Saturday, October 08, 2005

Shortest post!

Chutes have won, just check out this video!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Wazee hukumbuka

I saw this on a forum and it brought back so many memories so for the 3rd time round we are going to have a FLASHBACK!!!!

Do ya'll remember Saber Rider and the Star Sherrifs?A classic!

Dogtanian, when I look at him now I realise that he was a butt ugly mutt!

This cat couldn't talk but he made my day!

Zippy in the foreground ruled!When he talked too much his mouth would be zipped up!Wonder if there is a version for wives?

Teddy ruxpin, I really did not like this cartoon much.

Button Moon 'nuff said!

We had a smurfing time with this and if you were not a fan, smurf the smurf up!

What I find interesting about the Gobots is that someone sat down and decided hmmmmm.I think that I will call the leader Leader 1!Oh and I will name the helicopter, Copter!No wonder the Transformers ran you out of town.

Yeah!!!!Optimus Prime rules!

Gummi bears....

due to great public demand here's fraggle rock!

It's the muppets!Anyone out there remember the theme song?Remember how sumthin weird would always happen at the end when gonzo blew his horn?

nick and company fire up the printer and pull out your color pencils!!This one is for you!!!!

For those of us who were not uptown this is what we had to make use of in school!

This is what the uptown folk used for math!

Hero fountain pen ya'll!

This list could go on and on but I think I will leave it at this for the time being.


Damn these computers!!!!As the Acolyte was enjoying an afternoon stroll to the bank to cash a check and get some cash from the ATM his phone rings.He picks it up and who is it but Dm.She says that she is having some problems with the paper and could the acolyte come and helo?Well since at this stage his armour is still shining, the acolyte rides in to rescue the fair maiden.When he gets there seems that it is something very simple after all but he helps her retrieve her paper.So Dm and the Acolyte get to talking about what is going on and as they talk he helps her learn some tricks with her e-mail account.So as that is going on she offers to show him her modelling pictures and he goes agrees ( which man in his right mind would ).As she opens the mail the Acolyte held his breathe, they were swimsuit pics!Any long time users of Yahoo! will remember that in the past they would show pic attachments as there exact sizes but now what they do is show them all as small and you have to download and open them as they are.So the Acolyte asks Dm to maximise the pics as they are too small for him to see the proper details and contours of her wonderful body.She then clicked on view attachment.....the computer refueses to enlarge the pics something about not being able to download anything due to restrictions by the Administrator.At that point in time the Acolyte tried to beg God for smallville like abilities so that he could magnify the pictures just by zooming in with super sight.But it was not to be, as the Acolyte wiped the drool from his chin he could hear her voice faintly in the background saying that she had to leave soon and had to log out.The Acolyte has always vowed that he should not be seen in pain so he walked out of the library, walked 5 steps and then screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" towards the heavens."My day will come !" he vowed as the dark clouds gathered and thunder rumbled in the background.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Tropical storm Tammy has blown some rain our way.What happens to me when it rains is that I sleep longer and what happended this morning is that I got up at 8 am and I am suppossed to be in the office at 8 am!Luckily jobo is walking distance from my apartment.So I got there at 8.30am.I was just looking at the Nation Online.It seems that there is a plan to build a 100m digs for Kibaki!I think that there is better things that can be done with that cash, lakini I am too tired of whinging about how the guva spends our money as Kenyans.
Anyway Dm made my day yesterday.She tells me to meet her in the lib so I do so.She tells me how her diskette has chipped with her jobo.So she whips out a sheet of questions and you she starts.So you know how masomo is shida for some people, as she is just duplicating stuff from the book that does not make sense as it is I grab hold of the questions, speed read the relevant paras she shows me and piece it together with some stuff from the net.All the while we are pigaing storos.When we get to the end I look at the question paper and kumbe it is a take home that she is suppossed to do alone.Oh well that was that, then she bought me dinner so I did not have to cook that day.There is a test that I did and I got a 67% yuk!Seems I may have to start trans-nighting like we did in high school days!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Back to school

Back to the grind!Found loads of work waiting for me but at least I have done like 98% of it as of now.Macs suck!I made a very sawa ragga and reggae mp3 cd jana and it will not play on the mac!God bless file sharing, got loads of songs in no time and even tossed some tracks to milo who was lucky enuff to get me online as now that I am back no Yahoo messenger until I get someone who has hooked it up on their machine.Anyway looked at my share of the elec bill, it looks too high!Those akataas have to give me a copy of the bill before they see my money, i wouldnt put it past them to try and make me pay their back bills.Also have to lay down the law in that digs, how do people leave aircon on and there is no-one in the house.Oh well that's how it is when people do not see the big picture as you end up spending loads of cash on little things and getting broke in the long run.

