Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Acolyte GIves A Drug PSA

Yes I have tried it and yes I did inhale. That is my declaration, what am I talking about? Herb/weed/ganja/shtundu or whatever you call it. Given the number of times I have smoked, I am far less than even a casual user and some of the experiences have been interesting while others, not so much.

The first time.....

The first time I was in College. I had gone on a retreat of sorts organised by an organization that brings together College students that are interested in Business/Marketing that kind of thing.

We stayed in Naivasha or Nakuru, my memory is hazy on that one (yes I know I just set myself up). What I do recall is that the facility was beautiful and was very close to nature, so it wasn't strange to see gazelles and the like on the compoud. We would have sessions related to the organiztion and goals during the day and then let loose at night.

As always when you have such trips there are people who tag along who do more night activities than day activities and so anyway we were at pool side after a long night of drinking and partying and a dude I knew pulls out a blunt and the fun began. So after playing "pass the dutchie...," the herb began to kick in so it was laughter all around. The funniest thing though is that there was a tape I had of Tupac and the outlawz playing, so I was asked who they were and all I could say at the point in time was, "ni mabeshte wa Tupac." Needless to say this elicited alot of laughter and I was reminded about it for months on end.

On the other hand I didn't partake with them the next 2 nights we were there but it seems that things got off the chain the other nights. I recall complaints about shoe prints on the ceiling of the room among other things. What was worse is that we had arrived their in the bus of CUEA (Catholic University of East Africa) so the management assumed that we were all students of CUEA and they were banned from the establishment. So to CUEA folks I say pole sana.

After this I then entered a long hiatus before the next encounter......

Next week: Substandard weed and other things