Friday, September 26, 2008

Another Friday.....

My number 1 day of the week has come around!

I was online and came across this, here in the States in some nursing jobs you buy your own uniform so I guess they decided to cash into people's vanity by making scrubs. But in my opinion I see it as excessive esp if you may end up with someone else's bodily fluids on you but anyway to each their own. Although what irritates me is when people tattoo those designer labels on themselves, unless you have an endorsement deal or the company saved your life or there is a major and I mean MAJOR memory you have attached to the company; I think that's b.s. Anyhow as I said, to each their own.

As the economy here slowly implodes, Clay Aiken decided to come out of the closet. I'm sure he noticed the lack of a ticker tape parade since the closet he was in was made out of glass. I know I'm going to get called out for this but it was soooooooo obvious that he was gay, now if only he could drag some other people out of the closet with him.

I came across this tragic story online. I would advise the men in Nyanza to read it before trooping off to their nearest doctor for the cut because that cut could end up being a chop. It's like he took a plank to the carpenter to be trimmed and sanded only for the carpenter to chop the plank into a splinter just because he saw a small fault in the grain. I want to go on and on with the wise cracks but this isn't funny but rest assured should I ever go for surgery the first thing I shall do before I am put under anesthesia is take hold of the surgeon and scream at him not to chop off my penis no matter what and should they get any ideas I would have written in a black marker just above my crotch area (DO NOT TOUCH NO MATTER WHAT!).

Anyway that's my boring life for today, have a nice weekend!