Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Moanings Part XV

What ever happened to this chap?

Last I heard he took up with a sugar mummy and disappeared without even doing his Form 4 exams.

I was reading the Kenyan press on-line and came across the Prison Warders' strike. I don't support their threats (release of hard core criminals) but on the other hand the press has been highlighting their pathetic living standards and working conditions for years without any change at all, even when Uncle Moody was gallivanting around the country improving conditions for prisoners. What I find even more ironic is how we have not built even one prison since Independence, surely there is no excuse at all for that!

I had my first sushi experience this weekend and I really must say it was most enjoyable, whoever knew that raw fish tasted that good? This was the perfect way to end a day that was spent at an outdoor festival (pics coming soon), that I went to with work mates and a friend of their who used to work in our organization. She left the organization under acrimonious terms so when we became cozy she had no shame in digging up and sharing the dirt of the organization with me, which was also confirmed by one of my work mates. I'll share later but let's just say I'm not going to be looking at some people in the office in the same light. One of my work mates feels she has gone as far as she can with the organization so is doing some serious job hunting, she reminds me of this crappy job that I used to have where most of the department used to spend half the day passing around job vacancies to each other. The funny thing though is how upper management seemed not to notice the low morale all over the office.

I was listening to the new Maddona album and it's surprisingly good, there is one important lesson Janet Jackson can learn from her and that is innovation and reinvention. Maddona has had misses but more often than not she goes back to the drawing board and reinvents herself, Janet on the other hand has over played the sex kitten card if you ask me.

The only word to describe this story is sick! Is it something in the Austrian air or something that is turning out these kidnapping pedophiles? I wonder if the daughter will ever recovers.

A few years ago. I had the feeling that this article was inevitable. I don't know if anyone remember a few years back in Kenya how there used to be one thousand one different fashion shows and titles, Ms Langata, Ms Eastlands, Ms Nakumatt, Ms Toyota, Ms Jam Rescue, Ms Florida 2000 etc. With no main governing organization or standards. many of these contests were just an excuse for men to ogle women and shop for their next pretty young thang.

As I had posted sometime back, our two main papers always have to post their annual article on the State of Prostitution in Kenya today. Here is what Standard came up with, it does seem the more "westernised" Kenya gets, the more brazen the advertising gets. It's this excerpt that I found interesting;

"It a thrilling business," she says. "I was forced into it due to hardship and the harsh living conditions, and now I pay my own fee and still have something left over to send to my mother who is a widow."

Her mother believes that she is the beneficiary of a lucrative internship with an international NGO in the city.

The use of the words force and thrilling in the same sentence to described prostitution. Her account makes prostitution not seem that bad. Yes the headline does sum up the whole tone of the article but even so, the writer should have at least mentioned some of the hardships or something faced by those in the trade but who knows maybe the hookers he interviewed don't face any hardships in the trade? For 1,450/= an hour maybe I too should hop onto a plan and join the trade?

Have a productive Monday people!