Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Heart Break Hoetel

Anyone watch the news last night?The city council decided that they would do their token clean up the city thing by clearing the hoes out the street.Well didn't anyone tell them that Wednesday isn't a prime day for business?Anyway it also seems that the cops tipped some of the gals off as they were fewer then expected caught on camera.It is a known fact that the cops and the hoes have a symbiotic relationshp, usually with a cash/sex for freedom programme going on.The gals are only busted when the cops boss is on the beat with them or they have no cash to give.
The cops and the news crew apart from visiting the notorious K street also went to Hurlingham which also has a large number of hoes on the streets and also in so called massage parlours which are incidentally rarely busted.
Some of the language by those hoes would make a sailor blush.There was a bunch of them who when being busted had the gall to shout that they were Kenyans.You're being busted for being a hoe not a foreigner besides last I heard being a Kenyan doesn't make being a hoe legal.
And ya'll better not gimme that crap that some of these women have no other way of surviving.What about those other women who get up at the butt crack of dawn and go to Marikiti by sukuma and other veggies and go sell them?There are other ways to make a living as can be seen by just observing thosands of Kenyans daily.Being a hoe is a dead end life I mean what do expect to move onto being a super hoe?In that business you are only as good as your last shag.
Anyway wise thought of the day:Do not expect people's gratitude for deeds done in the past.You must make people gracious for what you will do for them in the future to ensure their trust.

Stupid Question of the Day

If you were in a lift that was in freefall and you jumped just before it hit the ground would you die?These were the kind of questions I used to ask as a kid.Don't u miss being a kid when you really had no big wories and when the furthest day was tommorrow.Remind me a Family was on there way to the coast when 1 hour into the trip the kid goes,"are we there yet?"To which the Dad answers no, the question is asked several times much to the Dad's chagrin.So he turns to the kid and says "We'll be there at night!"A few minutes later the kid asks, "Is it night yet?"
Oh with the Pope's passing I will dedicate one to all Catholics.
Murphy and Tom two staunch catholics are sitting on the street opposite the local whore house discussing how morals have gone down in the world today.When they see a Rabbi walking down the street and into the whorehouse.
"A shame," Murphy says.
"Yes a shame,"says Tom.
A few minutes into their beers a Baptist Minister walks into the whore house and they exchange the same words.
A half hour later they see their priest walk into the whorehouse.
"Oh my,must be the girls day for confession,"goes Murphy.

Monday, April 04, 2005


Well at least logic prevailed.Terry Schiavo was allowed to leave in peace.But her leaving was marred with alot of acrimony between her husband and parents.Compare this to the Pope who left this earth rather peacefully and his life could have been prolonged but he was infirm enough as it was so doing that would not have made sense and anyway he would have been forced to retire something he was not thinking of.Anyway now to wait to see who the next Pope is.
Also as channel upon channel was covering the Pope on Friday, TBN a.k.a The Blasphemy Network ( I'll share that one later ); was celebrating the birthday of their founder Paul Crouch.He and his wife Jan formed it in the 70's.Jan is the mathee who looks like some weird Barbie doll with purple hair'she seems to cry on telly about Jesus once a day at least.
Anyhow they did not mention even one thing about the Pope at all, yes evangelicals and catholics may have diffrent beliefs but they still worship the same God so a mention wouldn't have hurt would it?But it was Paul's birthday and man you should have heard the praises poured onto the man of "faith" and "power" for the hour.TBN has specialised milking those who want hope in their lives.They may have started with noble aims but with time they were hopelessly corrupted.It is known the Paul and Jan are married in name only but for the sake of the TBN brand they stay together as a divorced couple don't have the same appeal as a happy family couple setting.Last year there was a story by a former TBN employee about a relationship he had with Paul.Paul went on to use TBN casj to pay his debts,gave him a job which he was not qualified for but was paid nonetheless.He spoke of the way after having sex with him Paul went on to open the Bible and show him why their relationship was not wrong.In defence Paul said it was common for TBN to pay their employess debts although could not pull out evidence to show other cases and declined to comment on the rest.Well the case was of course settled out of court I mean you don't want the partners to stop sending love gifts do you.The disgusting thing is that they are in Kenya via Family.Not to say that all Family brings is blasphemy but many Kenyan ministries have gone the name it and claim it way and are always singing about sowing seed and stuff.They have reduced God to some sort of vending machine.Anyway I will do a detailed entry on this as it really upsets me to see people capitalising on God via the suffering of the people.