Friday, July 02, 2004

Zen Stories

Hey people!
Me again.At least the cold has reduced.You see where I work is higher up then the rest of the city and it is in a very green area with plenty of if you did science you know that in areas like that you never get heat waves.And for me with my close to phobic fear of cold it sure as hell ain't fun,but I survive.
Anyway you ever watch those old martial arts movies where alongside back-breaking training the sensei also imparts wisdom to the hero in the form of age old stories.Well
here is a large collection of those stories.Knock yourself out and tell me what you think.Later people.

Whoo hooo!It's Friday!!!!

Hey people!
The week is at an end!Thank God for small favours.Oh by the way I did get paid yesterday, not that we ever misss gettting paid but there are one or two day delays at times.I do have some fuzz in my head due to sleeping late after watching yesterday's EURO 2004 semi.I must compliment Greece on their victory they played pretty well.
Anyway as usual I think I'll grab 40 winks in the afternoon.Our supervisor is in Holland for the week so I can kick back a little.
Well with all the political rallies going on this weekend I have to be back in the house by lunchtime.No need in putting my neck on the line,you never know when chaos will erupt with these rallies.
Anyway other than that I am drafting a proposal that should increase my workload and pay check,wish me luck.Otherwise I got an audio book but just realised that my attention span is like totally shot so I don't know when I'll listen to it.Gotta go....

Thursday, July 01, 2004

The more things change....

The President of our wonderful nation decided to have a cabinet reshuffle. read the details here.
Anyway as any Kenyan can see all the guy has done is buy himself more votes so it gets harder to shoot down his bills in parliament.Hey guess what?Less critics too.Also he gets to hook up his old boys I mean all the new ministers are over 50.We supposedly want a new nation yet we are using the same old leaders and expect change?Oh for you ppl who thought that that Manduli woman may get a seat in parliament it ain't happening.You see Kones is now an assistant minister so that case will die faster than an ice cube will melt in hell.
By the way we didn't get paid yesterday.The bank was out of town he's back so we'll see.I only have like 30 bob on me and I really don't want to go to the ATM.
Anyway more later.......

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Things I'd love my cell phone to have

Any person who lives in Nairobi will tell you the most often asked question on cellphone is, 'uko wapi?(where are you?)'
Well depending on where you are and where you are supposed to be this question can call chaos.Well my company is in the process of coming up with an ad on chip for Ericsson,Nokia,Panasonic.Sony and Siemens phones.This chip will be able to add the following effects as background noise to your conversation for the desired effect.
Just make your choice of effect before you answer your call and you can get
1.Traffic Jam - You get the appropriate sounds that accompany vehicular gridlock.Honking,revving engines,touts shouting profanity in the background.
2.Busy Office - it will actually sound like you are in a busy office.Photocopiers will whine,phones will ring, faxes will beep and the sound of people talking.This one makes me proud.
3.Party/Pub - Supposed to be at a gathering you don't want to go to.Well you can be there without being there.Here you get the sound of the latest hits,glasses clinking in the background,jumbled conversations and all the other ambient sounds that come with a party.
4.Silence - You're supposed to be at home but you are not?Well this effect muffles alll the background noise and only your voice is allowed through.So you can be in the club and tell your gal you're at home and get away scot free.
This is just one of the many life changing inventions coming from my company in the future.
My hands are feeling really tired now.We're supposed to get paid today,it's going to 5.15.These ppl stiffed me of 7K last month.Hope i get it back today.
No raving this weekend not that I do it regularly just want to save more K.
Right now I'm playing Championship Manager 03/04 on PC.Im running Liverpool, my fave club.Aaaaaaaaah fingers getting too tired.Hasta manyana mi amigos

Work or lack of......

In Kenya there is a major lack of jobs.Thanks to a president we had for some 24 years.He and his cronies undertook to run the economy into the ground and only by God's grace the would have suceeded.It also doesn't help that the current crop of leaders we have are simply recycled from the last worthless bunch so change will take 10 years plus till we see something tangible.
Things are so bad that there are people with Masters' Degrees wiling to do clerical work.Only if you have mad skills do you have the luxury of jumping from job to job.And even when you do so you have to make sure that you have a job waiting when you make that leap.
The government run Universities are full of crap.They are overcrowded,underfunded and offer many irrelevant courses.The lecturers are usually overworked and underpaid,they have gone on strike twice.The last time they achieved a pay rise,not comparable to their colleagues abroad but a raise none the less.Sex for marks scandals are not unheard of in public universities.A side point here I've heard of chics who have given it up and did not pass guess the sex didn't make the grade.Add to the fact that these uni students love rioting for trivial reasons,at least in the last three years they have reduced the frequency of the strikes but I guess there are very few University of Nairobi alumni employed by the companies that have offices across the road from the Campus.This is because they are the ones who usually feel the brunt of the students wrath at riot time.
Anyway about work.I know loads of people who stay in jobs they do not really like and that pay crap just coz getting another one will be hell.I do not dislike my job much just that it is not much of a challenge.I am thinking of applying for an upward and sideways movement to do something more challenging hopefully for more money.I'll keep you up-dated about that.
Anyway that's just a light taste of how things are in my side of the world.What about you?


Good to have you here!If you're anythin like me you always want to make your mark on the world and for people to know you are there.
Thanks to modern technology we have numerous ways of doing this.Letters to the Editor,radio/t.v call-ins,boards,chat etc.We don't always take the opportunity to do so then we whine that we are not being heard.
Well I for one have decided to pick up the gauntlet and spread scandal,disccord and a sprinkling of wisdon where appropriate.Watch this space.....