Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Fortunate Fellow and Some Freebies!

A simple observation on my part. Bishop Magaret Wanjiru of JIAM touted her husband to be as a man made in heaven. Connotations of the lesser status of other men and myself aside, I decided to do a bit of research. Why is it that this Samuel Matjeke gentleman is not mentioned anywhere online unless it is in conjunction with his upcoming nuptials? It seems this man was not of much note if I can't find anything online about him that isn't connected to his fiancee. People say that the Bishop has finally found her man, but I say it is Samuel who has encountered good fortune; his days of being nondescript are now over! He can now be a poor man's Stedman Graham, Oprah's boyfriend/beard has made a good name for himself in his occupation but the same can't be said of Matjeke.

Moving on, it never fails to amaze me how well reasoning adults' brains turn to mush when it comes to spiritual matters. People like Bishop Magaret Wanjiru and her ilk get away with milking people with their heretical gospel because many church goers dont go out of their way to examine the dogma they are fed in those churces with what is written in the Bible. The same person who will come through every business deal they do in great detail will turn very compliant when it comes to the gospel they are fed from the lectern which saddens me. At the end of the day people need to know that church leaders are human beings and are just as prone to sin and mislead us as anyone else.

Enough of that. Anyone who has known me, knows that I love to kick back with a magazine or comic book when I can. The thing is that I dont take comics seriously enough to fork over the $2 per comic that it costs, I have more pressing financial engagements. But some genius out there came up with a program called comic book reader. This comic helps you read comics that people scan into the format this program uses. After scanning, the titles are shared and swapped online. For you Daredevil fans I have some issues by Frank Miller of Sin City (his art shaped alot of the look of the movie) to share.
Who says the best things in life aren't free?
Ps: I think I feel a hiatus coming on............

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Love Conquers All! And Other Rants About Women

I was talking to a chic the other day and she was telling me that, when you are dating someone and you are meant to be and love each other; no matter what happens, the love that you share for each other will help you overcome the circumstances that you face.

There was this other girl who said something to the effect of when you meet the one who loves you as much as you love them, things in the relationship and life will move so much smoother.
I am not going to even touch on the "Prince Charming coming to save me from life", idea some other women have.

What I want to know is that who feeds women this rubbish? What's sad is that most women actually believe it?!

Anyway, the silly season is coming aka Valentine's and it will be interesting to see how many men will be put through the wringer for not getting the right kind of gift. If the flowers aren't enough, the right color, the jewels too small, not the right cut or not as nice as the ones her friend got; you are in trouble young men out there. This is a make or break time for many relationships, screw all the good deeds you did during the last year; this is make or break time! There is a blogger who said she would dump her boyfriend if he didn't get her a Valentine's gift, in spite of the status of their relationship before that point in time. Lucky for him, he came through but I was not impressed that she was going to stake all they had on that one day.

Since I am ranting about women I might as well hit at some gal pals out there. Why is it that girl's give their pals so much power and stake in their relationships, even though half of the chics have their own agendas and give bad advice. Your girlfriend will always have this single friend who last had a man when Kenya Times had a distribution of several thousand copies per day, yet she is the loudest one when it comes to giving advice and dictating the direction of the relationship. This girl doesn't know what she is talking about half the time and the other time her advice is filled with bile, but she will be given a faithful hearing each time.

Now onto my last rant, why is it that women don't listen when they are told about certain men they want to date? A chic can be told that a dude is a serial killer, but for some reason or other some small voice in her head will tell her that her love will turn him into a good man. Only for her to bitterly learn the truth when he is busy hacking her into little pieces to feed his pigs. Point in hand, there was this character in Nai called Ngugi the Rapist (Name changed for my safety). If I was a woman being introduced to this man, and I knew that was his name on the streets was, I would gather my skirts in one hand and head for the hills! But lo and behold, this dude used to get dates and last time I was being told he even had a girl friend. If a rapist can get a chic, no man out there has an excuse.

Disclaimer: This isn't a blanket condemnation of women. If you know you dont fall in the list of women mentioned just add the word some in front of the word women wherever it appears in this post!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Welcome to My Nightmare!

Welcome to Walmart KBW Bloggers!

The other night I had a nightmare of sorts. I dreamt that I had spent decades here in the States jumping from inconsequential job to another due to a number of factors. I never did get married or if I did, in typical American fashion I divorced and my kids forgot about my existance only sending the occasional Christmas card.
Since I had no job of substance with benefits after the first real company I worked for collapsed with my pension in tow, I had little saved up so in my twilight years; I became a Walmart greeter. Standing at the entrance of your local Walmart with a plastic smile, rigid posture and walking stick by my side! Welcome to Walmart!
Disclaimer: This post isn't meant to ridicule Walmart greeters. It is just a play on my phobia of reaching my twilight years with nothing to show for it at all, and having to work not out of choice but out of neccesity. Sadly this is the fate of many Americans..
Ps: Dont snipe about me about part 5 of the Drama Post! It's on the way!