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KBW Member No More? part 3 The Final Chapter

Part 3 of the interview....

Jeff Koinange: So how do you feel about the groundswell of support that you have received.
Acolyte: I am thankful to those who have come out and offered their support to me, irregardless of how it may make them look and to those who may have come here not to offer me support but to support the right to free speech plus not forgetting the usual misfits who come in to offer insults, innuendo and try to change the focus of the issues at hand without even reading the posts.

Jeff Koinange: What do you think can be done to prevent this from happening again?
Acolyte: One of Kenya's blogging icons touched on the situation in a post on his blog. I think he has said it very simply and clearly, it's time some questions were answered.

Jeff Koinange: Change in leadership?
Acolyte: No not at all! We have no right to remove Mental and his team from their positions, nor do we have the power to after all KBW is not a democracy and I think that is one mistake we have made in thinking. But those in power should also know that without the members there would be no KBW! Just a webpage with lots of google ads on it that bring in nothing!

Jeff Koinange: So what do you have in mind?
Acolyte: First of all a clear and concise vision statement and how this vision will be achieved. Then a system of procedural checks and measures should be put in place. You have seen how many different ways membership status has been translated and changed with every question. I didn't know that a simple email could have so many meanings before this situation.

Jeff Koinange: Don't the administrators have enough work already?
Acolyte: A fact that Mental doesn't forget to remind us. Not to take their work forgranted but I think that KBW should have the founder at the head like a CEO and several departments under him. Such as Membership, Member Relations, and Technology.

Jeff Koinange: So how would those departments work?
Acolyte: Well each department would have its head and they would have 2 - 3 trusted and proffesional bloggers under them to assist with the work at hand. In that way Mental and the current admin team don't have to feel that they are sacrificing themselves for KBW. Also this would create a closer relationship between Members and the Administration, this whole issue has made it look like Members are just passengers and not an integral part of KBW when we know that without members there is no KBW.

Jeff Koinange: Do you think that your idea will be accepted?
Acolyte: I don't think so but KBW has over 300 members and if it grows any larger do you really think that 5 people can do a full time and effective job of administering it? Besides a time may come when it will be inevitable so why not now? After all nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.

Jeff Koinange: I understand that you sent a mail seeking to settle the manner in an amicable manner to the administration and Mental.
Acolyte: Yes I did, in fact here it is:
Dear Mental and company,
It seems the situation is coming to a head. Irregardless of your opinions it is not my wish for KBW to implode. I am more than willing for us to find a solution to our current quandry.
If you are willing to dialogue on the issues at hand, so am I.
Thank you,
As you can see Jeff, I try to be simple and to the point.

Jeff Koinange: Was the answer amicable?
Acolyte: Oh no, not at all! Here it is...

As you misread our last email we will make this one very clear for you.

After your recent attacks and insults in the past few days directed at the KBW project in general and the KBW Admin Team in particular, we will not be drawn into a game with you. That you expect us to believe that your e-mail is in good faith displays a deep naivety on your part. Our previous email to you made our position clear. We stand by that position, united in our conviction. You will not insult us one day and then engage with us the next. As far as we are concerned, the situation has been handled.

We find laughable your claims that the webring will implode, it will not. We find it ridiculous that you feel you can decide when things come to ahead, you can not. We do not recognise the quandary of which you speak.

What we do recognise is a vibrant, growing, engaging and powerful webring that will continue to serve Kenyan bloggers.

We suggest that you do whatever it is that you do best, and we will do what it is that we do best, administer the Kenyan Blogs Webring.

Good day

Jeff Koinange: Seems someone has come out fighting
Acolyte: Ha! Ha! Ha! They sure have, and it seems that I am not the only one who "misreads" emails. At no point whatsoever have I insulted the KBW project in my interviews, I have lauded it time and again! I also have not said the webring will implode, I said that I do not wish it to implode. As for the non-existant quandry, much as the issue has been resolved in their eyes; I think that people will not see KBW in the same light again. I have presented all the evidence I have but it seems like pouring water on a duck's back; nothing seems to be sinking in.
This issue and how it is being handled is a crowning example of what can go wrong with Kenyan institutions.
People seem to be unable to look beyond the issue at hand and make it only about them.

