Friday, September 02, 2005

It is official

Hey ya'll!
Things are a down right mess a few states down.Word is that some of the local gvt engineers had noticed that the levees aka dykes were too weak and wanted to have them strengthened but due to politics was over-ruled.That sounds alot like home.Also there was a warning for people to leave town like 24 hours earlier but the poor,old and sick could not and would not.The response time cant be faulted but the idea of putting people in the astrodome was only good for 24 hours no longer.things are so bad there mpaka a jamaa committed suicide.Also total anarchy is reigning.
Authorities are announcing that looters and criminal behavior will be dealt with in the harshest possible manner.
This is all well and good, but no one has power, radios, cell phones or any way to receive these messages. Rumour and false information rule the ground in New Orleans.Hospitals and aid workers watch as supplies are looted. They have to suspend aid operations to arm themselves and teach those who don't have guns how to shoot and defend themselves.
Fires are being set outside the Superdome, and people are shooting at the National Guardsmen and Evacuation Helicopters. Turning on those who are there to help and rescue them.
Watching the interviews of those refugees removed to safety, I am struck by how unintelligent many of them seem in manner, speech, diction and vocabulary. Many dull glassy eyes. No one is home. This seems to be Darwin at work, where the poor, lower 20% of the socio-economic strata, less-educated people stayed in the city because they lacked money or common sense.
So there you have it. 72 hours and a major American city is reduced to anarchy, chaos and roving bands of armed, uneducated, poor young men raping children, pillaging at will, looting stores, shooting guns randomly, murdering for sport and setting fires.
Estimates I see indicate that there are 60,000 - 100,000 refugees in the city of New Orleans. They are evacuating 14,000 - 15,000 per day, which will take 4 - 7 days. This is not fast enough. Beginning tomorrow morning, day 5, people will begin to die from dehydration. If they drink the standing water, they will get diaherria and accelerate their dehydration and die even faster. Compound this with the murders, rapes and roving gangs.

Tens of thousands of people are going to die if they are not evacuated by Saturday.

This makes it official. The United States is now a third world country.
Toa Maoni

Some images

My blog is usually bland image wise so I thought I would give some images of what is going on in the world today.

Things were narrow for motorists in Georgia as gas prices went sky high

Mother Nature brought the denizens of the worlds' superpower to their knees

Fear of an impending gas shortage drove Georgians to fill up their tanks whenever and wherever possible yesterday

These blooters thought they would get away by jacking a postal van, they were busted and later sent on their way on foot

Let's end on a light note....Isn't this so cute?A good way to keep out pickpockets too!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

a welcome break

Hey!Anutha day comes, if I get a ride I may get to leave this place for the long weekend!yay.Oh just before ya'll think I'm hating on the black folk here it is not like that thanks to Milonare and Karla (an akataa chic) I have been made aware that there were also clooters (caucasian looters) but the white,feminist media in the U.S does not pass up an opportunity to paint the black man in a bad light.Not that I doubted that jungus loot heck even cops were looting!It's just that it already gets to me how we are painted in a bad light so I think whenever possible we should avoid giving these jungus an excuse to do so.
Anyway gas here has gone to an all time high due to the panic that has spread because of the refinery at the gulf of mexico being washed away.So people are buying as much gas as they can.I guess this is just a taste of what these people will have to face when eventually the oil reserves of the earth run dry and all their SUVs and pick up trucks will be good for is storage.Thanks to Kibaki we in Kenya are at least a walking nation so no big deal for us when that happens.


Just came from talking to a class a little about Kenya.As part of the international club I volunteer some of my time to do so.It was fun.I started out in true acolyte fashion with the following points to the class.
1.Africa is not one big country
2.Africa is not all desert
3.Africa is not all forest
4.Mufasa is not my friend nor do I have a lion in my backyard
5.We are all not dying of hunger
6.We are not all at war
After that I also told the students that I too had my preconceptions of stato, although I must admit that I did spice them up ie all americans are fat,all blacks are rappers/athletes/thugs,all whites are racists and all americans are rich.I then went on to tell them why they see the kind of news they do as the media is a business.After that it was question time and I did get lots of good questions ie on tradition,marriage and some inane ones like do we have drugs and alcohol.But these are american kids what do you expect.All in all it was fun to throw of some stereotypes and have fun while doing it.
But the levels of ignorance here are amazing I met this mama some time back.A very nice jungu chic who I like as none of her clothes are off the rack she has some really original stuff!But I got to see her leo and we got to talking about things in general.So we were talking about Africa and it was still amazing how ignorant this mama was as in she did not know what the Maasai Mara was!Anyway thats white folk for you so I did school her a bit too.But if ya'll think I am going to be an ambassador for Africa uh uh uh forget it!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005


