Friday, October 03, 2008

Yet Again Friday Is Here!

I know it's been a minute and a half since I blogged. This and work have taken up alot of my time. The storm in Texas really affected the petrol supply over here. Most gas stations have been out of gas and those that have a somewhat more reliable supply run out in record time due to people queuing to buy as much gas as they can. It made me realise how much people here depend on their cars to get around. It was so bad in some areas that people were lining up for hours to fill up. Well on my part it wasn't so bad seeing as which being Kenyan I know how to deal with shortages, I made sure I cut down my trips to the bare minimum. Also instead of lining up at my local gas station what I did was go to sleep and then I woke at 4 am and went to fill my car and carried a 4 gallon gas can with me which I filled up too. For some reason I forgot the gas can in my trunk and drove to work with it. Let's just say with the combination of the hot car interior and the petrol fumes that had seeped into the car, I think I became high by the time I got home from work.

Anyway onto a pet peeve that I have had for sometime but never expressed. I'm tired of black people out here saying they are "Indian" no not Asia Indian but Native American Indian. I was in College with this girl who said it was wrong to call her African American since she had Indian in her lineage. No she didn't look multiracial at all nor did she have colored eyes or anything. She had brown skin and brown eyes just like the rest of us. The Census bureau in the States says only about 10% or so of black people can claim Native American ancestry. But the way black folk out here happily claim it you would think it's more like 70%! Why can't people learn to accept who they are?! It's just as sad as how "good hair" for black people basically means hair that is straight and long like white folks' hair; I'm sorry but when and where black people evolved that kind of hair had no use at all, good hair my ass! Just wait till I hear someone say that.....

And in Dilbert land aka my job, I have two 2 hour meetings today. The first being a staff meeting. I remember nodding off during the last one since the staff handbook was being read out to us with certain sections being explained. Anyone who knows me is well aware that I don't fare well in meetings that go past 1 hour. The second meeting of the day which is with three other people and since I'm the person with the most knowledge, I'm expected to participate. What's sad though is that one of the people there is one if these people who always have to be involved in everything and thinks they know it all even when they are wrong so I'm going to have to put up with alot of mouth breathing and stupid questions. I remember one day during a meeting I looked at this person and imagined myself stepping behind them and slapping them on the back of the head for talking too much trash. Needless to say I started smiling and when asked this was my weak answer, "I'm simply looking forward to the challenge."
That is the fun that is my life.

Oh and lest I forget, the economy here is going down the drain! Most powerful country in the World my ass........