Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday Moanings IV

Seems alot has been happening since I have been MIA from the blogosphere. In the good old Jamuhuri it seems that the police have finally decided to respond to the mungiki menace with the finesse of a person trying to kill a fly with a sledgehammer. As usual too little, too late. Quite a few blogs have covered this topic already so all I am going to do is keep an eye on the aftermath.

In other news for once the justice system in America works! Yes Paris Hilton was sent back to jail to serve her jail term instead of house arrest as the Sherrif thought would be best. Call me a hater, but this whole different rules for celebs issue was really pissing me off. Add to the fact that this whole issue has gotten way more airtime on the news and the net than it's worth (a fact that M has covered rather well).

I have had this on my mind and I had to share it. I am sure we all know how Kenyans have their own ways of pronouncing words and names, this list comes to mind.

1. Juanita - This name is often pronounce hwanita but I knew a girl who had this name and everyone used to pronounce it Jooanita. (sorry but I can't write phoenetics)
2.Anastasia - This name is pronounced Anastazia but Kenyans always read it the way it is written.
3. Henri - Kenyans usually mentally substitute the i at the end for y and say it as henry as opposed to Onri.

Damn that's what I get for not writing the names down! I actually had a list of 10 names. Feel free to add your own!

In other news summer is finding me on the bilaz train. There is no worse time to be on the bilas train than summer. All you have to do is venture out see all the fly gals in their skimpy summer wear and it makes you all the more aware of your status quo, to make things worse there are some women where I work who push the envelope as far as possible when it comes to clothing (that is a post on it's own). I have decided to be proactive and channel my energy into excercise since I don't have gym membership. Let's just say with all the external motivation, the number of press-ups I can do has been going up exponentially over the last week. But on the bright side I was off the train just a few months ago unlike some people who have been on the train ever since it was running on coal (I'm not going to name names) but I do appreciate having you people there for company when I get back on the train.

Anyway now back to another week in the plantation, but as the Good Book says; we shall overcome!