Friday, December 16, 2005


As you can see there is a new template up in here!I decided a change was due and since I had all this free time I decided to muck about with the blog.Ran into some really good templates but whenever I uploaded them there were so many glitches and since my comp skills end with html I decided to go with what was on the menu.
Otherwise I went to Barnes and Nobles today.This bookshop is a dream come true for any of you who fancy yourselves as literati.But there was still plenty to make a dilettante such as myself happy.I was there for 3 hours and I did not notice time fly.I did not buy any books coz you know how it is being a full time grad student; lots of knowledge but very little money!Anyway I am dead tired so here are some pics for ya'll to enjoy!

The braille Playboy was lauded by equal opportunity activists nationwide

No ashes in the ashtray!

With time Rover too benefited from the Information Highway

The Teddy Bear sheds his coat over summer......

Crushers and crushees

Just hit 250 posts!There are few things in my life that I have committed to as long to as this blog usually I lose interest or use and move on.So that means that there must be something good coming from this blog even though I have to say more often then not I blog for myself as oppossed to many of you who are more altruistic in nature.
Anyway I went to the graduation bash of the cousin of the chic who is the room-mate of my aunt/sis (don't ask it's a long story).As usual I was the token something and in this case the token non Kaleo man but it wasn't so bad as Kaleos are more welcoming then our friends from the slopes when it comes to gatherings out here so it was alright.So I got to meet the proud graduate,everyone else and listen to one of the guys that I knew there wax long about politics and expound on some very flawed theories about human nature (yes they were flawed coz I could see the chasms in his train of thought) but I was not in the mood to correct him and since it was winter his huffing was warming the room.
Anyway as this was going on it seems that the sis of the graduand had her eye on me but I thought it was just the routine eye.So the guest of honor suggests that we get pics so I was cool with that me,my sis,niece and the rest pose take like 3 pics then the chic's sis insists on getting one with me and my sis and since she is in the middle insists that we put our hands around her waist and as that was happening behind the scenes she pushed my hand rather close to her ass.But I will admit that us men can be rather dim when it comes to taking cues so I dismissed it.
Since my niece had to be in school early the next day we had to leave so as we walk out the door and we say our good byes.Shortly she pops out and as we are walking away starts talking to her sis (btw:sound carries very far over a quiet winter night!) and asks her how I am connected to my sis as she knew her before.Anyway she insists on walking us to our ride even though we tell her coz of the cold she can spare herself.Then asks my sis "so when are you guys coming back?" all the while looking at me.Of course we gave the usual token answers then she hugs us all goodbye with my hug being a little extended not that I am complaining with the cold and all.Of course when we drove off I was dissed endlessly about my new crusher (no allusions to pain this is the one who has the crush), I hadn't brought it up and leaving it to the gals as they are much sharper at reading these cues then us jamaas.Many a man has thought he is a crushee (object of a crush) only to have his ego crushed!
Anyway the chic was not bad looking but on the other hand I wasn't drawn to her.She was what we used to say as "just there".What came to me is that why is it so rarely that the kind of people we find as hot or attractive have crushes on us?Why is it usually the kind of people whom more often then not see as friend material or on the extreme side as whack?Is this the universe's way of playing a joke on us?
Song of the morning:Common feat Mary J Blige - Come close to me

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

When rape is not rape

Rape:unlawful sexual activity and usually sexual intercourse carried out forcibly,under threat of injury against the will or by deception of an individual or a person who is beneath a certain age or incapable of valid consent because of mental illness, mental deficiency, intoxication, unconsciousness, or deception.
Seems straight forward right?Anyone who does this should go to jail right?For the longest time possible?Especially if you prey on the young.Well guess what those rules don't apply if you are a woman.If you can't get laid by men your age or older you can always partake of the students that trusting parents placed in your care.Guess what the most you will get in most cases is house arrest and in some cases community service,ooooh what a strong deterrent!Here is a list of cases.Take a look and you will notice that the word rape appears only once.If this were happening in girl's schools with male teachers we would not hear the end of it but the matriarchy is on its' way here in West.So I'd better get used to it.If I ever have kids here I am sure as hell going to home school them!
For you women out there if you have been unable to get laid (despite the fact that is believed that men will sleep with anything in a skirt) become a teacher.That way you can have the cream of the crop before they get polluted by the world,at minimal cost (dates optional) and you get paid for it at the end of the month!!!!!And to think that they said that education was a boring career choice.....
The Instigator

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Fix is in!

The results are in one A and two Bs!The Acolyte has made the cut!After almost 4 years out of school that sure as hell isn't a bad show.Next semester the target is two As and one B!
This was one of my number one reads when I was back home.I want to see about getting a subscription here coz the American version is full of adverts like most American magazines with minimal content.What I liked about that magazine is that you would always learn something new after reading it unlike some of the crap that is sold nowadays in the name of magazine.
Now time to hit the skipping rope!I might not have access to a gym at the moment but that is no excuse for neglecting my body and morphing into a fat bastard.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Break the law and you shall be punished!

