Saturday, January 22, 2005

It's So Hard

Like many Kenyans I am a staunch follower of the U.K premiership and my team of choice is Liverpool and as a consequence I do end up being a part of a minority.this si because Kenyans love to support winning teams.So right now the flavour of the season here is Arsenal,Chelsea and Manchester United.
Liverpool on the other hand have not regained there glory of the 80's and early 90's.But I still remain loyal.But when like yesterday evening your team is soundly beaten 2 - nil by a relegation bound team ( Southampton ) you have to question your loyalyies.But what I am going to do now is just go on a liverpool hiatus until they sart winning so that means no soccer for me for a while.Oh and for those of you who hav eno idea what is happening in the soccer world here is a good site for you soccernet for all you soccer challenged folk.

Getting over my shyness

Most people who know me think that I am outgoing but they would be surprised at how wrong they are.I find it really hard to get to know new people so I have had the same few friends for a long time now.But I have been trying to change that,especially when it comes to the ladies.So Whenever I am out of home and a situation comes up when I can talk to someone new I give myself a kick in the ass and grab it.Well one week down the line I do have a new acquaintance and a telephone number and I managed to get back in touch with an old pal so I have someone to visit over this weekend.This could get really interesting

Good New!

I don't have to do the GRE!It seems this exam is valid 5 years and not 2 like TOEFL as I had earlier thought.So now all I have to do is to get my scores forwarded to the school and I am home free!Was most def not looking forward to that math section at all!

Friday, January 21, 2005

Blade 3

Went to watch blade 3 on Friday.Not a bad movie but it does not hold up a torch to the other 2 movies.Although I must admit that the nightstalkers were a nice touch and there could be a spin off if we are lucky.The final fight scene does not compare favourably to the ones in the last 2 movies but it was fun to see Triple H in it.Yes he was his usual cocky insufferable self but hey you don't expect method acting from a wrestler do you?And we don't get to see Blade suffer from the blood lust that burns within him as a human-vampire hybrid.Oh well there is only so much that you can do with 2 hours of film.Not a must see movie but a could see movie.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Back to the books

Whoever knew that high school math would be such a pain in the ass.I'm studying for GRE.One of those exams you need to do if you want to join a grad school in the states.It does have comprehension, English and High school level math.You know when you were in high school your mind had to do all that work.Now we use pcs and calculators.If I fail the math section it wouldn't be coz I don't know but that My brain has slowed down.Wish me luck ppl!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I will Return

Hey people.Just saw this blog by a fellow country man at So do rest assured that I will be back with a stronger focus on what is going on with me.

And We Wonder.....

You know it is really interesting living in a 3rd world country.Here in Kenya many small business men run service oriented businesses as they usually do not need a large investment and do bring in alot of cash.But if you are not in the know the economy here has neen on a go slow for quite sometime.Anyway 24 years of plunder will do that to you.Where am I going here well at the moment I am searching for a new job before i leave for grad school in either May or August more on that later.So I type out my papers and stuff and to save cash i print out only one copy of my resume so that I can photocopy it 3 times.So i go in search of a good photocopy bureau well what I got in the name of photocopies were so crappy that I just could not use them and none of the places I weent to were apologetic about the poor standards of their work.Well then I decide if it must be then I will just pop into the nearest cyber cafe and print out the stuff from my flashdisk.The first cybver I pop into I tell them that I want to print stuff out and they're fine with that so i sit down and print my stuff.Hmmmmmm... I snd to print and bam!page one only has 50% of the material and it's in gray.Guess what the idiot tells me,"Why don't u change the color of the text to gray?"I almost told him to screw himself.Cyber number 2 I walk in and ask them if their printer is working and the skank at the counter says yes.So I sit down and access my flash-disk but guess what the computer does not have Microsoft Word so she says,"Let me install Word."So I sit down and chill for like 30 mins and she installs it and ooooooh wait for it the print out is illegible!!!!!!Last but not lease cyber number 3.No ink in the damn printer!You work in one of the most cut-throat businesses in the country and small things like this count.Anyway let's kill that vibe if I go on like this I will never stop.