Friday, June 10, 2005

Liverpool are back in!!!

We get to defend our cup!!!!But we have to play so many other games before the group stage so we need a strong squad to play those and the pre-season games.Anyway gotta go weekend calls!


A few months back I was giving a lift to the pal of a gal I was meeting for coffee.Anyway she was one of these church gals and a single mum to boot although the events did not occurr in that order if you know what I'm sayin'.
Anyhow I was asking her bout herself and she tells me that she is looking for a new house and I ask her where.She says in Westlands and I ask her why,she says so it's near her kid's school.Me being the fool I am ask her the school and she starts going on and on about her kid.What really got me is when she said " You have never lived till you have had kids."
At that point I turned off and put my mind in free though she thought I was still listening.
What I find interesting is that statement is much like going to a poor man and telling him that his life is unlived without wealth.There are very few things in this life that experiencing makes your life full.Also how does such a basic biological function completely validate your life, could we say that the level of living expands with the number of children so are those with bigger families having a better life.In that case pigs who have like 50 kids per year have a better quality of life.To add to this who says what gives your life validation does so to others?I mean I could say that you have never lived until you have experienced a spiritual break-thru.But my point is that what makes your life worth living may not be the same for someone else.By the way not to talk smack why do so many single mums use their kids to cover up the fact that some of their plans are down the drain.this is the party line, "I do not regret having ......" place brat's name there.Well you had your kid good for you but please admit that there are things in your life you have had to give up,unless you got married and have family support.
That's my rant for today........

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Budget Day

Budget day is upon us.The thing is that with each passing budget life seems to get harder and harder for Kenyans.Our economy grew by a miniscule 3 percent or less if those figues had been massaged to please the ppl.Everything seems to be going up in price and nothing down.
Well not to whine coz change can't be seen instantly but I think that with the 2 years plus the government should have been making small steps towards encouraging investors.Kenya has inconsistent communications,poor infrastructure,expensice power and insecurity is still an issue.I think these are issues that need to be addressed urgently if we are to see our economy rise past the single percentile rate.

Sunday, June 05, 2005


After being so serious I think that it is time to discuss what I
So Liverpool are the champions of Europe something that I am still getting over.But next season will see Liverpool bring in a different squad.First to go will be Dudek,penalty heroics aside the man has been way too inconsistent when needed most; after seeing him let Wayne Rooney's shot get in I would have gone to Anfield and put him on a plane to Poland myself.El Hadji Diouf other then getting yellow cards,red cards and spitting on everyone in sight he is not of much use let Bolton have him.Milan Baros,failure to listen to instructions and a paltry 8 goals this season and you call yourself a striker?Go to valencia or better yet go join Houllier at Lyon.Harry Kewell,Liverpool thought they screwed Leeds on his transfer?After this season I do not think so, been on the injured list most of this season,bitchces at the gaffer and never gives 100% when on the pitch (i.e the final ) I think his days of desecrating the sacred Liverpool shirt are coming to an end.Chris Kirkland a.k.a sick note spends more days in the melwood clinic then the pitch, may be touted as England's next hope but matches aren't played in the clinic 50/50 may go.Mauricio Pellegrino, go watch highlights of Southampton beating us 2-0, 'nuff said.Igor Biscan,yes he has come into his own this season but he too is inconsistent come the league besides with Hamman we have enough hard tackling mid-fielders.Neil Mellor, we will never forget the match winner against Arsenal but with Cisse back,Morientes,Pongolle maybe Alberto Luque and Raul coming games will be hard to come by;sorry mate.Sami Hyppia has been a rock in the defence making up for what he lacks in pace with positioning but the first half of the final made his 31 years very apparent with Milito in the wings he may just have to bow out gracefully.Other players are bound to keep their places especially Carragher playing his heart out all season if it were not for politics he would have been on the short list for the PFA awards.Luis Garcia can't tackle for shit and I am yet to see him dribble the ball past 3 player but he does what Milan can't, he scores..13 goals in all this season the most special one being the one that put Chelsea out of the CL.Djimi Traore,very good grasp of the basics namely keeping attackers at bay but is very weak coming forward;will or rather must improve.Dietmar Hamman, despite his advancing years marshalls the midfield well; who can forget how he muzzled the rampant Kaka during the final.Steve Finnan,almost looked like a bad buy from Fulham till this season;does what needs to be done and does it well.Xabi Alonso,provides the creative spark that has been needed in this team for a long long time with his wide range of passing skills.John Arne Riise, a great season for him especially since being given license to attack who can forget his rocket against Chelsea in the Carling Cup final.Last but not least Stevie G, guess you will have to hold of on the house in Kensington for now.He has been inconsistent this season due to the chelski connection but the man has heart, he played his heart out even when it seemed like Liverpool had lost the game.He led the greatest comeback since Lazurus by example.By the way has anyone seen Michael Owen?"I want to win things,"what have you won so far at Real other then a permanent place on the bench,punk.
I guess I am boring non-Liverpool fans.Fergie has opted for Edwin Van De Saar.I think that is his way of screwing over Glazier.Last season Ed let in 30 goals, I could think of other better options but hey I'm no football manager.
The Colegate saga, I guess Cole will not be with Arsenal come next season.All this drama over just 5k pounds.Arsenal were to offer him 55k per week Chelsea were offering 60k.Oh let me not forget he was also bitching about the French influence at Arsenal.Juve have already enquired and were told to cough up 15 million.Since he said if he leaves Arsenal he will not play in the U.K lets see if this situ will go the same way as the Vieira move to Real.
Anyway let me be patriotic, Why are ppl bitching about Oliech not playing in Kenya's game against Guinea?Are we saying that one man carries all our hopes and dreams on the pitch.Kenya would have lost with or without him.