Friday, September 30, 2005


Have got into ATL just fine staying at my big sister's place she has her own visangas but just have to sort out the cast.My roomie aka D will be reffered to as D, my masomo pal I will refer to as Dm. I think that makes things much easier don't you?As for potential I would say relationship potential as I am not a hit and run kind a guy.I love and respect women..( fill in other pro chic and sensitive stuff here ).Well as long as I do not make any false promises and try anything I am sure that I will have no drama with my gal pals in school and that is how I like to keep it.
Caught up with an old Kenyan gal pal on-line.WTF!Too many gal pals!Assignment for next month make 5 new serious guy pals.I do have like 2 at the moment in stato but I left all my crew in nai.Also that age diff thing just screws things up.I mean what am I going to discuss with a 20 year old guy whose main pre-occupation is drinking,baseball and getting laid.Anyway gotta step out.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

the cast

Well just decided after looking at Milo's comment on all the pending storo to sort out the cast of my life...All the days of the my life starring the acolyte airing on FOX at 9pm/10c.
Acolyte as Acolyte
Desmond as D - Acolyte's akataa roomie who is quiet but a nice guy.unfortunately he seems to have credit and cash problems that were compounded yesterday by his rent check bouncing.He works as a football coach.
Ron as R - Acolyte's akataa roomie who is a lazy,dirty, drunk deadbeat.Is a deadbeat dad too, once ate the acolyte's food thus making him freeze everything he cooks
L as L - The Kenyan gal who came the same school as the acolyte as an undergrad freshman.Has lived the life of a sheltered church gal in nai and is having some problems fitting in with the ppl and the pace of life here.Good to spend time with in small doses but the petty whining gets irritating so does the idealism.Attraction -100% potential -100%
A as A - Boring smartass Kenyan chic in her 3rd year of undergrad.Seems to have little life apart from work and books.Thinks she is really sharp but she isnt.Acolyte has no time other then a hello when she is sighted.
Am as Am - A's Nigerian housemate.Nice gal who when she is not working or reading is talking about working and reading.
J as J aka The derailer - Hard ass Kenyan gal who lives near ATL.Good company, loves her alcohol but can be a bit of a biyatch when very high.Do not let her hang out with your homely girlfriend/wife as that will be the end.Is credited with breaking up 3 relationships with her raha skills. Attraction 60% potential 5% ( stay away from trouble! )
D as D - Acolyte's current closest akataa chic pal.Shares 2 classes with him.A country gal with a good heart and booty to boot.OK company now that the acolyte is able to understand half of what she is saying.But is not the best student so Acolyte is tutoring her when he can.Damn he is such a nice guy!Attraction TBD potential TBD
M as M - Acolyte's other akataa chic pal.She is the gal who bombarded him with 2 much information about herself.They are yet to get to hang out as she is a Chem major with little time and Acolyte is rarely free too. Attraction 70% potential 15% ( too many emotional issues at work here! )
T as T - Acolyte's akataa chic pal.Acolyte was busted by M having ice cream with T.But since T already has a jamaa and does not appeal to the Acolyte there is no harm done at all.
-There are other bit part players who will be mentioned as they appear in the show!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Congrats to me!

Throwing stones always pays!I got my test back and I had a 93%!The last time I had one of those it was spelling tests for primo.I usually used to peak at 85% later on.Also I am happy that Chelski were unable to breach fortress Anfield.Yes the match ended in a draw but we play again on Sunday.Let's see what comes out of the bag this time.
I was hanging out with my akataa chic pal since I have a few I will refer to her as D from now one.So the gal had a paper to do and she wanted usaidizi.So I stroll over and end up proof reading and writing for her the conclusion.The amazing thing is the way akataas find english hard by the way I am not generalising!Pick up today's New York times, there is an article that was showing how minorities even those in very good school districts are gnashing academically 37% of akataa students gnashed english in Princeton High School ( that should give you a clue to where the school district is ) and 55% gnashed maths.So it was really strange that I a foreigner who had to do an english test so as to get into the uni has to proof read and articulate a paper on behalf of someone who has been speaking english all her life.Ironic isn't it!Other then that it is time I got started on one of my other papers and I think I will treat myself to one of the Heinikens I have at my apt to celebrate.


Just feeling too lazy to write at the moment so here is some pictorial entertainment.

The price of gas has gone way beyond what most of us can afford

When parking tickets wouldn't do the trick

Nothing beats "filing" with the new intern!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Masomo 2

Just came from another exam with mingi multiple choice questions that were kinda tricky but I do know that I got most of them.Then of course there were my favourite essay questions.I had so much moto that I started out by doing them all only to go back and see that I had to do only 4 and I had done 6 already.So I just went back and cancelled the ones where I had dotted.Like an over zealous luhya at an AFC Leopards match in the days of yore I threw all I had from my suitcase of stones at the questions so I know I will get at least a C+ add that to the B or higher I am getting in the take home and I know that I will be pretty well off.I plan to go to ATL for the Nonini/Jua Cali concert and I will not be back mpaka Tuesday and I have a take home due Monday.That means that I have to start on it today and hand it in on Thursday evening before I leave.I also plan on watching the BET comedy awards leo so time to get cracking!Wu-pish ( whip sound effect for those of you with no imagination. )

What song am I?

