Saturday, October 15, 2005


Had a nice lie in today morning.Today there was an open house thing going on so I went to support the int'l club at their table.So one of the chics manning the table was this chic who when i first asked her when we met, how she tastes.What I meant was how does she taste food?Imagine I am not kidding at all, as some people taste food through their nose ie that is y food is tasteless to some when they have a cold!But she told what it actually meant to her and we had a good laugh about it.Whenever I used to run into her I would ask her when I get to taste her and that kind of thing and we would laugh and move on.
So as we are at the table beating storo, she tells me that she has known 2 Kenyan men in her life me included and they were all ladies men.First of all, I am not a ladies man.I am actually very shy around the ladies!Yes it's true!But I got to thinking lady bloggers out there, are Kenyan men ladies men?
Oh well time for my afternoon nap then gotta study in the evening!

Friday, October 14, 2005


I was so happy that it's Friday that I forgot my lunch at digs.Well at least my place is walking distance from jobo so it's not a big issue.Happy weekend all!

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Yesterday I walked into the apt and find the aircon running and there is not one person there!What the f#@k!The elec bill is going up for what?Seems D the lazy ass akataa had killed something in his room or exposed his boxer shorts to air.Coz his room was throwing something fierce!So as the night progresses and he gets back in he turns on the air con.We are in fall, it's cold enough already!!The thing is that the fool does not know that I come from a family of ninjas, we are very light sleepers.So I got up at like 3 am and turned it off.Back to the stupid games of summer.The problem with some people is that they do not LISTEN!I had pointed the air con thing out after the last elec bill.These people dont know that apart from mid summer aircon is not that neccesary.I guess we as Kenyans are more hard core as in Kenya aircon is not a big issue even though it really gets hot at times.But anyway what also puts me off is that D has this bad habit of walking around bila shirt.If he had a flat stomach and hard chest like me I would be cool, but the bastard has a big gut!Then his telly is in the sitting room and not his bedroom like the rest of us.So once in a while when I come in I am treated to an eye searing sight.But do I hear that if you run a magnet over the screen of a telly it messes up the tubes for color and screws the picture up.Just a random piece of knowledge for you people.Oh I need a trip to somewhere like coasto to relax me....

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Cell phone issues

Well got back the take home that was boring me to death when I was in ATL.Got a B, coulda done better but a B is good enough for me as it maintains my standards.Anyway I have realised that I have to change my cell phone account from pre to post paid.The rates for pre paid are killing me.I just spent $20 on credit in 3 days.It is because most people here are on post paid so they have lots of minutes to burn J called me the other day and talked like for almost an hour.I think I will just opt for the cheapest plan ie $20 as I do not need as many hours as most people.Back home my conversations were like this,
"me:uko wapi? pal:I am at Zeno's me:sawa, give me 5 minutes"
"me:Hi gal:Hi!me:How are you? gal:I am fine me:I have not seen you in some time, I am going for coffee at Dorman's.Why don't you join me on Thu afte at 2? gal:That sounds fine I will be there me:Later then"
and that is how at times my credit used to expire.Then the early days of Safaricom when sms used to be half price after 8pm I used to reply the pressing messages immediately then stockpile the rest to 8.05pm then send them.Those were the days when there was no scratch card for 100/= so if you were broke you had to stretch your credo as far as possible.Don't let me get started about flashing, that is another thread altogether!But here it is a different story just pick what works for you and you are good to go after you sign your soul away for one or two years depending on what provider you had chosen.

Monday, October 10, 2005

What the F*@k?

Please take a look at this story.
What gets me is these paragraphs;
Mr Kimurgor was shot at Fedha Estate, when he drove into carjackers on the run. The suspects were desperately looking for a get-away car after robbing another motorist.

They shot from the rear of his Toyota Prado and a bullet hit his right arm forcing him to lose control of his vehicle which crashed into a wall. He died instantly.

When he realised that the three carjackers, two of them wielding pistols, were rushing towards his car, he drove at high speed in a bid to escape.

So did the guy ram his car into the wall,die and then come back to life when he saw the car jackers coming?

This is the shoddy journalism that Kenyans are treated to day in and day out.As someone with journalistic training and friends in that field it is no wonder.It is very very hard to break into that field although it does get a bit easier if you are a chic with low moral standards as it is known that sleeping around is the order of the day in media houses in Kenya.Anyhow the less said the better lest I start naming names.....