Jeff Koinange: How do you respond to the fact that your omission from the aggregator is being denied as censorship by Mental?
Acolyte: Thinker asked the questions surrounding that issue really well, all I can do is draw this analogy. KBW is a newspaper that purports to promote free speech and abhors censorship, but the editor tells one of the reporters for one reason or the other that he will not be publishing his articles at all but he is still a valued journalist for the paper and will still be able to write in his note book. That's the kind of situation we have here. So you can make of it what you want.

Jeff Koinange: So are you agitating for re-instatement?
Acolyte: Well according to the last post by Mental it seems that I am still a member even though I don't show up on the members list on the official homepage of Kenyaunlimited. I guess I now know how Harry Potter felt when he was hidden in a room under the staircase by his Uncle and Aunt.

Jeff Koinange: Are you agitating for reforms.
Acolyte:Yes I am and in fact I am going to put up a banner that bloggers can put on there blogs to say that they support a free and transparent KBW. Those who support the cause and change can put them on their blogs. I will put them on the sidebar of my blog where people can download them and post them on their blogs.
If we learn nothing from this and KBW stays exactly the same, it shall be a sad state of affairs.

Jeff Koinange: What about your absence from the aggregator
Acolyte: If the Admin decide to put me back on it or not that is now up to them. To be honest it is not such a big issue because those who want to read my blog know where to find me and so do those who dont! Besides I am clocking 3 figure readership numbers on a daily basis so the issue has been put out in the open.

Jeff Koinange: So is this the last we are hearing about the issue?
Acolyte: Indeed yes. I think that if I post anymore the focus on the issues at hand will be lost. I hope that bloggers learn from this experience to learn to ask questions when they need to be asked.
Other members are more than welcome to blog about the issues at hand. For me life must go on.

Jeff Koinange: So how can readers get hold of your blog if they want to read upcoming posts?
Acolyte: Well on the sidebar there is a section called "Get Acolyte in your in-box". They can go there and sign up to have my latest posts sent to their email address where they can read them at their own leisure or they can make their own aggregator at where they can enter my url and subscribe to my feed and those of other blogs they enjoy reading.

Jeff Koinange: Our studio time is coming to an end, Thank you for being with us.
Acolyte: No Jeff, thank you for having me! And thank you all for visiting!

Soundtrack: "You're so vain, I bet you think this song is about you" -Joni Mitchell

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

KBW Member No More! part 2

The interview continues where we had left off!

Jeff Koinange: So have things always been this way between you and the KBW Administration?
Acolyte: No! One of them was who sees me as a tool of destruction was among the first people to comment on my blog and the founder too has commented on my blog before.

Jeff Koinange: So when did things begin to sour?
Acolyte: Well as a person I have always enjoyed debate and intellectual conversation, so what I did was set up a blog persona ( Instigator ) who would go around and ask hard biting questions about issues so as to instigate discussion, I also began to use the corresponding blog for social satire on many issues but focussing on gender issues in the Western world.

Jeff Koinange: Was this identity a secret?
Acolyte: No it wasn't, I told several bloggers about it and even had the persona guest blog on my own blog for a while. Other bloggers have even openly linked me with that persona.Another example here. So this was an open secret!

Jeff Koinange: So you did not use the persona to make personal attacks.
Acolyte: Oh no not at all! I set it up for fun. Besides which people knew who I was so it wouldnt make sense at all!

Jeff Koinange: So what went wrong.
Acolyte: Well there was this post on the Administrator's blog ( Mshairi ) where I felt that she had over-reacted about an issue and I made a comment using that persona. Here is the comment in it's entirety and her answer.

instigator Feb 25th, 2006 at 5:56 pm

Why don’t you start your own blogosphere then where all the posts can meet your standards?The fact is that there is freedom of expression on the net and as a result people will say what they feel, it doesnt make it right but it will happen.As for that blogger who called a woman a bitch here is the definition:
The word bitch — originally used for the female members of the canid species, specially dogs — is more often employed in a figurative sense as an insult for a promiscuous woman, or a malicious, spiteful, domineering, intrusive, and/or mean person
If the coat fits then put it on the person who should wear it as the terminology did suit the situation.
I have read many blogs by women with men being described as dogs,snakes,slime and no-one says anything.People should not dish it out if they can’t take it!
As for the comments about lesbians, like I said this isnt utopia.There are some people who do not like lesbians and think they have some sort of mental disorder that can be fixed by a “dick whipping”.It doesn’t make it right but that blog is the author’s venting ground and even if they don’t write it; they are thinking it.Free speech can be a bitch!(ooops I mean a bother!)

