Monday, March 10, 2008

Yet Another Week............

I think I have discovered the root of my malaise. For some reason or other I have found myself listening to the kind of music mentioned in this earlier post, so dank days are here again. No nothing bad has happened in my life. Yes I may have to spend some more time at work so I can't go to the gym so that in turn reminds me how empty my social calendar is but I don't mind my job or my work mates, I'm in good health and I'm not broke. Oh yes, I think the root of my malaise is the fact that I think too much about things, not to the point of obsessing or worrying but thinking too much anyway. Case in point, there are small things people like to do to take their minds off how pathetic their everyday lives are here, such as shopping. That's great go out and shop, enjoy yourself and just heap up more debt on yourself while America is in the middle of a recession so you don't even know if you are going to have your job tomorrow. Or maybe what I could do instead is meet a nice girl, get to know her and even get laid! Wonderful suggestion, were it not for the fact that 1 in 4 women have herpes, so who knows what other wonderful surprises you might come across. Maybe I could go out for a few drinks with the boys instead and try not to have too much fun and end up with a DUI like quite a few Kenyans out here. Don't worry I'm being a tad bit dramatic but quite a few times I do think about things I could do and I either do them or shrug my shoulders. I want to be more like those people who drink and party like there is no tomorrow. You know the kind of people who work for their next paycheck so they can go out and have some fun, instead of being like me who is trying to scrimp and save and plan for what I'm going to do and be several years in the future.

So don't worry The Acolyte isn't balled up in some corner depressed or anything, I'm just having one of those internal self examinations where you make the mistake of examining your life by the standards of the world as opposed to your own and we all know where that leads but the good thing is that unlike many I do manage to come to my senses before any long term damage is done. At times I think it does take a strong person to cope with life in the West because everywhere you look, someone is telling you what you should have, where you should be, where you should live, where you should work, how you should look and who you should be with. It was never this bad in Kenya when I think back, no wonder so many people here crack up trying to be the Joneses.

In other news, anyone who works in an office building in the States is aware of the fact that the windows here are just for show and don't open at all. I understand about the higher floors but are they scared that someone on the ground floor will still try and toss themselves out of that window onto the curb? Because of that air conditioning is the sole form of climate control, so when the air con gets busted you are in trouble. Last week our thermostat was having issues so the office became rather warm, I didn't know that but when I began feeling hot flashes the first thing that came to mind was, "Damn, aren't I a bit young for male menopause?"

Anyway a new week is here and it's time to get back to the grind, just marvelous!