Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Urban Legends

Hi!Just decided that I want to collect as many Kenyan urban legends and post them on my blog for all ya'll to enjoys.SO if you know any post them as comments and I will post them for all.Thanks
ps: here's one to get the ball rolling.
This guy goes to the Coast.He goes to a bar and has some pints.As he's doing this he sees this really fly chic so he starts chatting her up.So what happens is that he gets his game on and they go to his room to get some.They undress and get in bed and at that point he notices that things would be better with the lights out so he gets up to walk to the light switch.The girl tells him to stay in bed and she reaches forward and her hand stretches all the 15 feet to the light switch and turns it off.The guy screamed and screamed and screamed........
I gave you mine let's hear yours