Monday, December 03, 2007

Monday Moanings Part XIV

From my daily tuning in to Capital FM I learned that 112 were in Kenya sometime last week. I remember when they were tha shiznit! Now, not so much. I was quite amused to read how they went to party at Pavement and till it was announced the crowd didn't even know they were there. Did any blogger go for the performance? I would really like to know how it was. I'm not hating on 112 and Tevin Campbell but I don't like it when musicians choose to go to African countries when their fame has waned, that is why I have love for people like Shaggy and Sean Paul who chose to perform in Kenya when they could have gone to more profitable countries.

Blind Item

The Acolyte used to live in the same 'hood as this now well known kapuka artiste as he was slowly making his way to fame. At this point in time the artiste used to live with his brother and cousin in one house. Due to carelessness the group only had one house key having lost all the other copies, so they resorted to leaving the front door open whenever they went out at night.
The Acolyte found this out when dropping them home from the club one night and advised them to stop doing so and get a key cut. The artiste laughed it off, saying they were too lazy to do so and they had fared well so far.

It was with a great bemusement therefore one day when The Acolyte a few weeks later encountered the artiste, his brother and cousin beating the crap out of 2 of the estate watchmen. On further inquiry it seems that after going off to the club after leaving the door open as usual they came back in the morning to find their TV and video missing.

The artiste in question did climb up the ladder or is still climbing and as I was leaving Kenya had moved out of the house into his own apartment with his brother and they were having a ball. Guesses anyone? I'm not naming the 'hood because that would be a dead giveaway.

This Judge sounds very Kenyan to me, don't you think? I can so picture a Kenyan judge doing this!

In other sad news, someone told me that Carnivore doesn't have Soul anymore. By the time I was leaving Kenya, Soul at Carni had been overtaken by Rock at Ka-choi and Soul at K-2 but I remember when it used to be the place to be. Who can forget buzzer beating? You see entrance was free before 9pm or was it 11pm? Anyway what people would do was go have one cheap pint at the local and then zoom off to Carni just a few minutes before the deadline. Of course there were always obstacles like the "powerful" Kenyan watchmen who would want you to park your car 10 inches close to the white line instead of the 15 inches you had parked, to which my regular answer would be, "hakuna shida, hatukai!"
Which would of course mean that the next time I would be seen at 1.30 am when Soul was over with the next stop being Jean's pub for food that was only edible when you were under the influence.

I had this link months ago and I don't know if I shared it but I ran across it today and it still put a smile on my face. Anyway this is what happens when you try to take a picture with 2 animals that don't get along.

Some people have no shame I tell you. There is this chic from I used to know when I was in Uni via the International Club, we had somethings in common but were more of acquaintances. So once I was done with uni our keeping in touch ended there other than the sporadic message on one of the social networking sites I'm on.

So on Saturday morning at 3 am my phone rings and I don't recognize the number but since it was in the same area code I answered it. I didn't recognize the voice until my old pal identified herself, it seems she was in Atl with her girlfriend (not friend but lover who she turned lesbian but that is a story for another day) and the person who was supposed to put them up hadn't shown up at the club and the whole night wasn't answering their phone. So she asked if they could come over and sleep at my place.

No, at this point in time Acolyte was not entertaining fantasies of converting 2 lesbians with his magic pole of love in his room which would be light by a pink light bulb as cheesy music played in the background that would climax in an earth shattering guitar solo at the same time as the Acolyte (as you can tell I am practicing writing a bad love scene for The Drama Post series - yes Eclipse I am working on the next episodes). This was because first of all the above scenario only happens in the movies, second this mama is very butch and her and her girlfriend (who is a nice chic) do nothing for me, thirdly I have no couch or a spare bed and last but not least; how the hell do we not talk for 11 months and then you come out of the blue expecting to sleep at my place?!

Oh here is the other funny thing, it isn't like she even had my number, her girlfriend used to be good pals with my room mate so whenever she wanted to get in touch with him she would call me. So she told me as they were scrolling through her phone for numbers they came across mine and decided I would be a willing host. Anyway this chic is a user, I was told how she borrowed some money from a Kenyan mama saying it was an emergency and was lent the money, the Kenyan chic a few months later needed that money to pay her fees and was taken round in circles despite being told how urgent it was.

All those thoughts ran in the mind of The Acolyte as she told him her predicament. The Acolyte said that was very sad and said he wished he could help but at the moment he was out of town and proceeded to suggest some other ex international students she could call who coincidentally were not picking their phones when she had called them (I guess they got the memo). Anyway I'm sure she made out just fine.

Damn, it seems I've over blogged for today. Time to scatter and yes, Drama post in progress!
Happy Monday all!