Friday, May 09, 2008

Slaps, Suffixes, Strippers and Soccer...............

The end of another week. I was watching the video below and the only thing I can say is that Sean Connery is one harsh man, what I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall of his house. I wonder if any dudes from our generation think the same way he does?

I wonder what Sean Connery would do if he sat on the same council with the woman in the video below? Usual Disclaimer - I am in no way condoning slapping of women unless it is in self defence....

I was just looking at some new cars recently and does anyone remember how in the pre Y2k days many cars and other products had suffixes like X9000, 2000ZX and such? Was this to give people the impression the car or machine was futuristic or what? Speaking of which shouldn't the owners of Florida 2000 rename it Florida 3000? Yes instead of working I sit at my desk and think of such things.

For some reason, once more Standard decided to write another story about the meteoric rise of strip clubs in Nairobi. I think the corporate office of Applebees would be shocked to know that their trademark is being used for a strip club, I think just to even things out strip clubs called T.G.I.F or Chilis should also be opened too.

Anyway let me round this off with some interesting quotes;

"As I sit here with a couple of world class hookers..."
Gaby Logan after the France-Ireland rugby match. (She was referring to co-commentators Wood and Ibanez.) (Aaron, England).

I often follow English Premier League games live via game cast of the soccernet site since I dont have expanded cable that let's me watch the games live. So there is this commentator who seems to harbour a major dislike Dirk Kuyt.

Now Kuyt tries to wrestle the keeper out of the way as a looping ball dropped underneath the bar. Blatant free kick, blatant waste of money. What was he , 10m?! Ha!

Breaking News - Kuyt nearly gets a shot on target! Fear not though, it went wide.

Dirk Kuyt is hopelessly offside but for some reason he still sticks the ball in the back of the net when everyone had stopped. Is he stupid as well as ugly and talentless?

Another comical slice of play from Kuyt there who tries an effort with the outside of his right boot at an impossible angle which trickles into Brill's arms. He really is useless.

Talk about bile now won't you? Anyway it just hit me that despite 18 years of school, the topics on the top of my mind were slaps, suffixes, strippers and soccer. I think I really do need to find some lofty calling or passion, I guess that's this weekends' homework. Have a nice weekend people!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Sights and other things........

Oh Joy! Monday is here! I'll try and say that as many times as I can till I believe it. Anyway in case you don't know I always have a digital camera in my car and I do try and take pics when I can, of course most of them aren't masterpieces but I do like to have something to look back to when I move on. Anyway here are some pics for you.

With the price of gas, I'm soon going to be wiping the dust off my bus card

Kenyans doing what we do best

A great looking mural

I like the artistic freedom people take with their shops in this part of town

More freedom of expression at work

A building design that stays with you

I liked the design of the sign

Some folk are living large I tell you..

A view from a hotel just by the Airport

Someone told me the hotel was once a hanger

Do transvestites prefer to fly with air tran? (Crude Acolyte statement of the day)

A news crew doing a story around the time one airline had their planes were grounded

Just wanted to show you all my private jet

No, I was not seated at the bar at anytime that day!

In other news I was reading about how during Labour day wanainchi booed the President when he did not declare a rise in the minimum wage. What it got me to wondering was if many employers even adhere to that minimum wage law and how often it is enforced? It's a known fact that many Indian owned factories in the Industrial Area over work, under pay and abuse their Kenyan workers. What is sad though is that the labour officials do nothing or are bribed to turn a blind eye. And what makes things worse is that I hear that fares are going to go up in Kenya do to the price of petrol, I guess more Kenyans are going to start walking. Oh the joys of a globalized economy, America's problems become everyone else's problems. Anyway let me get myself back to the everyday grind before I start thinking too hard and get pensive.

ps: A good reason not to play with other men's wives!