Wednesday, June 29, 2005

When you think about it

Hey people.Just been real lazy lately when it comes to blogging.Forgive me.Thanks!Anyway people here are still reeling from the illicit drink disaster when over 40 something people died after drinking cham that contained pure methanol so it was shredded intestines,fried livers and blindness for those who survived.Well the interesting thing that it was kaos ( Kambas ) involved.They were also involved in the last two maize related disasters and even those guys who ate a dog and chipped were kaos.Not to talk smack is it that they are unlucky or just plain stupid?But apart from that the government should really look at a way of licensing traditional brews so they can overlook their production instead of letting some bastards out for a quick buck turn the lights out oh Kenyans for good.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Just got this off a site I visit often

Guy: Are you a robot?
Chick: What?
Guy: Are you a robot? Because I think you need some repairs.
Chick: No, I'm not.
Guy: Are you sure? Because I got a screwdriver in my back seat.

And someone used these lines for real.

Three JHS boys pass a woman in a tight t-shirt and mini-skirt talking on her cell. One stares slack-jawed, then says to his buddies: Wow! That was the new Motorola.

Guess we all have different things to look at.
As for the urban legends you people are yet to do your part.So I guess I will collect some other ones myself.