Saturday, November 05, 2005

A minor interruption

Blogger ate part 2 of yesterdays post,twice!!!!So I am pissed off.I'm going to watch the season finale of Ulimate Fighter 2 instead.Damn computers....

Friday, November 04, 2005

Something different

There are several statements a man can tell a woman that just destroy a man's ego ie Is it in yet?You only make that much?I thought you could do better. But none hit home like this one, "You're such a nice guy!"If a chic you are hitting on as a jamaa ever tells you that, my guy pack your bags and move on because chances are high that the next thing you will hear after laying down your best game is "Let's just be friends."I have to admit in my younger days I was a recipient of one of these and I say that it's like a stake to the heart when you're young but whatever doesn't kill you will only make you stronger.
Well this for me doesn't make sense to me is that these are the same women who will be running around moaning about how they need a good man?!But I will concede that there are some guys who are too nice that even I as a guy want to slap some sense into them they are the ones who get comments like “oh, he’s too nice to date”.The kind of guys who will do anything that a chic asks them to and seem to have no ego whatsoever.Also I find it interesting how women say they want a man who will listen to them as not too many men do, but many times when a guy goes out of his way to listen he is labelled as a pal so there is no way he's hooking up.Women seem to have an addiction to a male ear that will listen and never want to change the status quo by dating the guy.Well gals I have to tell you something, there are guys who will listen to you but when a gal wants you to sit with her for three hours painstakingly dissecting two sentences her boyfriend said to her over dinner if you agree and have any intentions you are shooting yourself in the foot say no and walk away.
So what have I learned over the years by observing this volatile creature called woman?Be nice but not too nice, learn to say no, be selfish and be your own man.Ladies I am sorry that you are finding it hard to find nice guys but you brought it upon yourselves.
Anyway insted of ranting and as a weekend treat I will serialise some emails and show you how guys are put in the nice guy mould and how one man fought his way out of the system!Airing next on FOX!!!These e-mails may be real or fake figure it out!Let me set the scene for you.This guy has known this chic for a short time but before he could get to spend time he left town and did not get to hear from her till some months down the line.I will try and build the scene and leave out the boring mails that don't add to the plot...
This is from an earlier correspondence.The man hasn't shown that he has a good listening facility yet..
Thanks for the humour, liked it. You've been rather quiet, it was nice to hear from you at long last. For me things are so-so, no changes to talk about. The office has been unusually quiet, my boss has been ill, still is. Its a lil bit worrying and I could use some cheering. Can you think of anything? The stuff you used to tell me about that place spiced up my mail some. Tell me about the stuff Im yet to know about, since I live in the African jungle? I am sure there are a few. The skies threaten to unleash rain then recede and for the past few weeks we've dressed for rain then end up baring it all for the heat, but the umbrellas are kept at a handy distance. I hope it is going to fall for real soon. How are things going with you? It must be pretty chilly by now. What's happening? Are guys preparing for Christmas? Got to run. Enjoy the rest of your day.
As you can see that is a pretty routine e-mail.Here is guy's response to that email.
I will look for some more fun stuff to send you.Usually I dont send too many forwards as I dont want to clog up someone's in box.Well enjoy the peace while it lasts as your boss will be back sooner then you think.As for weather it is beginning to get chilly here and that means that winter isnt too far away.Damn!At least it does not snow here it jsut gets very cold.Anyway it is a monday so not much to say.I hear things are really hot on the orange and banana scene!What's your opinion on it all?

Next Caroline discovers that she may have a listener on her hands what will she do.Stay tuned as we discover the idiosyncracies between men and women

Thursday, November 03, 2005

What the ?!?!?!?!

