Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another Wednesday

I'm sure you have all seen the video above. Frankly words can hardly express what I think of Kenyan law enforcement. In this case instead of working towards containment of the demonstrators, the aim seemed to be to terminate them. I don't care what our Baghdad Bob aka Alfred Mutua says about video tampering, the video speaks for itself. Another thing that I have wondered why is it that the most lethal force is being used in Kisumu yet people have been demonstrating in Nairobi too and we aren't hearing of as many fatalities and incidences of brutality. Is it me or is a quiet but not so subtle point being made?

Someone told me a sad story the other day, we all know how the current situation in Kenya has taken an ethnic dimensions by virtue of the two prominent figures behind matters. Any Kenyan abroad knows that there are large numbers of Kenyans out here who have overstayed their visas and are here illegally. So what happened is that with all the bile and anger in the air, one large group from one tribe got together exchanged information and called the Immigration Authorities on a large number of people from their "nemesis" tribe they knew were in the country illegally. I hear that group has been arrested and is awaiting repatriation to Kenya.

I have never claimed to be the nicest person in the World but that is grade A malice. How messing up someone's life here in the States will help matters back home I have no idea.

I was talking to a friend on the phone today about how some unresolved issues like the Land Question contributed to the chaos we are experiencing today. She made this statement, " Those people sold their land 40 years ago and now they want to fight for it and chase people away, that isn't right."
I had my issues with her broad generalization of the matter, the issue is not that simple. It goes as far back as Kenya's Independence and the way land that was taken from the natives by the Europeans and then redistributed after Independence and the bumbling attempts at consequent governments to paper over the issue.
Another jewel I heard was, "There was nothing they were doing with that land, so it was given to us to farm and trade on; we shouldn't be persecuted for that.."
First things first, even if the people living in that area originally were doing nothing with their land, it still remains there land to gaze at with reckless abandon then to be taken under the pretext of eminent domain. But I'm not saying the government grabbed peoples' land nor am I supporting the forced evictions, but like I said it goes much further and much more detailed than that.

My point is that people have tried to break down the drama to its' simplest elements and in that way turned it into something else. This whole issues is more than just Luos and Kikuyus, ODM vs PNU, poor vs rich, hardworking vs lazy; it is all those things and alot more. So picking one those small elements and using it as a platform to spread half truths and bile in person, in the media or on your blog is just an indication of how some people despite their denials are part of the problem and not the solution. This writer has made an attempt to look out how these issues are being discussed online but they fall short in my opinion, the main reason being bias.

I read somewhere else online that 500,000 jobs have been lost after all the fracas that has gone down. Let's see 500,000 jobs created in Kibaki's first term, 500,000 lost at the beginning of his second term. I guess he has indeed started with a clean slate. I wonder if he can come up with a million jobs with his maf dream team behind

Wonder of wonders, our MPs are getting a full month's pay even though they have only convened once this month. Working to serve the people, you've got to love it! No wonder everyone wants to be an MP. I too want to be an MP, the work hours, benefits and the pay are great.

I for one also think that the Kenyan media has done a pathetic job of reporting during this whole drama. They dragged their feet after the election and woke up to give a half hearted effort when things had already gone down the drain. I took a look at this article, It is obvious that if you read in between the lines; the assailants came from one tribe and the victim another. Do you think that the Kenyan media should mention tribe when reporting some of these incidents or not? Just want to get people's opinions.

Anyway that's my $0.02 for today.......