Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Guess who's back!

I have been busy the whole of last week but the better part of this week I had began slacking off I admit.anyway bought my first Tarot pack last weekend.they were not the usual rider waite but they'll do for now.They're the renaissance tarot pack, the pics aren't that detailed so I have to use my intuition more.I have done 2 readings but just for myself.I have a very good picking hand but now I have to get more into both the literal and immediate meaning of the cards.I did a reading for myself yesterday and the King of cups came up and today he came up again as my personal card.I guess that says a bit well now I have to learn the meanings of the suits and the combinations.
Yesterday I also reached a turning point.I can now reconcile my tarot with my christianity so I actually feel stronger than I was before but my belief system has always been interesting anyhow.