Friday, July 09, 2004

Friday Baby!!!!

Last day of the week!Woo Hoooo!!!!I always get like this at the end of the day.Friday night plans?None whatsoever, I'm planning on just kicking back and maybe playing a little PS 2.Despite all the money I have spent on it and games I rarely play it anymore guess it's also due to the fact that after looking at one screen the whole day it is hard to do the same in the evening.
i'm getting kind of sleepy.I've been listening to chill out music the whole day.It's really cool if you want to relax your mind or even meditate.I've just written a c.d today going to use it for meditation today.
Now where was I?don't you just hate it when you want to say something but forget it at the material moment?
There's this meeting I used to go to at church every friday.Young Adults ( YA ) where people would go to hang out and discuss life's issues and be ministered to, but with my new focus I don't think we are compatible anymore.Besides which I never really felt comfortable so friday is my new chillout day.
Saw an ad for classes in pranic healing, I think it's worth a look.I wonder what it's all about, i know about prana ( also known as chi ) but I want to see how this technique works.
It's been so long since I have done uch typing my carpals always strat aching when my post gets this long so adios...

100 things about me part 1....

I have been reading some really interesting blogs lately.I will post the links later but there is one thing of note I saw on two of them. The authors put up a list of 100 things about them that made them unique or just ordinary.Well I think it's time you got to know me a bit better.So here's part 1 of the list.....
1.I don't like eggs, I have not eaten one in around 16 years.
2.I enjoy reading comics
3.I hate soap operas
4.I sometimes procrastinate too much
5.I can be a trifle untidy at times
6.I love martial arts
7.I can never put on weight no matter what I eat
8.I am a light sleeper
9.I was in the same school for primary and high school ( 12 years )
10.I have no respect for alcoholics
11.I think politicians do nothin of note for the people esp in Kenya
12.I love playing strategy games
13.I am a picky eater
14.I enjoy the company of deep thinkers
15.I am a deep introvert
16.I take forever to anger
17.I believe in re-incaranation
18.I have a very short attention span at times
19.I find it very hard to pay attention in church
20.I can be arrogant at times
21.I don't believe in following set societal roles ie go to school,
get a job, get married, have kids etc.
22.I am single and enjoying it
23.I am a big fan of Liverpool.Best football club in the U.K
24.I believe in both destiny and free will ( confusing )
25.I love outdoor shoes
26.I love dogs
27.I'm going off meat right now
28.I love chocolate
29.I wear my clothes forever before i get rid of them
30.I love reading
31.I feel sorry for people who get their approval by impressing others
32.I believe there is a special place in hell for child molesters
33.I hate the complex crossword puzzle
34.Cricket bores me
35.I think too much
36.I don't like smiling
37.i think there's not too much to laugh about
38.I'm an underachiever
39.I have a keen interest in divination
40.I think marriage is way out dated
41.I support women's rights but not feminism
42.I am not a male chauvinist pig just a male supremacist
43.I believe in karma
44.Kids are way over-rated
45.Life sucks but only you can change that will never feel alive until you express yourself
47.I find ties uncomfortable ( wore one to school for 12 years )
48.I believe tradition shouldn't be dissed as much as it is
49.I wear specs but I own contacts too
50.I don't talk much but when I start I can go on forever......

Anyway that's a liitle about me.hope it makes me less faceless.It's easy for that to hapen in cyberspace.

Thursday, July 08, 2004


Where I work I am part of the design department.The designers make up website concept as pics ( jpgs ) and I turn them into HTML ( web page ). Only that with the slow rate of approval by our bosses and the amazing amount of re-working that is done I usually have a lot of time to do what I please hence the blog.
Anyway yesterday the designers had a long night, they left the office at 12.15.Anyway one of them Ted the responsible,quiet,principled one almost misses the staff bus which we catch at 8 am while the rest Vic and Tia don't catch it but they do get into the office later.
Anyway I was looking at caliblog ( life in Hollywood ) a blog by 2 guys and a chic who live in California.One of them had been here and posted pics of his trip.Anyway he had posted a pic of the duracell bunny and the caption under it said ' no doubt the scariest duracell bunny I have ever seen'.Well looking at the pic I had to agree.I'll post a link to it later.Anyway back to the story, so I turn to Vic and tell him most def our duracell bunny looks scary we should do something about it.Then he says something like they don't last and I say they do too as I use them first on my discman then on my walkman then wall clock ( yup I'm cheap like that ).Anyway that's when he says you can't use a durex for that.Seems he thought I was talking about condoms.Some and the rest of the design dept ribbed him about it for a minute or two.Well seems we now know what he does with his free time.....

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Same ole same ole

Hey people!
Hope you are all well.Just another routine day at the office filled with doing jack.At least I was given a form to develop for the site.That kept me slightly occupied.Anyway ya'll must be curious about what I am doing after Sunday's drama.
Well I have started to refresh my yoga.I never realised you could get so stiff even the simplest poses really tire me out.But I was told it would be a long road. I also started meditating again.Do you know how hard it is to slow down your mind?I tried and i was at it for what I thought was ages but in reality it was only 20 mins well that's a start at least and using a crystal has made it all the more exciting anyhow.I think I'll go buy some crystals this weekend as I have only one at the moment and it does not boost the all the abilities I want to magnify at the moment.I've decided that my abilities have to be as fully honed as possible before I even consider using them on anything like tarot etc.
Oh seems chaos is on the menu this Friday so I've decided to give myself Friday off.Woo Hoo!!!
Anyway that's the little I have to say for now so guess I'll blog off.....

Monday, July 05, 2004


Hey ppl!
If any one of you follows Kenyan news you would have known that the city was an arena of running battles this Saturday.this was due to the fact that some politicians and members of the constitution review were to hold a rally to press against the current impasse.Following the overhaul of the cabinet the president and his boys were having none of that and proceeded to ban the rallies.And according to pattern the other politicians decided the would go ahead regardless of the you can guess what happened..
The police had barricaded the meeting venue since early morning but this did not stop the mob from dancing on the streets and singing anti-establishment songs.After a while tensions boiled and the police unleashed the teargas and water cannons.Some louts took advantage of the situation to loot from shops in the area and ravage the surrounding area.And as this was going on where was I?In the city of course!But I was wise enought to stay away from the hotspots.I banked,shopped and booked a reading.
What did I see from this.As a leader let your critics speak it will be less damaging then shutting them up as it will make what they want to say seem more precious than it actually is.