £500 to charity on each occasion he is heard to utter "you know" in a television interview.
6.Theo Walcott to go three years better than Wayne Rooney and mark his 18th birthday by releasing his autobiography.
7.A fourth official to be caught taking forty winks during Charlton v Wigan.
8.Jeff Winter to stop being feted on TV channels desperate to fill their 24-hour news feed, and instead be ignored on the basis that he was a despised, error-strewn ref corrupted by his own ego.
9.All players to be automatically booked if they wave an imaginary card at the referee on the grounds that they asked for it.
10.Spurs to officially confirm that they gave up their status as a big club thirty years ago.
11.Neil Warnock to commemorate a defeat with the sincere observation that, "The best team won - and can I just take this opportunity to congratulate the referee on an impeccable performance?"
12.Roman Abramovich to prove that he is not a mute.
13. Sir Alex Ferguson to attend a post-match press conference following a ManYoo defeat.

As I was on the net today I ran across this article about violent children's games.I am sure you all think they are going to be talking about video games.Uh uh the games on this list are games some of you played!I know I did!

Ladies have you ever thought of working in Adult Entertainment?Take this quiz and find out now!

For my fellow gentlemen, here are 25 valuable lessons!I said for gentlemen!Ladies leave that link alone!I don't go into your lifetime movies and Oprah chat rooms do I?God damnit!

This here is for all you movie fans out there, a list of things that happen only in the movie world and no where else!So don't try that stuff out here!

And to round things off a where are they now article about the great monsters of the past!Time for me to go to the second Meru District (I'll let you in on that later!)


egm said...

A toast to healthy living!

On the movies link, check out Movie Physics. It rates movies on how closely they follow or how badly they violate the laws of physics.

Girl next door said...

I feel you on healthy living; it's something I'm also trying to do.
Not all lesbians are man-haters. I'd understand why lesbians would have trouble accepting a colleague who underwent a sex-change coz it does seem like a betrayal. I'd also think that a man changing to a woman would also seem to be betraying the male gender. Although many gay men seem feminine and bond with females, there are those that hate females. I applaud San Francisco for being so revolutionary in supporting people undergoing sex-changes. It's tragic to have a body that you don't belong in.

Half 'n' half said...

Aco you are right on how tragic it is for a group that has faced soo much discrimitation doing the same to others.

About no 13: Sir Alex to attend a post match press conference with BBC.

About adult entertainment: (clearing throat) hhmmmm, No comment.

Aco do you guys never learn, when you tell us this is not for you, that is like telling us "this is soo good but dont taste it" which inevitably means we will taste it!!!!!!!!! So that link ati for gentle men? oh yes we did follow the link and I must say there is some really GOOD advice there especially no 11 and 12.
Kwa hivyo remember that song of "someni vijana,....mwisho was kusoma mtapata kazi nzuri sana" yeah

mocha said...

DAMN YOU egm!!! LOL!!!

Aco...great links!!! Even the banned one lol!!!

Have a nice day!

egm said...

@ mocha... I've got nuthin' but lurve for you baby! :) Lakini me I don't ati say bite me or fao or some other thing like that. I learnt from the best... Tuco in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly when he says, “If you want to shoot (comment), shoot (comment). Don’t talk about it” :) Anyway, have a jolly swell day!

@HnH It's the old if you want someone to do something, put up a sign forbidding them from doing it.

The Devious One said...
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The Devious One said...

EGM I can see U and your fellow lab rats jus in the "zone" somain that link you gave us...now I know what turns lab rats on hehehehehehhe

What next EGM...Dexters female assistant in a white lab coat and no safety goggles on ( gasp ! )..ooooh I bets thats tres risque in the lab world....loool

egm said...

D1, aiee rafiki, kwani what did I do to you? And the way I plugged your fermented uji?

The Devious One said...

@ Egm...nary a worry my fine feathered friend...just friendly banter thats all !

The word verification Gods are not with me today !

egm said...

Oh, in that case... *correcting the skew of my 1" thick glasses on this wooden wobbly frames on my face* I'll get back to my experiments...

Word verification can be a pain sometimes. Lakini the things the majority has to contend with because of the minority that mess it up for all! That saying of one rotten apple is very apt. I'm sure many a person thinks that as they drink up their beverage kabla getting on a plane today.

Talking of which, what would they classify uji as?

Busy Bee said...

I have alot of catching up at jobo to do... but I have not yet forgotten you all and I will say that I have even yet to read this post!!!

Princess said...

One of my co-workers friends has a sister who underwent a recent sex-change and she was getting married so she had to warn her friends in advance.

Apparently, it was pretty successful because folks actually thought he was a random dude at the wedding before the bride pointed out that he used to be her sister.

It is confusing even trying to explain. I don't know what to call him/her.

acolyte said...

Blogger at my first comment!Aargh!
I have been to that site before and it is a blast for science enthusiasts!
I didnt know that some gays disliked women, I thought they had a same goal to take them together.
As for that city I dont think that the majority should pay for the whims of a few.
@ half n half
It seem empathy isnt a strong point with some people.
I always knew that chics never listen.
As for that song, it was made obsolete by corruption.
@ Mocha!
Have a good day too!
@ Devious One
Word verification can be a bitch!
@ buff
Holla back when all is in order!
@ Princess
Good to hear that it all went well.Nice of you to pass by!
The fools at blogger have locked me out of my blog when I tried to switch to beta so I may not blog in a while!

mia said...

Since you mentioned Rooney and Fergie in (almost) one breath, lemme leave you with the thoughts of one about the other ... with the added comfort, of course, that you may not be able to 'hit back' thanks to blogger :)
"There is always a particular celebrity to target, and now it's Wayne Rooney. Because of that, every man and his dog has an opinion on him. The good thing is...we know we can handle it." (my main man - Alex Ferguson, ManU coach)

Kenyanchick said...

Aco, come back. COME BACK!! I'm getting withdrawal symptoms, bwana..

acolyte said...

@ mia
every man and his dog have their opionion on him
Now that was a good one!You have made my day!
@ kenyanchick
Blogger has locked me out of my own blog!Look on the feed and you'll find me, I am using my back up blog!I wont tell you the url, I'll let you figure it out...

Irena said...

Ahem to healthy living bro, way to go !!!

Anonymous said...

isn't someone grossly misinforming the world? or maybe I've not been in kenya for a while, but the Meru being talked about must be in a different part of the world....me thinks. I stand to be corrected.

I propose a toast...to you and every other like-minded health freak. cheers!

Klara said...

Great Links!...Great POST!...funny, crazy jokes!!!
Thanks 4 dropping at my blog!