Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Behold, He Lives!

Do you remember the old time cartoons where Tom would lob a stick of dynamite over a fence to his nemesis Jerry, only for Jerry to take the stick of dynamite and via a hole in the fence put it under Tom. Tom would at this point in time be celebrating Jerry's demise only for the stick of dynamite to blow up under him. Well if you read this post, this is what happened to Kym. I for one am not supporting or condoning any of the ignorant, racist comments that were posted but I do think that the short sighted way the post was written baited the commentors. And to think the blogosphere had been stale for quite sometime?

Time for a TMI moment. As you all know, I have been on the B train (chaste by circumstance) for sometime now. It also doesn't work that there are quite a few hot women at work so for the last few weeks of last month this was the expression on my face.

But over the last week or so I have embraced my chastity and become more like this.

But one thing I have to confess that much like a man who hasn't eaten for a long time can usually tell appreciate the fine nature of food via just the smell alone, so I have now recognised the difference nuances of the female form just by sight alone. What some of my friends consider shocking is the fact that I dont subscribe to self service aka spanking the monkey aka polishing the rocket or whatever you may call it. I simply find it semi gross and un-productive, call me a prude but that's just me; add to the mix I dont watch porn too. I'm the kind of dude whose comp you could borrow and run through the history for months backwards and there would be nothing rated Mature on it at all. But I know there are pleny of peeps out there who dont subscribe to my way of thinking so just make sure you have a shield for your monitor and keyboard, we don't want any goo on them do we?

Otherwise for all my blog pals, I am not ignoring you; it's just that we have been moving and also at work we are watched like hens by chicken hawks. I swear it is like I am working for Kumar and company, you have to account for every frigging minute of your time! The worst thing about me is that the more restraints you put me under, the more restless I get. It's good that I have an escape that is coming inevitably, I feel sorry for the folk who are stuck here.

Have a productive and restraint free day!