we're rich biyatch!!
What is blooting?This is the act of black people looting.No not a racist joke.I was looking at pics of looters after Katrina tore through New Orleans.And guess what?They were all black.So i decided to christen them blooters.This is because you have to be special to loot stuff you really cant use and you have no place that you can use them at.I mean your home has been swept away and your jacking a stereo or dvd player.where the hell are you going to use it and keep it?Up a tree?At least jack cash or bling if you must do so!These are the kind of people who give us black folk a bad name.You're all in the same boat of suffering but you have to make others suffer more then you!Any akataas have enuff issues.


I am just from a class that was total boredom.First of all it was about the U.S civil service then to make things worse the lecturer was so boring and long winded.This is definitely one course where I will concentrate more on the text as oppossed to the lecturer.Anyway it was at this point in time that I began having flashbacks of high school.In one of my classes our class room was next to the secretary's office which in turn adjoined the accounts and lastly the Headmasters' office.So when we really got bored what we would do was hit the wall or kick it.This would make stuff fall off the shelves in the secretary's office and the thuds also made it hard to work.Of course they used to complain but the best thing is that the class had louvres next to the ceiling and we had them set in such a way as to face the corridor and reflect people walking to the door.So by the time the class door was opened we were the picture of innocence.Damn those were the good old days!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

no post name today too

Need to be getting to bed early.It is like noon and I am already yawning.It does not help that I'm done with todays' work.Have to be sleeping by 10.30 instead of midnight.Anyway did anyone watch the VMAs ( Video Music Awards ) last week?For me the best part was Kanye West and Jammie Foxx performing the song "Gold-digger".I love that song sawa lyrics and Jammie Foxx rocks on the chorus.In fact the boss has gone for lunch so I am playing it off his site.This comp is acting up and since it is a mac I do not know if it has task manager.
Yes I have todays NY times on my desk.It is free for students but with my schedule I end up only reading the first 2 pages then using it for cover when I nap on the comfy couches in the library.Then I do my homework or readings.Anyway that is before stress of term papers starts which I plan on heading off by working 2 months ahead of schedule.

Monday, August 29, 2005


I have just chomokad from jobo.Even though the last 2 hours I was not doing anything of maana.Anyhow I have the New York Times for Sunday and today in my bag.I think you all know how big the Sunday issue is.My bag has packed mpaka I am having flashbacks of how in times of extreme msoto back home I used to pack a bag with gazettis and sell them for some little cash to hustle with.Oh well have to go catch a power nap in the lib before my 3 hour evening class.


Monday is here!ho hum.Been doing alot of routine corrections of websites here.I was about to leave but I was added for jobo.Anyway jana's bash was low key but not bad I was bila swimsuit so i could not have swam.and the way I have been working my abs I can see my cubes now.Although to be honest I am not fat so that was not such a big issue but i am far from the bruce lee or usher abs.
It is Monday and I am aready wishing that Wed comes as that is when my classes isha then Thu I am away to ATL for the long weekend.Woo hoo!
Well I guess I should not be bitching about being the token black guy coz at least I see black people on the streets and in the hood on the way to my apartment.Imagine how people in Europe or Asia feel ( shudder )
Anyway will post after class....

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Another day..

Hey!Another long and tired Sunday.Well at least the morning.In the afte I went for a bash a spanish chic was holding at the uni apartments.Got to meet some new people and just basically kick back.It was better then staying in the digs to watch cable all day.Oh today I have to cook I think i will do pasta again with some stew I am just not feeling like doing rice today at all.Went to a place in downtown to buy lunch.The strange thing is that since this is a small town in the south the white folk have their joints but I am yet to figure out where the akataa joints are coz there are akataas here in number, yes I am not one of them but there is something very un-nerving about being the only black person in a bar catching pints.I did that for 2 nights then I saw bila better I pints solo at digs.Not that the jungus are bad here but you never know what pints may bring out of someone.
Then my roomies have this irritating habit of turning the aircon real low mpaka you have to wear a t-shirt ama sweater in the digs and this is at night.Of course I wait for whoever did it to go to their room and then I just turn it back up again of course and then the person does it again, woo hoo fun and games!The two of them do not seem to be doing particularly well but do not seem to mind running up high utility bills.Anyway it seems that is the maisha that they are used too.Oh can't wait for the long labour day weekend.I get to go to ATL for the weekend and have fun and be in the big city!Woo hoo bring it on!