I find it interesting that you do not dare show your identity while posting this comment. Are you scared/ashamed or so lacking in self-esteem? In any case, I know who you are. I know your blog where you write derogatory posts on women. I will only ever engage with you when you dare show your identity. In the meantime, go hide under a rock.

Jeff Koinange: What happened after that?
Acolyte: As you can see here; she blew up and lashed at me. After saying she wouldn't communicate with me unless I came out for real, I did only to find that she had blocked my I.P from her blog. A fact that I hinted at in a past post.

Jeff Koinange: So what did you do?
Acolyte: It is a well known fact that I do not take attacks lying down so I addressed her issues about my so called misogyny and tore her a new one while I was at it; as you can see here. Not a wise move in retrospect because I should have been more sensitive to her feminist sentiments.

Jeff Koinange: So do you hate women?
Acolyte: Not at all! A bulk of my readers are women and much as I may poke fun at them now and again. I respect them.

Jeff Koinange: How is your relationship with the rest of the Administrators?
Acolyte: Well I have a cordial relationship with Afromusing, as you can see here. As for Maitha I honestly haven't been to his blog often and commented there. I don't read MJY's blog and my close relationship with Nick is an open fact.

Jeff Koinange: What about the founder, Mental?
Acolyte: To be honest, sometime after my run in with Mshairi; my comments would be deleted from that blog as fast as they would go up. And no they were not demeaning comments but general magnanimous ones. A look into the earlier archives will show some of my comments and the answers. In fact in the early days he actually visited my blog.

Jeff Koinange: Do you have anything against Mental?
Acolyte: No, not at all! I admire his hard work and I do not want to bring KBW down at all!

Jeff Koinange: So what is this all about?
Acolyte: Accountability and standards. It is okay for Mshairi to hate my guts as a person but to use her power to influence my being kicked out of KBW is wrong on so many levels.

Jeff Koinange: Are you sure that it is Mshairi?
Acolyte: Well the fact that I am getting conflicting e-mails as regarding the whole issue of my membership status means there are two different parties in the Administration. I would like to think that Mental is very level headed and was not behind my expulsion that came with a flimsy explanation. So that leaves only Mshairi who has a motive as I have not had a run in with any other member of the Administration. If it was someone else then my apologies to her but at the moment I am not convinced at that it wasn't her.

Jeff Koinange: So what do you make of the latest post on the Admin blog?
Acolyte: To be honest I think people are not reading from the same script at all. It is time that matters were clarified. My expulsion had nothing to do with the code on my blog! And it couldn't be because I removed the code after I received the email telling me that my blog had been taken off the aggregator and was no longer on the list of KBW member blogs. So the code isn't an issue at all and shouldn't be talked about!
Let it be known this isn't an attack on the Mental and the rest of the Administrators! It is about transparency, accountability, misuse of powers, censorship and other issues I am going to touch on. I am not out to destroy KBW but I think there are some important issues here we have to deal with! This is also an open acceptance to Mental's offer to dialogue.

Part 3: The way forward..................

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

KBW Speaks Out and My Answer...

I was going to post part 2 of my interview but this post on the Kenyaunlimited Admin Blog came to my attention:

KBW Membership Clarification

Posted on Tuesday, October 10th, 2006 at 2:45 PM by Admin Team

The Kenyan Blogs Webring (KBW) Admin Team is made up of KBW member bloggers who volunteer a significant proportion of their time to build the webring into a positive force for Kenyan and African bloggers. The KBW Admin Team has always and will continue to operate in a transparent and approachable manner. Our email address, admin (@), is posted on our website and as we have said numerous times we welcome correspondence on any issue regarding blogging in general and the Kenyan Blogs Webring in particular.

The Admin Team of the Kenyan Blogs Webring has been working with and for Kenyan bloggers for over two years. In this time we have never kicked a single blogger out of the webring because of what they write on their blog or because of the opinions they express on their blog.

The only reason bloggers have been removed from KBW by the Admin Team, thus far, is for not having KBW ringcode visible on their blogs as this is a condition of membership. Even this action is only taken after numerous warnings have been ignored or dismissed.

We ask that you remain vigilant to any lies and disinformation that may suggest any action by the Admin Team to the contrary. We challenge anybody with information to the contrary to provide proof. Then together we can all use that skill beloved of bloggers, verification.