Just did an interesting quiz on-line.Got the link from a fellow blogger.Its says what kind of person I am but is the kind of thing that I do not take seriously.
Army of Me
You're "Army of Me". Energetic and full
of angst, sometimes you're just truly mad at
the world and want to do justice. Stand back,

Which Bjork Song Are You (complete)?
brought to you by Quizilla
Interesting thing is that only 1% of the takers got this result.Damn I'm special.Anyway back to the books!

Monday, September 26, 2005


Got back an assignment that I thought I had not done very well only to find that I had a B in it.Anyway it is not my fault that I did it badly, it's the lecturers but that is a story for another day.What has made me wonder is that there is this akataa chic I share classes with.She is the one who took me to Walmart when plan A failed.So when we met there was a paper that she was to read and react to and had not done so.I on the other hand was not suppossed to read it but for the sake of intellectual satisfaction decided to do so ( But do I say ).So she wanted a hand, seeing that this is stato I did not want to risk expulsion by giving her my opinions what I did was to underline the key points and give her some maoni coz she saw a 10 page paper was too long to read.So I did that and explained the basic premise and we parted ways.So the paper was due today and I ask her to give it to me so I can take a look.Ai!Maajabu!The mama has basically more or less replicated what the author has said and not given any maoni or rather the few views she gave could not count as views.I almost wanted to tell her to re-do it as the prof said that he wanted it next week and not this week, but since I am trying to jipangia I kept quiet.Made me wonder about the quality of education here, and she was a Biology major as an undergrad.Just realised that I have a paper kesho and I have not read jack!So I have to run.

Sunday, September 25, 2005


Oh well Sunday is here.slept in most of the morning and got my room into order, it has lots more space now for doing things like press-ups,sit ups, yoga etc.Needed some order in my room that and the fact that I noticed that I have put on a couple of kilos.Not noticeable to other but to me and I want to keep it that way.As procrastination is what makes some jamaas look like they are expecting twins.
Other then that I should make sure that I go to kanisa next Sunday.Usually Sunday is my day for lying in and doing laundry but I think I should give the guy upstairs a shout out.
Also due to swedish boy being made to buy drinks for a Kenyan mama who was better off then him I have come up with some of the strategies our Kenyan sisters use to make us buy pints.
1.Cold call
Here you will meet a mama and she will shamelessly ask you to buy a pint/tot of her choice.Most men do buy but if it is someone I really do not know or has little potential if any, I usually go with:
a) Nah, maybe next time
b) I dont do things like that on the first night
c) Nah, you look drunk enough as it is
d) Why dont you buy me one instead
All these came to me after I saw the light and are best delivered with a smile on your face.If she cant take the joke, then too bad.She wasn't worth your time. Same goes if she asks you to buy her and her pals drinks.
2.Warm call
Here you may not know the chic or know her slightly. What she will do is warm you up with some conversation and a little touching.Usually she will run her hand up your bicep ( if you have one that is ), touch you to make a point and such.She will laugh at all your jokes and look you deep in the eyes as you talk.The wham!"Why don't you be a dear and buy me a drink?"
Most of the time this one is hard to resist more so if she come to you and has no drink.If she has a drink and you see it running out, excuse yourself and go to the pool table or say you have a call to make.Get lost for like 3 - 5 mins as you return peek at where she is seated.If she has bought herself a drink the saunter back, if not then it is your choice what to do either return to the battlefield if you are seeking action from her or retreat so your wallet can fight another day.
3.Bootie call
Here what happens is that you meet a chic, she will be very friendly and if it is in a club setting as per kawa will ask you if you want to dance.If she is dressed to impress and you are in the hunt you will most def agree.So what she will do is wow you on the dance floor at the same time decreasing the proximity between her body and yours.Rubbing parts of her into parts of you that she knows are vulnerable to close contact.What will happen is that most of the blood to your brain will start going south. As the song end and you get off the dance floor you may find yourself being herded to the bar.She will then bat her eyelids at you while holding your hand, "Sweetness, buy me a drink?"Needless to say you will capitulate.It takes a hard man to resist this one.
-Ladies dont think I am saying that ya'll do not buy drinks.Au contraire I have been taken out by many a gal.But there are some gals who have honed milking men to a science.So jamaas if you make yourself look like a baller a mama will expect you to treat her like you are balling.So jihadhari!!