Friday, September 21, 2007

Moaninho, Must Know or Malice and Mushrooms....

In Breaking News, The Special One has left Stamford Bridge! For non soccer fans, Jose Mourinho has left (been sacked) as Chelsea's manager after a lack lustre start to the season that has led to poor attendance of games. Is this the beginning of the end for the Billion dollar team? Grant? Who the hell is he? What say you Chelski fans out there, Archer, Farmgal, anyone?

Anyway moving onto more serious matters. One day a few months back when Acolyte was at his hey day and the talk of the blogosphere (Kenyan at least) he received an interesting e-mail from someone who wanted him to post something on his blog.

This individual had an issue of national importance regarding a former high ranking civil servant who was presently sitting on one of the many useless inquiries in Kenya. He had sent his story to several media outlets with no action whatsoever. It seems that the daughter of this former civil servant after being flown out to the UK by her father had turned to a life of prostitution and even moved down to Australia where she continued the trade under the guise of working as a masseuse. The dude even went on to catalogue the number of men he says she told him she had slept with. The sheer zeal with which he was hounding me to post the story made me think twice especially when he copy pasted me what he had sent the Kenyan police and ODM (Joe's favourite political party).

I did do my own research and it seemed that the girl in question was quite a looker, what made her opt for the second oldest trade in the world (toolmaking is the oldest), I don't know. According to my snitch, he thought that the civil servant had no business sitting on a commission because his daughters actions could be used to compromise him. It is when he revealed that he once lent her money and he got it back but after a bit of a struggle since she was "quite a bit of work" as he put it and to add icing on the cake they were f*ck buddies. That is what put it in between must know and malice territory.

You see in Kenya we don't live like we do in the West, we know our leaders are tainted but we take them as we are. I'm sure we are all aware of a former Vice President's wife's dalliances that resulted in her giving birth to a mixed race child and him fainting in the hospital, the industrial/media mogul who is known to bed young girls and men occasionally, the female MP who is prim and proper in public but has the morals of an alley cat. Most of our leaders are as clean as a whore's panties at the end of the month so that extra piece of information wouldn't have been of any use as compared to financial statements that show how much money the former civil servant stole from the government. Or what say you purveyors of truth out there, was this must know or malicious information? Anyway I have a 3 day weekend so comment away!

Quote Of The Day
Birmingham chairman David Gold claims Premier League fans are being treated like "mushrooms" by greedy chairmen. He believes they are "kept in the dark and fed manure". (The Sun)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday Tirades......................

I was reading the news under my blogger dashboard when I came across this. Yes I'm boring like that, I actually do read some of those articles and news, geek focussed as it is. But the slide show does make for fun viewing when you are bored.

Is it poor advertising or the fact that nobody in the world cares that the Women's World Cup is on? Over the years women have complained that their sports are given no support whatsoever, but when they are given a platform to perform on the support they give each other is negligible. On the other hand I guess since women in general aren't large fans of support I shouldn't be surprised, look at the WNBA, they play to half empty stadiums and it bleeds money from every orifice.

Today evening after work, I go to the parking garage and walk into my car. I sigh with relief, turn the key in the ignition, everything turns on but the car; I try again and I get the same result. Just a click, nothing else. I had to call my brother and ask him to pick me up and give me a ride home. From the symptoms I guess my alternator is shot, if it's anything else then there goes my next paycheck. That's why I miss Kenya, if your car acts up, you take a matatu and that's that. Here it is a whole 'nother ball game, tow trucks, jalopies breaking down and garages robbing you blind, urgh!

I have the feeling that I will end up working half day tomorrow, there goes one more of my sick days. Here is the ironic thing, as a joke we went to see fortune tellers with my sis and bro, the lady who told me my fortune asked me if I was thinking of fixing my car. I said no, seems she was one day ahead of schedule!

Here's to matatus and other cheap forms of transportation!
Ps: I'm too tired now but I do need to blog about an incident we all encounter, meeting someone and everything going spectacularly until this person does/has a big deal breaker for you in terms of what you dont like in a partner. Anyway that is a post for another day.......