Friday, October 21, 2011

Guess Who?????

Damn?! 3 months since I have posted anything. I am more than ashamed of myself! I blame it all on work, facebook and twitter.

Anyway the Occupy Wall Street is in full swing out here so Im planning on visiting my local chapter tomorrow to get some pics. At long last folk in America are growing balls and practicing civil disobedience instead of mumbling in the dark.

I also came across this audio clip that seems to have gone down on Classic FM or some other Kenyan radio station. I have to say that Kenyan radio is off the chain, had that happened here, somebody would have been out of a job real quick and some idiot would be suing claiming they have been traumatized. You know people out here will sue over anything and everything!

So another one bites the dust aka Ghaddafi or whoever you choose to spell his name. Even though the way he passed away and the parading of the pics leaves a bad taste in my mouth, I do hope the Libyan people do get a government model that works for them instead of falling into the chaos like of what is now Iraq in addition to not being screwed over by the big oil companies. No matter what people say I always believe if there was no oil in Libya, NATO and other world agencies would not have gotten involved at all!

Last but not least I had some Kenyans of mine who pulled a super hood stunt. They were behind on their rent like a month or so, and instead of working something out decided to move in the middle of the night. I thought that was funny because the sad thing is that in the States they don't play when it comes to paying their rent. I can see them being sued for it and also being plastered on their credit making it hard for them to rent anywhere decent. But on the flip side with it being the recession most peoples' credit is down the toilet anyway.

Now back to reality.......