Friday, June 17, 2005


Ya'll know that I love a little drama.Well yesterday night the City Council decided that it was conducting one of it's occasional hoe raids so that we can think that they're cleaning up the city.Anywhow what went down was that the laps of downtown were finished so the askaris decided to raid K-street.While they were chasing down one hoe she ran into F-1 a.k.a Madhouse.A joint well known for the amount of hoeing that goes on within.So one askari decided to barge his way iin and what happened is that the bouncers barred his way and decided to work on him.S they were doing so his back up checked in and chaos ensued.Some hoes tried to escape during the melee and managed but some were unlucky not to and the frustrated askaris decided to unleash their stress on them and any hapless johns sorry revellers in the area.One of the head honchos decided to pull out his gun so as to get the bouncer to open the now barricaded club doors.Luckily some cops happened to be on patrol and arrested the whole lot who are to appear in court.On the brightside they managed to arrest 90 hoes but since these gals are going to be on the street again not so bright.I guess sometimes it is better to use the velvet glove as opposed to the iron fist, that and the fact that there must be some hoe laughing her head off somewhere.
We could legalise prostitution but us being the nation of hypocrites we are.The church would come out preaching fire and brimstone despite the fact that this is the same church that condemns these gals instead of embracing and helping them out of this life style.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

He's Free!

Well you have heard the news now.Michael Jackson has beeb acquited.Well to be honest I think the jury did it out of pity and the fact that the other side had a flimsy case.But I would not have put it past hime to diddle the kids.
Do you think he would have survived jail?I think he would have offed himself after like 3 weeks.Now let's see if he can make a comeback in music.I really liked black MJ music but not white MJ sounds.Anyway on the local scene the blackouts where back briefly u know how those guys cant repair stuff on time.Anyhow I am off.Be good people!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sense or nonsense

The Kenyan government has decided to make a move to combat underage drinking that makes no sense whatsoever.They have decided to ban the advertising of alcohol on all media.The move has not been implemented though, it is still being discussed.
The quesion is that banning advertising will do little to stop adults or minors drinking.In fact the most consumed forms of alcohol are those brewed informally such as chang'aa,busaa,toyvo and other forms which you may have heard of.These comprise of 60% of the alcohol consumed locally.Also information is not the issue it is access anyone under the age of 18 can buy beer,I had a gal who used to send her 6 year old for morning pints to beat the hangovers.And has the government thought of how it will make up for the shortfall in revenue and loss of jobs if advertising is banned in this falling economy?
Another move made with good intentions but bad results.Since the brewers will not take this lying down let's wait and see how it goes.