Monday, October 03, 2005


Guess what?I did not go to the concert!But I did go to the after party.Went to J's place as she was the one I was hanging with, her pal had come in from Jersey.And me oh my that mama had a proper miroo ass!Not to be crude but it has been some time since I have seen one of those.And she was not even a jango so I am not being tribalistic here.So we caught some pints then J's pal Mm comes to pick us up.The interesting thing with this mama is that here visa expired and some time later so did her driving license so now she couldnt renew it.And here in ATL your car is your life as public transport sucks.So she gets to the digs and jersey gal drives us to the afterparty.J decides to take her drink along with her and as we get there she is finishing it in the parking lot.So as we walk to the crib I am walking ahead of her and me still being in possesion of my nai honed cop radar spot two outside the club and save her from being busted.Anyway it was pretty sawa and I got to do my impression of a stipper's pole for a girl but she didnt strip obviously.Met J's uncle who was also there the last time we went out.He also has lots of drama with mamas to his name but that is for another post.So it seems at some time he was having a thing with jersey girl but things ended.So now she seemed to prefer his bro to him.He did not take to this kindly and when we were leaving he let rip with some very colorful language.Oh and thanks to male ego it took us close to an hour to get to the after after party as J's uncle who was in the lead car took the wrong exit that would make the route longer and it was till his bro who was now driving Mm's car.So we get to the after party club and they were not selling pints :(.The music was not all that bad so we had fun for some time then we all went back to J's place and the other dudes acted like true Kenyan kubaffs and carried off like 2 pints each and had the nerve to call like 4 hours later and ask if there is more that they can come over and drink.Here in Georgia shops are not allowed to sell pints on Sundays ( damn baptists! ) so you have to stock up on sato.Anyhow I drink responsibly and as a result was functioning perfectly after 7 heinikens.I do run seminars every summer for those who are interested in learning power drinking techniques.
Oh and the last time I was at J's digs there was this akataa chic who she was hosting for a while.She was married but the jamaa she married was extravagant so now they were in debt and now they were planning a divorce, the last straw being when he threatened to kill her.So since they work with J she put her up for 2 weeks. Where this mama messed herself up was that she was pretty untidy and J and her housemate are pretty clean so she was having none of that and when her two weeks were up she was shown bounce.So now she is living with some kuyo mama who is hard on her and milking her for all she can. What we were wondering is how come she is not going to her fellow akataa pals for help.What I was telling J is that if she is smart what she should do is get hold of some guy that she knows and get him to host her from some time.If she is smart she should then give a womans touch round the house once in a while ie cook a meal or two and rearrange the digs a bit.If she has no shame she can also work her way into his heart and in his ngothas and become his mama and get free bed and board.When she gets onto her feet then she can bounce.Yes it sounds mboff but this is not like Kenya where relatives can keep you a hand, one can actually become homeless if things get messed.
Well I am sure there are some things that I may have missed but my paper calls

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Oh me oh my

Today morning was really interesting!As I was working on my take home at my sister's place in ATL I was also on yahoo messenger which coincidentally I only get to use here as the comp that I work on is bila. Anyhow what happens is that milonare gets me on-line and we start chatting.Shortly Nick,Akiey and Guess check in and we start a conference which with all those rabble rousers deterorated into chaos but clean chaos not like some of the Kenyan forums I log onto.
It was good talking to some of the KBW crew on-line and getting to know them past their posts.
Also made a shocking discovery!I have put on like 7 kgs since I came here.I was a bit suspicious as I had noticed my 6 pack had turned into a 4 pack and my stomach was not as rock hard as it usually is.Damn this american food!In Kenya I used to be able to eat anything and I never put on any weight and I could shed weight by sheer power of will!Believe it or not.So then I used to laugh at fat people with disses like, "I guess he hasn't seen a plate that he didnt like!" or "I wonder when she is due."But now due to this sedentary lifestyle I am going to get f..I mean plus sized!Well when I used to train I used to do the skipping rope, shadow box, do several hundred press ups and sit ups.The washboard must return!!!!
Anyhow off to the hanyee will holla back manyana.