There are some things that a chic tells you as a jamaa and you wonder what the f#@k?What am I suppossed to say?Anyway I ran into Lk in the library yesterday evening.Oh for all of you Lk is a new cast member.She's the chic that we were dissing coz of her Mbugua.So I start talking to her and she's telling me how much work she has to do and she's tired and also trying to sweet talk me into doing her paper for her.Why can't women want me for my body instead?DAMN!So she says, I guess it's because I'm pmsing.I am a jamaa what am I suppossed to say when you tell me this?To make things worse I am an old school Kenyan jamaa the kind that changes the channel when ads for feminine hygiene products come on!At that point in time I didnt know what to say so I did what any ordinary jamaa would do in such a situation.If you can't empathise offer a solution which was, I think a glass of wine or a massage would help.To which she was like, "I would go for those right now."PHEW!Akward situation averted, why do you women tell us things like this which we don't need to know?And worse yet can do nothing about?!Also for some reason or other just coz I flirt with her she thinks I'm a freak.Me a freak no way!The freaky people are the ones who you least suspect ie those ladies for mother's union in church or your distinguished looking boss.
I dont know if I have mentioned this before but here in uni Kenyans are the largest african population ( 7 or so ) but the way we act you wouldnt know it.Everyone does her/his own thing.Well my small sis also goes to school here but she commutes as she lives near ATL with my other sis.The fact that she has a car and lives near ATL has another Kenyan chic here all up in her business most of the time.This chic insists on being chummy with my small sis and my small sis feels jack!But she has to be nice and keep the peace.So last week when my sis came to school I asked her if she had gone clubbing, this is coz she loves going to clubs in the Buckhead area of ATL.So as she was talking to me the room mate of the Kenyan chic, a Nigerian chic was in earshot.She later came to say hi.Then my sis yesterday told me the way her new Kenyan pal was hinting how much she would like to go clubbing in ATL esp since Thanksgiving is close.My sis was of course diplomatic and said that she wasnt going to be clubbing for a long time to come.I guess sometimes out here the fact that we are Kenyans should make us be close in some ways but also I have learned that it doesn mean that you have to be friends.Add to the fact that in nai I had very few close pals, I knew people but close pals were very few so I guess finding tight Kenyan pals here will be an uphill task.Oh well that's how life is.....

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Rings,weddings and the rest

I was reading an article in the Nation about weddings the other day and it got me to thinking about them.What is the significance of a big weddings and their expense?Yes I know it is a big day and has to be shared with all your family.That to me was understandable way back when in the days when people lived in villages and close knit communities where everyone knew each other.But nowadays in these big weddings the bride and groom hardly know who is who, some of the people there are just distant relatives or friends of mum and dad.You end up incurring large bills for catering and there will always be some cheap punks who will bring you a cheap set of plates or a tacky ajanta wall clock.Then there is the big white wedding dress, as far as I know people wore white to signify purity.How when in many cases the groom has been tapping that ass for a long time and in some cases they even have kids!!Then there are wedding and engagement rings.I for one don't see how the value of the ring is used to measure the extent of the jamaas love and devotion.I once suggested to a chic wouldnt it be better that the guy bought a ring that is worth a couple of hundred bucks and used the rest on important things like down payment on the house and other important things.The chic was like no way!If the guy can put cash down on a car then he should do the same for the ring!I was like wtf!!No wonder marriage rate is going down, if a woman is goin to gauge me according to the ring that I buy BOUNCE!!Then to make things worse she says that she would make sure that she gets the ring on her birthday or valentines so if they break up he can't get it back!Don't get me wrong, it is good to have expressions of your love but the idea of me going into debt for a wedding or engagement ring makes me want to throw up!BLECH!
Well I guess at heart I am a simple guy because I believe that you shouldnt save for a wedding but for marriage.Have any of you out there been for what people used to call pre weddings?Those parties that were just attempts to extort money from people. and those games that the MC would play "If you are wearing a white shirt give 500/="while going round naming certain things that the crowd have and what it would cost them.I once recall being derailed into going for one of those with my boys, when we were "guilty" of certain qualities and were suppossed to go up on stage to give our donations no one moved.The MC looked at us and we looked back, most fun staring competition I have ever had!Oh almost forgot those damn expensive flowers that people had to buy at the door.If I was a frequent attendee of those I would have started coming with my own ready made from digs.I mean if you cant afford a wedding and we have to pay what about your marriage?
Even though my attendance of weddings is poor and I do limit it to receptions.Let me not even start about how at one wedding the pastor asked all the single folk to stand up and said that God must have brought them there for a reason.That reminds me about this unnerving preoccupation churches in Kenya have with marriage.To the extent of having a singles ministry.You staunch churchgoers out there please let me know what ministry in the Bible that a singles ministry is based on cz most other ministries in churches are based upon those that existed in Jesus' time, anyway if you can't win new followers out there you might as well have your people get married and create them.
Moving on, I think that small is best when it comes to weddings.Small and tasteful is best prefferably a garden wedding.But at least that is not an issue that I have to worry about for a long time to come!

