Thursday, June 19, 2008

Yet Another Day...........

The blogger's block continues, I'm sitting in front of the text box and nothing is coming to mind. Well the fountain had to stop flowing at one point in time. But meek meek tagged me with an 8 things meme. I usually don't do these but thought I would indulge them this time round.

8 Things That I Am Passionate About

1. Kenya
2. Soccer
3. Learning New Things
4. Mixed Martial Arts
5. Financial Independence
6. African Issues
7. Eastern Philosophy/ Religion
8. Healthy Living

8 Things I Would Like To Do Before I Die

1. Sky Dive
2. Deep Sea Dive
3. Have A 3some
4. Set Up A Successful Non Profit In Kenya
5. Make At Least $1,000,000
6. Kick someone hard in the ribs when they are down
7. Travel Around The World
8. Get some tattoos

8 Things I Say Alot

1. As long as it works for you
2. Kumeharibika
3. Things are narrow
4. That's your opinion
5. That's what I think but you can correct me if I'm wrong
6. Hodi
7. Pole
8. Ehe

8 Books I have Read Lately (still reading some of them)

1. Trading Options For Dummies
2. Technical Analysis Plain and Simple
3. Profit With Options (Essential Methods For Trading Success)
4. Auto Repair For Dummies
5. The Game
6. Heal Thyself for health and Longevity
7. The 8 Human Talents
8. Dreads

8 Movies I have Seen 8 Times (some I havent made to 8 times)

1. The Devil's Advocate
2. The Usual Suspects
3. The Matrix
4. Hard Boiled
5. 300
6. Enter The Dragon
7. Hero
8. The Lord Of The Rings (All 3)

3 People Who Should Do This


I was reading this article about a Naijo dude getting his wife and property jacked from him by his wife and an MP (people say its Hon Raphael Wanjala). Much as I am not a supporter of property theft, the revelation that the Nigerian's Kenyan wife of 10 years is 24 made me sympathise with him much less. How in the hell do you marry or court a girl who is 14 years old?! You have just stolen the girl's teenage years when she is meant to be growing up. Now wonder she went buckwild and decided to share their property with Hon Wanjala. I guess Karma can bite you when you least expect it.

Now another blithering idiot out there decides to shine an unwelcome light on Kenyans in the diaspora. I know the rule of law is innocent till proven guilty, so I shall let you read and come up with your own opinions.

Now let me ask a question to you rugby fans out there. Capital FM seem to be having some sort of competition on radio where people can win tickets for singing various rugby chants. One thing I have noticed is that the chants pretty much haven't changed from when I was in high school, and that was a long time back; people are still singing "Eloya" and other similar songs. My question is, aren't there any new chants coming up or do people lack innovation and motivation? It kind of reminds me of how I used to go for Rock at Carnivore on Wednesdays and hear the same songs over and over and over. I wouldn't have been shocked if the DJ had a mix tape at that point and would play it while hanging out with the club goers.

I had to share this interesting image below. This is the back of a courtesy bus that goes to a popular high end shopping district in Atlanta. Now my question is, if you get on the bus does the girl give you a free ride? And if she gets on top does she charge you $12.90? I'll see if I can catch that bus this weekend and give you an update. Nice weekend people!