This seems be the contrary of the email I received:

One of the aims of KBW is to foster and develop a strong, positive, progressive and unified online community where issues are discussed civilly even when disagreements arise.

In KBW we do not attempt to censor or to muzzle any blogger including those who are KBW members from expressing their views on their own blog. However, as an admin team we are responsible for the reputation and image of KBW through its online home, KenyaUnlimited. We take this responsibility seriously.

We have written to you previously raising our concerns about certain posts on your blog, some of which we notice you have deleted, which we feel resort to abuse rather than discuss issues amicably and courteously. These posts further appear to actively promote disharmony within our membership. While we accept that you can write what you want on your blog, we do not have to accept insults, destructiveness and negativity on KenyaUnlimited and thus have it reflected on to KBW.

The KBW aggregator is one of a variety of fora where we are working very hard to ensure the promotion of KBW blogs and Kenyan voices and is an add-on to the benefits of being a KBW member. As you appear to be keen to encourage discord with your posts contrary to the aims of KBW, we are removing your blog from the KBW aggregator forthwith.

Kindly note we will not engage in a protracted correspondence with you with regard to this issue. As we had informed you in our previous e-mail, we suggest that you consider whether you want to stay within an organisation whose aims and vision you appear to disagree with at a fundamental level.

Is it me or does that post and email look like they were written by two different people? Because they are a study in contradictions!If the veracity of the e-mail I was sent is in question I am more than willing to forward it to any interested parties and to provide a screenshot.

I have been emailed and told that my blog reflects negatively on KBW and has been removed from the aggregator. If you look at the aggregator here you will notice that my blog is conspicously absent on the members list and no longer features on the feed.

So how can I still be a member of KBW when my blog is no longer on the list or the feed? That in reality makes me persona non grata in KBW. It is like the Police Commissioner telling a policeman, "We are going to take your name off the roll, strip you of your rank and your gun. But you will always be a policeman." Does that really make sense?

In the e-mail I was sent, the Administration team says, "Kindly note we will not engage in a protracted correspondence with you with regard to this issue."
While the post says, "as we have said numerous times we welcome correspondence on any issue regarding blogging in general and the Kenyan Blogs Webring in particular."
What one hand gives the other takes huh?

As regards the issue of the KBW ringcode, I only removed mine after I had received the email and realised that my blog was no longer part of the KBW blogroll. This was also because by doing that the ringcode had been rendered useless, because when you have the code on your blog and you click on next blog or previous blog you access those before and after you on the list and vis a vis the other blogger's before and after you. So if those before or after me clicked on next or previous blog, it is obvious my blog wouldn't show up but would be skipped.

Let it be known I have no fundamental differences with the administration but I will reiterate this from my previous post. How can an administrator make a derisive comment as regards a member's blog, discourage one of KBW's recommendation's about communicating with a blogger as regards a post one finds offensive and be expected to act in a magnanimous manner?

I am far from flawless but I resent the fact that some bloggers are using my post to point out to a plot to ruin KBW. Far from it, KBW seems to operate on certain rules and standards and if members are upheld to them than the Administration should also uphold them. If one takes time to scour my 500 plus posts several posts can be found espousing the concept of KBW and what it can achieve. If I have ever made any comments that may be seen as negative they were in disagreement with the individual and not the administration. I enjoy a close relationship with some members of the Administration and they too will attest to it, I visit their blogs and leave clear, concise and constructive comments. I would like to believe a disagreement with an individual is not a disagreement with the Office, or am I wrong?

I would like to believe that my post is a lucid expression of my disappointment with the current actions of the Administration and not an under handed attack of sorts. The KBW team say that they are ready to correspond and dialogue as regards any of the issues regarding to blogging, I echo that sentiment and say that I too am more than ready to dialogue as regards my membership and post contents.

Part 2 of the interview will be posted soon.............

Monday, October 09, 2006

KBW Member No More! part 1

Latest reports are that as of October 5th Acolyte was no longer a member of the Kenyaunlimited Web Ring.
CNN decided to sent their top ranking reporter on African issues, Jeff Koinange to interview Acolyte and find out what led to this state of affairs.
PS: The interview may be fake but the sentiments, comments and information in it are very very real!

Jeff Koinange: Good evening Acolyte, welcome to the show!
Acolyte: A good evening to you to and thank you.

