Friday, September 08, 2006

Let's discriminate equally and other thoughts

I know the title has you wondering what controversial point I am going to bring up, so here goes.One thing I have noticed about Kenyans here is that many Kenyans discriminate and have a low opinion of black americans but most of the time do not have those sentiments when it comes to white folk.Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that black folk are above reproach.No, they do have issues that I admit; but on the other hand so do white folk.
I was once hanging out with a Kenyan chic and her pal when this dude came over and was pestering here and she told him, "Wacha mchezo hujui labda ako na mzungu?" My room mate is also guilty because he proudly says that he doesn't do white chics, despite the fact that he has a batting average of 0.000 at the moment with them.
I was like what the heck?What is it about white folk that someone would take so much pride in dating one and denigrate other races.It's different if you are talking about someone as an individual but when you talk about white people as a whole group that kind of crap shouldn't apply at all!
What many Kenyans here don't understand is that many of the black people they run into as they do their KYM jobs are what we would call "hood" or "ghetto" and as a result don't represent all black people.I have met many black people who dont have all those bad habits that Kenyans here ascribe to black people.What they do would be the equivalent of a white person going to Kenya and working with people straight from the mtaa and thinking all Kenyans are like that.
Let's not forget about white folk.The average white american isnt much smarter, erudite or more sophisticated than a black person.They are in many cases just different but that doesnt make them better.
I have seen white dead beat dads, white baby drama mamas and while some folk may love to beat on blacks here for being criminally oriented, don't forget that most psychos and child molestors are white.
If people took more time to get to know white folk they would know that there is nothing special about them, they are just as messed up as everyone else.It's sad that some Kenyans who live in the midst of them don't notice it at all.
So let's be fair and discriminate against everyone if we have to.

I was told a story about something a friend of a friend is going through and I realised one thing; many women chase lost causes in the name of love.
This chic in the story is dating a philipino dude who is in med school.She likes him and was taken to meet the family.Other then the cousins, the whole family does not like her.It's not because of her personality.It's because she's black (no she's not Kenyan).
They went on a trip with the family and the family booked a suite for the family and a room for herself.She had to put up with a resentment and hostility for 3 whole days.At the dinner table the mother had the nerve to tell the dude within earshot that he should by no means have babies with the girl.It also doesn't help that the dude is a mama's boy, so he isnt standing up for her at all.
If it were a white family it would be possible for her to ride the storm but philipinos tend to have a very close knit family structure, so if you get together they will always be hovering over you.
The chic was telling my pal that she intends to dig in but honestly I think she should chock that one as a loss and move on.I mean if your own boyfriend isnt backing you up in front of his family, why stay?
Anyway I will sit back and see how things unfold.

I went to visit a friend the other day when I was in ATL environs and I think I may have mentioned this before, but I was shocked that this girl did not even have one book or magazine in her house.Call me a geek but I enjoy reading be it for leisure or just to extend my horizons.What is worse in this case is that this chic wants to be a moghul of sorts but doesnt seem to have any books or information as regards her desired business ventures.
Anyone who knows people who have made money the long hard way (not stealing like out politicians) will discover that most of those rich folk have an insatiable appetite for information.If it isnt just reading, they will do research or take time to learn new things all the time.Part of becoming rich is knowing what other people don't know.
What is worse is how some people I have met (both Kenyans and Americans) take pride in their ignorance.Someone the other day told me how it has been years since they last read a book be it for leisure or knowledge.
I must confess that my appetite for reading has really lowered but I remember at my peak I used to read more than 3 books in a week.Reading has an affect on how you write, think and express yourself.There is nothing like expressing a totally ignorant opinion to tar people's view of you but on the other hand playing the smartass does the same thing.
So the next time you see your friend take the beer or remote control out of their hand and give them something educational to read.

I was sent this link and it made my day.It seems some people can put on a spectacular front in public.This dude was not only an Electoral Official but also a pastor, both occupations that call for transparency!He also had an extra wife stashed somewhere in the background as he stole public funds.The good thing is that the government has impounded his assets.
I know ya'll know I'm going to say this, but I'll say it anyway; the fact that he was Nigerian was no big surprise!
Second this is another glaring reason not to take what many men of the cloth say to heart.That podium is just a means to an end for many of them.They are just as human as us, if not worse; at least many of us own up to our faults and sins.
I would also love to have the man's time management skills!Doing all that must have been really time consuming!He should have written a book on time management!