200 posts!!!!

Ooooh yeah baby!!!200 posts!!!C'mon people dance with me!!Anyway this is part 2 of today's earlier post about individual responsibilty.Well we got back our results for a test that we did last week that had a take home and an in class portion.This is the class that I may have mentioned where the lecturer talks more then teaching.He does so pretty fast so it is hard to know what to write and what to leave out.
Anyway so our papers come to us and I have gotten a B and Dm has gotten a C.Will provide a link to cast link later I am in a bit of a rush I want to go and watch Supernatural, I love shows about Creepy Crawlies!Anyway so what this chic does is to start bitching about the lecturer and how he teaches badly.Well he may not be the best in terms of lecturing but I will admit that he does know his stuff.But you see this mama usually poses in class and jots down a point or two most of the time while I on the other hand try to jot down what I can as fast as possible.This is the same chic who is always looking at her watch and starts twiddling ( does such a word exist? ) her keys when the lecturer goes over time.The test we did before this she got a better grade in 'coz I had done it earlier and tossed her some leakage but this time round it was every man, woman and child for themselves.In fact she did it before the rest of the class but didnt hook a brother up but I don't mind.Anyway after bitching about the lecturer she went to harangue him and she is suppossed to meet him some time during the week to discuss stuff.
This is the same chic who for another course we share and have to do reaction papers on the 9/11 commission report; reads only 15 pages out of the 120 that you are suppossed to.She wrote her reaction paper on those 15 pages only and is she wants to get a good grade.Oh and she has bitched about this prof too.The worst thing is that she is on proviosional admission so she cant get a C in any class of she will be tossed out of the program.But she refuses to put 110% into it, she's my good pal but what to do in such a situation?I mean at the end of the day if you pass or fail depends on you.She's a good pal and I wouldnt like her to gnash so ladies any suggestions on how I can tell her to shape up without sounding insensitive?Oh she has no major problems that are causing her not to put in 110% as far as I know.Thanks people.Yes Milo men too can give advice....

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

So sue me!

Yesterday I decided to treat myself for a change as I was tired of cooking.I went to one of the joints near here and got myself some fries and chicken wings.The serving sizes in most places here are phenomenal.The wings that I got were a one pound serving and it is possible to get a 2 pound serving.Anyway that is the kind of food many people here eat at one sitting.I on the other hand ate that food in 2 sittings, half for lunch and the other half I have packed for lunch today.
Some people eat lots of food at one go, I can't.I am the kind of person who is always eating something, lots of little things here and there.If you want to frustrate me just put me in a house with no snacks.Even in high school I used to get busted for eating in class.I used to have a clique who we used to sit in the back of class and after break we would have a small pot-luck thing going.Anyway it also does help to eat like that as I dont put on much weight.Anyway enough about me and my eating habits.
I was looking at some old headlines and there was this one about some obese teens who were suing Mcdonalds for their condition.That really galls me.I would have understood if somehow the food had some drugs in it that compelled them to eat but that isn't how it was.They chose to eat that food and get the way they are, yet they want Mcdonalds to be held accountable for the fact that they chose not to exercise and eat healthy.Last I heard was that the case was thrown out.There are also the cases of people suing gun manufacturers.I usually dont side with the NRA coz they are a bunch of old white men who dont do much for people of color but I was happy when GWB passed a bill limiting the amount people could win from suing gun companies.I am sorry that your loved one took his own life but face it if he would have offed himself by hanging,locking himself in the garage turning on the car while passing a hose from the exhaust into the window of the car.What then would you sue the rope company for making ropes or the car company for making a car that lets out Carbon Monoxide?Yes there are times when suing is the appropriate thing to do but when people sue for every infraction against them we all lose because judges are stuck trying frivolus cases when they could be trying more important cases so the system ends up moving slower, you pay more taxes as more judges and courts are needed and the only people who have a ball are the lawyers.It pretty much sucks when you have to sign waivers when you are doing things with people.But I guess that's my rant for the day.