Jeff Koinange: I can see that after more than one year of membership in the KenyaunlimitedWebring, your membership has been revoked.
Acolyte: Yes it's now official, I am no longer part of Kenyan Bloggers' Webring ( KBW ). It was decided that I was causing too much conflict and disharmony with my posts.

Jeff Koinange: Is that the only reason?
Acolyte: There is also the fact that (turns on mac powerbook and reads), in an earlier correspondence the Administration, or in my opinion one major figure of the Administration who sent me an e-mail, where he used the various words;
"As you seem to have a problem with us as a team and with our vision for KBW as signified in your constant attacks, we ask you to clarify your position as a KBW member."

Jeff Koinange: Are those accusations true?
Acolyte: Of course not! I have no problem with the vision of KBW and other than 2 individual in the KBW administration team who seem to have a had a problem with me, I have a cordial relationship with the rest of them.

Jeff Koinange: So how many times did you attack the Administration since your attacks were characterised as constant?
Acolyte: First of all the attacks were not only reffered to as constant, they were also characterised as "unwarranted, unprovoked, destructive " and directed at the vision of KBW. All I did was voice my misgivings as regards certain matters some members of the Administration team were involved in. I have no problems whatsoever with KBW as an organisation.

Jeff Koinange: The KBW homepage says their vision is,
In response to the continued growth of the Kenyan Blog Webring (KBW) KenyaUnlimited set out to create an online meeting place for the diverse Kenyan visions, minds and voices that inhabit cyberspace. Although we exist primarily online at this stage we intend for this site to act as a launching pad for projects in the real world.
So how were you a threat to that vision?

Acolyte: That is one thing I am wondering about myself, because at no one stage did I
1. Inhibit any KBW members from meeting
2. Interfere with any KBW project from launching.
Also I don't know why the author of that e-mail gets off calling my attacks constant.
According to the dictionary the word constant means, "continually recurring or continuing without interruption"
In fact this was part of the text of the e-mail;
We write this email in regard to various comments you have made regarding the administration team of the Kenyan Blogs Webring. The latest examples being the post on your blog at this link: http://mywordsonly.blogspot .com/2006/06/answers-part-i .html and another example being the comments you have made on
If that was the case why did the author of the e-mail give only this post and allude to comments made at the blog I have over 500 posts on my blog. If that is the only example the author of this email could come up with, it is clear someone had other motives they were setting in action. Furthermore in the average day I make an average of 30 - 50 comments per week, that gives you over 2500 comments per year to choose from and this was the best they could do?!
Jeff, it is obvious that someone here was clutching at straws.

Jeff Koinange: So what was the straw that broke the camel's back?
Acolyte: It was a strongly worded post I wrote about the Tanzanian President committing a diplomatic gaffe by discussing Kenya's political situation with President Bush.

Jeff Koinange: So what was wrong with that because I am sure you are not the only one who wrote about the issue.
Acolyte: I think it must have been the fact that I referred to President Kiwete as a "dumb bitch", added the fact that he should have been more concerned with Tanzania's problems and reffered to the negative reception and xenophobia many Kenyans experience from Tanzanians culminating with me mentioning the deportation of nationmedia staff.

Jeff Koinange: Did you get any negative responses due to that post?
Acolyte: Initially no? Most of my readers know that my posts are mostly tongue in cheek and satirical, plus most Kenyans could relate with my sentiments and shared their relatives and friends experiences with Tanzanians.Other than that only one anonymous commentor went out of their way to debate me on the issue.

Jeff Koinange: So what went wrong?
Acolyte: A Tanzanian member of KBW who also does bilingual online projects and enjoys a close relationship with the one of the KBW admin members blogged about it and that's when the shit hit the fan.

Jeff Koinange: So exactly what happened.
Acolyte: Well he wrote a long convoluted post about it and singled me out for criticism and complaint and said that he would continue to blog about the issue.

Jeff Koinange: What did you do in return?
Acolyte: I wrote a post where I reffered to the issue and admitted that my use of such strong language to refer to a leader was in bad taste but that I stood by sentiments but not the words and by now I had taken down the post.I also said that if anyone had a problem with the post they should have emailed me, we would have discussed the issue amicably.

Jeff Koinange: Was this explanation accepted?
Acolyte: No it was not, instead the comments section of the blog turned into a seething pool of insults directed at me and Kenyans in general.One Tanzanian even likened Kenyans to dogs.

