Monday, September 03, 2007

Monday Moanings Part VIII

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah nap time aka lunch time
It's been eons since I have been here but rest assured I have been catching up with most of your blogs whenever possible. As you all know, my job bores me to tears; so I have decided to meet the situation head on. I have started job hunting, in addition I am going to put in a request for vacation effective 2 weeks time so I can go for interviews and such. I decided instead of moaning about it, it was time to do something. When you proudly refer to yourself as a disgruntled employee and have nothing good to say about your employer it's time to get moving. I'm the kind of person you don't want to your new employees missing, I will douse their fervour with a quickness. There is this dude I was in uni with who was hired the other day, the dude had so much psyke for the job as I could tell from the first call. I gave him some summary bile free knowledge and thought that would be enough for him but no, he just kept on calling; leaving voice mails and such. So I called him back and answered his myriad questions, most of which he needn't have bothered asking because this company is so desperate for people that they would have taken him anyway even if he knew jack about the company. He kept on asking me about how fast it would take him to move up the ladder, and I didnt want to tell him that I have had people on my team who have been there for years without progress, so I told him that as long as he meets his goal he'll move up (and you all say I'm a bastard!). Last straw is when he told me that when he is on lunch during his training period we should be meeting for lunch, I didnt have the heart to tell him that is when I go to sleep on my desk. Aaaaaaaaaaah that felt so cathartic.

Moving on, I can see the Kenyan political circus is in full gear. I'm not one for politics but I have to say that I am not shocked at all that Moi gave Kibaki his endorsement, after all these dudes were as tight peeps waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when before some of were born. Plus I wouldnt be shocked at all if they had shared business interests. All I can hope is that Kenyans can vote wisely, I will never forget one day when I was visiting my friend. He comes from a very saved family whom I always thought saw the bigger picture till sometime around last election when I was in their living room and the news was on tv, Raila was on the screen and his mum loudly proclaimed, "hatuwezi patia huyo mjaluo kura!"
Needless to say I lost alot of respect for her that day, I would have understood if it was his firebrand politics or party jumping that put her off, but no it was just his tribe. The fact that we vote for people who speak the same language we do and have kinship ties with as opposed to those who may be able to do the right thing for us as a community is one reason why Kenyans will remain in the thrall of greedy ineffectual politicians for a long long time to come.
Meanwhile, Archer?! Farmgal?! Mko wapi? It was a great day in the English Premier League, Chelsea were shown they are just like everybody else and can be beat! With the new improved Liverpool squad this is going to be a very interesting season to say the least.
Anyway it's about time for me to go back to waging war on the establishment. Look out for my sporadic comments. Nice week all!