Thursday, August 19, 2004

Guess who's back!

Well sorry to have been away so long blog and people i have been postponing posting forever that and my comp crashed.
Anyway things have really been heating up at the office seems that this plan that the big guy has is not that legit.why does it seem in my life that christian leaders seem to be the most sleazy people i come across.not that I have a mad on for them or anything.I guess that people place to much power and trust in the hands of christian leaders thus setting themselves up for a spectacular screw session.
Otherwise I have slowed down my involvement with the cards as I am now learning astral projection and i do not have anyone to read for at the moment.I feel the opportunity to read will come when i leave the country.
The first stage of learning to project is learning to remember your dreams i am doing my best and i remember quite a bit nowadays.but i have to get it down pat i mean when u remember like 4 dreams in one night it gets really tiring.But i want to stick to it till i get it done and i am travelling in the astral plane.