Jeff Koinange: Did you at this time think that your membership in KBW would be in jeopardy?
Acolyte: Well when I read a comment by a KBW administrator about my blog, I knew that things were not peachy because I had a run in with that individual sometime back; one she has never forgotten nor forgiven that.
What was shocking is that this person tells the blog author not to bother communicating with me about the issue when the KBW homepage says;
If the content or material found on a member site concerns you, please contact the operator/owner of the website in question directly.

Jeff Koinange: So what happened from there?
Acolyte: Well the author of this blog went on to write 3 more posts about the issue singling me out and despite my protestations that I was not the only one who blogged about the issue ( I gave one example about one blog that had a post that was similar and even reffered to the state of the Tanzanian economy) but to no avail.
I commented on their second post and made a request to start on a new slate and it seemed like my offer had been accepted following their comment on my blog.At that point I thought that we had reached some sort of consensus.
But I was wrong because a 4 whole posts have been written about the issue with my name and post being one the focal points of the issue at hand. I have received an e-mail making movements towards peace, so I am waiting to see how long this holds.

Jeff Koinange: Have you commented on all the posts?
Acolyte: No I have only commented on two of them and in both tried to make moves towards peace. After all however sharp I think I am, I can't stand up against the wrath of a whole nation!

Jeff Koinange: Do you have anything against Tanzanians?
Acolyte: No not at all!In fact I have been there twice, but I don't think I'll risk a third time at this rate! They may seem to be a bit laid back than Kenyans but I do admire their unity and dedication to their national language, Swahili; I think Kenyans could learn a thing or two from them in that regard. But I do think we have different perceptions on certain issues that could use some ironing out.

Jeff Koinange: Even after being expelled from KBW you have tried to make peace with the Tanzanian blogger?
Acolyte: Yes, my attempts at peace have nothing to do with my membership status but are just an attempt to make peace. Contrary to what they would have you believe, I am not an e-war monger!As of the e-mail I received there seems to be a lull in the storm.

Jeff Koinange: But didn't the adminstration say you were out to sow seeds of discord.
Acolyte: Well the exact words were;
While we accept that you can write what you want on your blog, we do not have to accept insults, destructiveness and negativity on KenyaUnlimited and thus have it reflected on to KBW.
As you appear to be keen to encourage discord with your posts contrary to the aims of KBW, we are removing your blog from the KBW aggregator forthwith.
I guess my posts just didn't encourage the spirit of peace, love and unity.

Jeff Koinange: I know you had pointed out the fact that other than one earlier post and this post there are no other posts that can be seen as written with the main aim of causing in discord. Do you think the methodology of KBW of dealing with the issue is clear and transparent?
Acolyte: Of course not! It is obvious that a post is only termed as insulting and destructive only if it reaches the right ears.
It is a well known fact that many KBW fashion their blogs as defacto watchdogs and members of the fifth estate. This is all well and good but other then balanced sites ie mzalendo, many other these blogs make statements about the "kleptocratic" and "corrupt" nature of the ruling government that would amount to libel as they have very little evidence behind them even if they are an open accepted opinion. Some bloggers have even used their blogs as political platforms to promote certain factions above others, while the President has at times been referred to as a senile geriatric.

Jeff Koinange: Has anything ever been done about those posts?
Acolyte: Well since no complaints have been raised about them nothing has been done. It seems that you can write anything but as long as it goes with the collective view of those in power, you are in the clear.
I recall during the raid of the East African Standard by the Kenyan Police, the collective reaction was outrage. But one blogger went out of his way to go comment on blogs saying that even though the action was extreme the government were well in their means to act the way that they did.
Needless to say he was insulted on blogs all over and I am not sure if he is still a KBW member.
Ironic that you can insult your own government and there isn't much of a reaction but insult another country's leader and you're in hot water. That's freedom of expression for you!(winks!)

Jeff Koinange: So what you are saying is that it is't content that is the issue but the reaction to what you write by certain people?
Acolyte: Oh yes! There are other blogs where people have posted matters of an explicitly sexual nature that would make a prostitute blush but since people seemed to enjoy reading about these trysts nothing was done. As long as no one complains, you can post whatever you want!It is obvious this is a classic case of shifting goal posts!

Next: How things became the way they were!