Friday, November 07, 2008

A New Day Has Come & Other Things............

In true Acolyte like fashion, I walk into the party after the confetti has settled. So we are all aware that a new day has dawned in America with the election of the first non-white President. Please note I did not say black, one thing I learned in an Anthropology class is that race is a social construct. To society Obama is black but when it comes to genetics he is bi-racial, feel free to debate that issue.

I do say that it is a new day but not a new age, the world and America are still far from their own lions laying down with lambs in the racial arena but I will concede and say that some progress has been made. But I also give marks to Obama for running as a candidate for all people regardless of race. This should also inspire the younger generation that sometimes it is possible for some dreams to come true regardless of what color you are.

Given the havoc Bush and his ilk have reeked for the last 8 years it truly was time for change. And for that alone I understand why the world celebrated. It is also a wonderful thing of course that Obama is of Kenyan descent via his father. And in true African style we have claimed him as one of our own. Well sorry to say this but that is like a dead beat dad only showing up when the son he left behind joins the NBA. At the end of the day Obama is more American than African. So for us as Kenyans to think that since he is in the White House that we shall be favored amongst African nations is a dream. Obama's first priority first and foremost will be America and to quote myself, "if you cut him, he shall bleed red, white and blue."

Anyway Obama has hardly anytime to rest on his laurels and celebrate, the U.S is in a state and a half and all eyes are on him to set things right. Call me paranoid but studies have shown that companies are more liable to employ a female or minority to a high ranking position so as to set them up to be a scape goat when things go down the drain. Well we all know that many parties were dead set against Obama so this isn't the same situation but very similar in my opinion given the size of the task he has to face.

Oh well let me stop being a wet blanket. Go out there and share the cheer! Make chickens and bulls regret the day they were born! Make the breweries groan!

ps: In my true snarky manner, was Jesse Jackson crying at at Grant Park because his career is in the pits? Remember this is the the same chap who wanted to cut off Obama's nuts for "talking down" to black people. Well, I'm sure he saw the light and pocketed his burdizzo (thank you 8-4-4!) and will be more of an asset to Obama in the future.

pps: Another wonderful reason not to get drunk around certain people.