Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Pregnant Pause

One of the most harrowing moments in a man's life is when a woman he has been having "adult relations" with comes to his apartment and sats these following words to him, "honey, I think I'm pregnant!"
Most women expect a man to be beside himself with joy, but it is usual an anti-climax that awaits the lady. Small beads of sweat may form on the man's forehead, his skin may turn a shade of gray, his throat may dry up and his voice may rise a note and his heart will start thumping at triple digit rates. In many cases he may sit down and then resolve to the contingency question, "Is it mine?"
You see unless a man was keen on father hood and had been planning on it, he will grasp at any straw to get out of it. You see for most men when they hear those 5 words they begin thinking of how they will deal with the 18 years ahead and the burden involved. While on the other hand most women think about how this is the fruit of their love.
But on the other hand there are those few men who have been put on that fatherhood pillory but due to the wonders of modern science they managed to escape. Their reaction really something to behold as we can see in the videos below!

To quote Wendy Williams, "What a whore!"

And one more time for the free men....The Remix!

ps: The Acolyte and the Management of this blog in no way condone dead beat fatherhood in any way, shape and form whatsover!