Instigator here, at least some people aren't afraid to put their foot down and apply the law even when it may not be seen as politically correct by some!See here.Credit to Mochalicious for the link.

Chasing A Dream

For some reason when I was bored I signed up for Yahoo! personals for fun.At the moment dating via the net is not a priority for me but I do love to read the personals that I am sent once in a while.One thing I have noticed is that so many people are looking for someone who will light some sort of fire in their heart or have some catacylismic meeting of souls you know like the stuff that you see in the movies or are the hallmark of romance novels.
I mean when did people start dreaming of a white night on a statuesque steed who'll come rushing in,slay their dragons and then take the damsel on his horse off to his castle where they have a beautiful wedding.What happened to letting love happen?Letting things take their course?What happens when you don't feel the butterflies that you felt when you first saw the person,do you walk away?It is about time people began realising that love is not a feeling but sustained committment because with the human condition when the desired sensation/condition is achieved it stops being the desired condition.That is why people can't stop taking drugs because they are always looking for the next high,a better feeling then what they have now.Feelings are merely electrical impulses on nerve endings, here one second and gone the next.
One thing that I admire with our parents generation, much as we feel that we are better off then them is the fact that many of them started off as friends before they became lovers and confidantes.Many of us both men and women sometimes miss out on love because we often overlook what is so near us as we wait for some flawless Mr/Mrs Perfect.I do agree that it is possible that the person you seek may not be in your immediate environs but when you here everyone asking where they can meet people you get the impression that we live in a sparsely populated world where member of the opposite gender don't get to see each other and interact at all.Why do we seek someone without spot or blemish yet we are unwilling to confront our own.You want a Prince Charming but are you willing ask yourself are you Cinderella or one of her sisters?
My dad and mum lived in a one room house when they first hooked up and my mum actually supported my dad for a year or so as he was in Law school.He later on graduated got employed and eventually started his own practice.How much of us can admit having that patience and heart to start from so far behind?From what I have heard not too many of us.We have become so unwilling to compromise on what we want, we expect that the person we are meant to love should look a certain way,come from a certain place,do certain things and have certain things.When that does not happen we say no and continue our search not knowing that there are others whom we desire who are doing the same to us.We have been raised in an instant generation where we everything comes ready done and is one phone call or e-mail away.So we expect to be able to get a better half at a moments notice and to fit in with our schedule,we expect that since we are now done with school, have gotten the good job,own house and car; that now a partner should magically appear to fall in with our schedule.The bible talks about their being a time for everything but unfortunately the universe does not always follow our time schedule, your time for love and the chosen one may have passed you by when you were busy chasing after other things.May the Gods be kind and spare most us the dispair that comes with mourning what may have been and what we could have had and leave us in blissful ignorance chasing the winds of passion,sentiment and fervour feeling their brush our souls......

Though my lover lives in the sun's caress,
I seek her here in this dreamless lake,
where I suffer it's cold embrace,
wondering why the darkness has nothing to give,
she lives above and I below,
where's water's call is to nights of solitude.
I wish for that she were here,
to breathe life into this languid sea.
And so i cringe and crawl under the waters heavy blankets,
into a sleep without dreams,
mercifully blinded to her image,
in the sorrow-filled arms of the ocean.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Instigator here again.Frankly I think that Christmas is a load of crap!Jesus must be feeling very uncomfortable on his cloud when he sees what has been done with the spirit of Christmas.It gets even worse when you are out here in the West.We have all these silly song and dance ads on,Coke has a stupid ad where polar bears and penguins are drinking Coke together (yeah like any bear is going to turn down some juicy penguin flesh for a damn coke!)and don't let me get started on the damn jeweller's ads ie Kays Jewwelers ads (show you love to here with a -fill in obscene amount of cash here).Exactly why should any man be required to show his love for a women by buying a diamond ring or some other piece of worthless overpriced price fixed jewelry?I hope the artificial diamond producers put these clowns out of business.
Then all of sudden this is when some people become conscious of the underpriviledged around them.This is when you want to give to the poor around you turkeys and toys, unless they can eat that turkey for one whole year and those toys can transform into jobs and housing all you are doing is lip service.Oh well you gotta be able to sleep at night after your spending spree,gluttony and drinking.As people here spend endlessly they forget that their are credit card bills that will have to be paid hence the large number of bankrupcies declared in January and all those drunkend and wanton trysts have consequence hence the large number of unplanned children born in August.
Oh well lest I be seen as a scrooge there are some excellent links to raise the Christmas cheer that I found here and here!