Monday, October 12, 2009

Yet Another Monday.....

Once again here I am dusting off my blog, I have been too busy with work and moving into my new place. I think I have a nomadic streak in me since I only signed a 6 month lease and plan to move closer to where I was living before. My new neighborhood is pretty nice but sadly I must admit that I miss my old neighborhood, that and the fact that traffic here can get horrendous. Next time I plan to move I really must do a rush hour run to the place instead of doing weekend visits. Anyway 6 months will fly in record time and I'll be doing my next move, so I won't gripe.

I am going to ask the age old question, why is it so easy to attract people you don't want to be with but when you come across someone you like they don't come straight for you but you have to put in some work? Infuriating to say the least.

Other issues aside, I watched Transformers 2 the other day (yes I know I'm late but I had to wait for a good down cough cough load copy cough). I must admit that they did shift alot of money from the plot budget to the pyrotechnics and explosions budget. The movie could have ended in half the time were it not for all the filler, plus I may be in the minority but I find the accusations of racism as regards the ineffectual transformer twins a bit stretched. All in all it didn't compare to the first movie but was a good distraction, I'll wait to see what they do with the third one.

I have been catching up with Kenyan music and I must say there is alot of good stuff to be had. Even so I realised that I am missing some of my old music, is there anyone out there with the Muki Garang mix tape and also a copy of Ukoo Fulani Mau Mau's second cd that is willing to share? I promise I will find something to trade!

For those of you out here who own Sidekicks by T-mobile I must say pole sana after reading this. That's why I stick with my basic everyday cell phone, if I need internet/wi-fi I'll use the computer at work or at home. Does anyone remember the days when you actually had the luxury of privacy away from modern technology? When an answering machine was a luxury and you were actually not reachable, sadly those days are dead and gone.

Anyway that's enough musing for today, have a productive Monday.........