Saturday, July 07, 2007

Movie Time!

It's been so long that I doubt most of the readers who read my blog remember, but guess what? Even though I am in semi-hiatus, Movie Time is back! Sit back and enjoy the fun. If the movie isn't showing click here.

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Here's another one! If it isn't showing here is the link.

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And yet another one! Back up link here.

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This here was a classic! R. Kelly could have learned a thing or two from this dude! You never take off your mask when the cameras are rolling!

Here's one for the road! Look at them run! But on the serious side, the chic in the video had the lamest excuse for stepping out on her man; "you are never home..." Damn! Anything but that, dude is busy working to take care of you and the kids. If he stayed at home all the time it would be another story altogether. And she has the nerve to have an attitude about it! Remember, good guys always finish last, when it comes to women! Anyway that is blog material for another day. Let me enjoy my semi-hiatus.

Nice Weekend all! For those of you who are not in the movies, your time will come! It always does!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Nothing To Say.........

I was reading this article and I got to thinking. Is it that men always talked almost as much as women and this was misrepresented or is it that now men are becoming more like women and talking more or are women becoming more like men and talking less? And who said there was only 2 sides to a coin?

In other news, on hearing these tidings a one D shy, Majonzi, Kelitu, Spicebear, Nick and other females on the Kenyan blogosphere were seen prostrated on the ground crying tear of joy. Enjoy the movie ladies.

This is one of the best fake stories that I have ever read! Whoever wrote it needs a big pat on the back!

You have to play this game, it rocks! Not Safe For Work!

Since summer is here, I have to share one of my seasonal peeves. Unless you have a visor for your windscreen or have shaded parking, you have to park in the sun. So when you leave work or wherever you had gone and get into your car, it's an interesting experience. First of all, it's like stepping into an oven and unless you have one of those newer cars that have super cool air-conditioning when you start the car, all the air-con does is spread that hot air; so you leave it off for the first few minutes. The most fun part is how hot your steering wheel gets, so it's like trying to make corners holding a hot plate. I've taken to driving with oven mitts for the first mile till the air-conditioning kicks in.

And in other news, I have began the latest draft of H.I.P.P.I.E! More randy action coming to a blog near you!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Monday Moanings Part VI

I was reading Mocha's post about how women tend not to be honest with each other when it comes to appearance and then linked to this picture on Archer's blog. This picture brought back a memory from way back when. There used to be this chic I who was once nick named Pirelli by my pals for obvious reasons, it didn't help that she used to have an attitude; so this really spurred on my pals. I recall once she was sitting somewhere with her boyfriend when the crew came over to her, said wsup and then one of the dudes asked, "What beer do you drink? I want to get a big gut like yours, si you hook me up?" Yes teens can be cruel. After that diss her boyfriend asked them to lay off her which they did, thank God. But this whole Pirelli memory got me to thinking. Since society has placed such rigid standards for women ie measurable. For a woman to be seen as hot, she actually has to be hot; attitude can only take you so far in most cases.

Is it me or are British folk always typecast as rude, obnoxious and terse whenever they are judges on American reality TV shows?

I have never understood women. Why is it when you are feeling a chic and try to hook up with her either circumstances don't work out or she just acts difficult? Just wait till you move on with your life, the chic pops up from out of the blue; telling me the way she has moved into a new apartment and she may need some company. If only I could lose my lofty principles and swoop in like some individuals who will remain anonymous.

After reading this article in the Standard, I guess some of these stereotypes about some tribes performance in bed have some foundation after all.

There is this store that is a few blocks from where I live that reminds me of Kenya for the strangest reason. You see this supermarket is loved by mexicans, poor black and white folk as it is full of cheap name brands you have never heard of and will never see in any other store. So you can tell that it isnt the classiest store you'll go to. Anyway the inside of the store has this earthy, musty smell that is a mixture of the many diferent kinds of foods (both mexican and american) that remind me of those supermarkets in downtown Nairobi e.g Ukwala and co. Interesting thing is that my brother has been to that store and he said the exact same thing! I almost get the feeling at times if I close my eyes and step out and open them, I'll see hawkers selling fruit on the ground, touts touting for passengers and the odd shady character who'll stride beside me; open his jacket to show me a phone (most probably stolen) and say, "Msee, utabuy phone?" For some reason quite a few of those shady types used to think that buying a stolen phone was high on my list of priorities.

Oh and in case you were wondering, for some convoluted reason; the herculean load at work has been lifted but just for a short while. So enjoy the long post, another one may not come in sometime.
Ps: I am working on the Unflushable post.........