This piece on Prezzo in the Pulse is a great puff piece.It has so little substance and truth to it, that I cant help but laugh.It is like one of those stories that hollywood stars give where they play the family man/woman, good parent, hard working actor and consumate philanthropist when all their antics have been chronicled in tabloids elsewhere.
The writer in some ways insinuates that Prezzo plays a major part in the family business when that hasnt always been the case.He also neglects to mention the problems the business had been facing that had them in and out of court in the past few years and the budding amount of competition.The author makes this statement "and is now more concerned with climbing the corporate ladder", how can you climb the corporate ladder when you own the company?Correct me if you want to but there is nowhere to climb to nor is he an employee.
Prezzo denies dating Nikki aka Sheila when past issues of Pulse and one collabo say the contrary.
Of course in typical Prezzo fashion he had to show off his digs and expensive accesories.What was funny was how he claimed to be a reading The 48 laws of power by Robert Greene.Why do I have the sneaking feeling that the book is just a prop for the reporter to see.He says he has a new album in the works, I would like to know how many copies he sold of his current album and if he managed to make a profit.Which I do know is hard because of piracy but Prezzo does make it look like showbiz pays pretty well in Kenya, which isnt the case for most artistes/fake musicians.
Don't get me wrong, the dude may be doing pretty well for himself in business but the story seemed pretty pretentious and manufactured if you ask me.
Have a non pretentious weekend!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Road kill, juice and updates

My room mate's dog was the victim of a hit and run.He usually lets it out every morning to go into the bushes to do it's business then he calls it back and puts it in the house as he goes back to class.So he did what he usually does as he was getting ready to leave and as we got outside we called for the dog but to no avail until a lady who was walking her dogs asked us if "that" was our dog.
We looked where she was pointing too and there she lay, dead as a door nail!We shrugged our shoulders and in typical Kenyan fashion I went and got a trash bag.We put her in and dumped her in the trash, it is later on that someone told me that we're suppossed to call Animal Services.I hope the trash folk dont notice.
At this point someone is going to ask if I'm sad.Fact is that I'm not, me and that dog were not the best of friends; and no I didn't push her onto the path of the oncoming car!I guess she's in doggie heaven now.At least now I can put a rug in the sitting room.

Now as for the juice saga.On confronting everyone in the house, they all denied having drunk my juice.Yes that's the kind of people I'm living with.They should have at least had the maturity to own up!

Oh and the B.O chic hasnt bought any deo as far as I have been told.I guess I'll just have to take some air freshener with me to class then.Now I have to go for my afternoon class and start doing some assignments in class.

I've been listening to all the drama between Ngilu and Michuki, what happened to rationale dialogue and watching one's statements?It's a damn shame I tell you!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Guess who's back!

I know most of you are waiting for a post on the many adventures I had in the big city but I will regal you with stories of 2 day hangovers, girls blacking out on stairs, cheap brandy and long distance drives later.
It's just good to be back in my own digs, I just dont like being a guest at someone's digs esp here in stato where your presence could be costing someone and cramping their style.

Now to get back to my digs, I discover the kubaffs here decided to drink my 3 litre bottle of Sunny D!I love that juice the same way a fat kid loves cake!Round hii sicheki na watu!Watanunua ingine!The nerve!They think I bought the juice for them!
Anyway let me rush myself to class, I will regal you with tales of my adventures tommorrow but the books are calling.......
ps:Seems this dude didnt know that Big Brother was watching!

Monday, September 04, 2006

The long trip, Mr Big in the Big House and tits or ass

I decided to leave my remote side of the world and visit the big city for the long weekend.Seeing as I am carless I had to find my own way of getting there (any jokes about crop dusters and someone is getting their nipples cut off!).
So this is what I did, I got a ride to the next large town from the Derailer.From there I got a shuttle to the Airport.That took the better part of two hours.From the Airport (which I strolled around casually), I took the train.Which sadly doesnt go around many parts of the ATL.This took around one hour.The ride was pretty comfortable and the train was clean, there was this couple who were either Ethiopian or Eritrian who kept looking at me (I wonder why?).From the train I got on the bus which is free if you are from the train!
The bus ride took around one hour and unlike common belief it wasnt full of black people, there were white people, latinos and some asian dudes who got on.Yes we had our own UN!So after more than one hour I got to the bus terminal which is like a 10 min drive from my sisters digs.There was quite a mix of characters on the bus, I wouldnt mind riding it again!
At the end of my long bus ride I met my sis and got a 5 min ride to her place.I could have taken a cab from the airport but I felt that it was time for an adventure.It cost far less than taking a cab and I had loads of fun!The next time I am escaping shags I am most def taking that route!

Mr Biggs aka Ron Isley is going to jail.Unlike his rapper colleagues he isnt going in for something hardcore but tax evasion.We all remember keep it on the down low with R.Kelly and how he made different versions of that song over and over again, once in a while bringing in an extra party like Kelly Price.Lesson of the day?Dont screw with the IRS!

Are you a breast man or an ass man.Well there is this simple test.When you are in the club with your chic and one of her pals comes over to say hi to her, what do you look at?Take notes over the next 5 occasions despite revellers wondering what you are doing and you will have your anwer when you see what answer is predominant.
ps:Women should be respected and have far more to offer than tits and ass!
Have a productive week!