Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Part II - Things fall apart

While I was strolling down memory lane I just remembered the other pal who was hired to help me do the HTML part of the project.Now this dude was hired like a month after me and he was a pretty stand up guy.Unfortunately come the second month his father who had been ailing passed away.So he took a week or two off to lay him to rest.On his return the second in command whom we used to refer to as pirelli (this was due to the phrase they had in their ads that speed without control is nothing to refer to his unending enthuiasm for ventures that were going nowhere!) mumbles about how work volume has gone down and tells him that his services won't be needed.That also reminds me of how for sometime he hired one of the past Miss Kenyas, (he actually hired two -Yolanda and another one whom I will not name, both for a short time). So when he met the other Miss Kenya, he had big plans for her.She came to the meeting with her boyfriend and he wanted to hire him two.But the boyfriend made the mistake of asking too many questions ie where is all this money coming from, who from, what are the future plans etc.This did not please the Big Guy.He offered the Miss Kenya a salo of 100k where abouts and rescinded the job offer to the boyfie, but the main condition for her was that she had to dump her boyfriend as he was "pulling" her down.The poor bastard was dumped like a pack of day old fries.The Big Guy went to the extent of having her move out of home and having her live in a hotel.But she did get to go to Holland, so it must have been worth her while.But talk about manipulation.
And then for his upcoming girl group, The big guy used to pick good looking girls; but one of his assistants picked a girl who did not meet his standards.So one day the Kenyan assistant comes and tells us that that gal was told to bounce.You know what the big guy had his people tell the girl?You don't smile enough.Please!I mean how do you go pick someone off the street tell them you will change their life then throw them back in the street because they don't smile enough?At least be honest and tell a mama that she isnt light enough and doesn't have the required quota of tits and ass!
Ah, much as the ministry seemed to have a money man who managed the big guy's numerous companies (whose names and locations we were never given) , the big guy and his people displayed the fiscal responsibility of three year olds.There used to be 3 cars that were rented with drivers.Each car used to cost 1000/= per day.These cars had been rented for 3 years plus.I think they would have been able to buy several cars with that money, don't forget that there was also the shuttle that cost around 10,000/= plus each journey which would have been lesssened if they had decided to set up shop somewhere closer to the CBD.
Let me not forget to point out how arrogant the big guy used to be.I already pointed out how him and his second in command used to refuse to listen to the opinions of people they chose for their expertise.One of the best cases was the computers we used to use.Close to 1M was spent buying the clone PCs we used to use.One of the people hired in the IT section before the comps were bought told the yes man in charge of purchasing that those comps would not be good for work like graphics and web design as they were too slow.The yes man seemed to take it into mind but when the Indians who were selling the comps told the yes man and the Big guy that they would throw in flat screem monitors to sweeten the deal; the IT pal was crushed off and the deal went through.Let's just say that when I used to open high pixel ratio graphics (or whatever you call those very large pics) my comp used to act like an IBM 486.That was when I would go to the bathroom or brew myself a cup of coffee.
Then there was this chic who was hired to do marketing.What she used to market?Me and her had no idea because other then making a few calls and subbing for the Big Guy's assistant she used to doze on her desk most of the time.
Anyway as I had said the Big Guy had quite an ego and a temper to match.If you did something wrong he would shout at you until he turned red.But there was a day his ego and temper ran into a wall.He decided that he would go to a Minister's office and get him to attend one of the Saturday night meetings.So he had the Kenyan assistant make a call so they went to the Ministers office with her and the Money Man.So they sit down and say the had called and wanted to see the Minister.Any of us who have ever dealt with government secretaries know how flippant they can be, she tells them that they cant see him as she doesnt know who they are and she wasnt informed about them coming.So this raised the Big Guy's ire and he started shouting at her and told her that he would report her.The matronly lady stopped filing her nails for a second, raised her eyebrow and told him that he could go ahead.The Big Guy walked out of the office in a huff and that was the end of that.
I see I am going off on tangents.Another thing was the amount of lies that the Big Guy had.In addition to the many companies he owned.This is a snippet from the site
GCCI is an international Christian non-profit organization that consists of thousands of churches, schools and charity organizations in Europe , Africa and Asia .
If the above was the case.Some friends and I did a search when we began working their and not even one result about these churches came up.Lets be logical, if you had thousands of churches and schools, you would be mentioned on news websites somewhere online; correct me if I'm wrong.
Then comes his qualifications
He is an ordained minister of Jesse Duplantis Ministries, and has a D.D. and PhD in philosophy.
Thing is that he met Jesse for the first time to get his endorsement and automatically becomes ordained.Interesting and the D.D and PhD were not always there and he did not want to say where he got them from.One of my pals who was putting down the info asked the Big guy about that and he said, "At times you need to lie".
While all these big plans were being hatched and money being leaked in one direction.Lots of bills were in arrears....
Part 3 - coming tommorrow.


Unknown said...

And the mentioned people of God shall burn in brimestone !


ME FAO - AGAIN !!!!!

Anonymous said...

It just irks me that some people add strings of letters to their names on a whim, while the rest of us have to sweat for them ... and they still end up looking and acting more convincing!! D.D and PhD indeed....

Anonymous said...

@ devious one
Congrats!The hottest fire is being saved for them!
@ mama mia
Many of those men you see on TBN with those DD and Phd have bought their titles.In one year Mase (the rapper turned pastor and back) was calling himself Doctor.A right shame if you ask me!

KenyanMusings said...

LOOL..this is like a soap haki..tebu get on with it Aco!!

How are you?

Prousette said...

hecould the preacher man stand up to be what he really is... a conman?
There is no other title that suits him.

Anonymous said...

@ Kenyanmusings
That is what always made going to jobo fun!The drama that wasnt there!
@ prou
Well he called himself one of God's prophets and faithful servants, and of those there are many!

bankelele said...

This is too funny - I always wondered what happened to that Church of 680. Sd thing is that many NGO's are similary managed

Anonymous said...

@ bankelele
Well that church disappeared as fast as it appeared!Lucky me!I have also worked in an NGO that was ran like a kitchen in someone's house!

spicebear said...

hehe, i am so hilarized by the thought of the secretary not caring less, lol!

those claims about them sponsoring churches .... ebu they substanciate them. this is why NGO/ministries need to be regulated - it would be fraud in any other country worth its salt. we wouldn't have much to lose apart from a few bruised egos and personalities with super hero complexes (lets save the them! B.S to the rescue)

can't wait for the rest of the story

Anonymous said...

@ spicebear
Yes regulation is called for!Hope you enjoyed the super long end to the tale!

Anonymous said...

We don't know where GJ is. If you know it? Tell us!

I hope that the Kenyan people have the possibilities and the guts to prosecute the guy and put him away for a while!!

This man will never stop telling how great he is, how wonderfull it is to have enemies and to be accused of cheating and all the other things he is blamed for!

He completely lost common sense of what is right and what is wrong. A madman causing a lott of pain in the name of himself using the name of Christ.


Anonymous said...

@ Anonymus/Herman
I hear that he is still hiding out in Kenya.I do hope that he is booted out as soon as possible!He has done way too much damage!