Monday, October 31, 2005

The road to hell is engraved with good intentions

Oh damn it's another Monday.I am already kinda pissed at myself as I have misplaced a half done book review.I thought that I had emailed it to myself yesterday evening as I was doing it but it just turns out that I had just mailed to myself an empty message.Aaaaargh!!!Oh well there is a chic pal of mine who has told me that she is becoming a Jehovah's witness.I found that kinda disturbing even more so after I did some research on the net but I was diplomatic and I told her that as long as it makes her happy it's ok.She told me to ask her some questions and it seems that she is still a fledgling and quite ignorant.So I told her that I would give her some time to read up then I would ask her the searing questions that need to be asked.
One thing that really gets to me is spiritual ignorance.Sometimes some of the most spiritually ignorant people are to be found in church.Don't get me wrong I am not saying that I am a know it all but too many people do stupid things without basing them on firm scriptural study and analysis.I have heard too many people say "pastor says.." without knowing what the bible says.I have met all sorts over the years, I have met staunch adherents to the health and wealth gospel.The ones who believe that if you are not rich and number one in all that you do that there is something wrong with your faith, deftly ignoring the fact that many people in the bible who did God's best work had little to their name; some of them portray Jesus as the Bill Gates of them days ie really rich.A friend of mine told me of a keisha that he went to where at a point in the night the pastor said "It is time for us to love one another,"thing is I don't know if he left immediately or later.Another pal told me how she went to a church in the UK and joined the worship team.Time for practice they were told to strip when they practiced so as to present themselves to God with no impurities.When I was doing web work I used to work for the church that at one point in time was rehabilitating langas/prostitutes, anyhow I was putting up their statement of beliefs and how the church is run.First of all scripture was twisted more then a pretzel at a bakery when it came to discipline their leader was beyond reproach, he had even quoted the scripture "touch not my prophets..."What this scripture meant was that God didn't want his prophets harmed it has nothing to do with them not being disciplined!I could go on and on with examples but what I think I am trying to get at is that if you don't research and know the spiritual path that you are taking there are many who are more then willing to take you down their own roads and you may find out the truth too late ie when you are committing suicide or destitute and penniless.
ps:due to public demand post archiving has gone back to weekly as oppossed to monthly format!

Sunday, October 30, 2005


Saturday was different for me coz for a change instead of just hanging out in the digs and full time masomo there were several mpangos.The first plan was the MPA bbq for Public Admin majors and out profs. It was at the cabin that the school owns at one of the lakes here.There are several lakes out here in the county that I live in.So my jungu pal came over to pick me from my apartment in the afte and off we went.At first when we got there we talked to some of out jungu profs and had I had to do the usual fake smile and laugh to some dry jungu jokes.Oh well its part of the job.Anyway my advisor is an akataa mathee who is pretty nice so I went and talked to her a bit then went to talk to the rest of the people who did show up.Anyway a chic who I share a class with comes in with a young jamaa who I have not seen in one of my classes.So one of the akataa dudes there who is her pal asks her if that is her brother so she's like no, even though they did kind of look alike.Well the guy keeps to himself most of the time and even leaves to look at the view of the lake and stuff without the chic.So we ask the chic what the deal is.Turns out that is her jamaa and he is like 4 years younger the her.Wuuuuuiiiiii mgoja the disses began!Please note that I did not start nuthin up in there!Stuff like "does his mum know he's here?" of course the Acolyte couldn't be left out.I popped in with "Can he drive without you or is it against the law?"But this was all done in good nature and even our advisor was laughin' with us as we did so.Most of the people I met were pretty nice and easy going.I don't get to see many of my fellow grad students outside class as most of them work full time other then the ones who are grad assistants like me.Anyhow after schmoozing with the people for an hour or two we left.
My pal's parents own a very nice house at the lake with it's own liitle dock and my pal was celebrating his birthday.He dates a nice German chic and he is a good jamaa so they're pretty good company.Also some of the international contingent came over.These were the countries that were represented at the BBQ. Germany, China, Thailand, Spain, Kenya, Britain and the States. The only irritating part of the night was the fact that the beer provided was American and not European import like our good old Heiniken.Do you know how irritating it is to drink beer for 5 hours without getting tipsy?Oh well you cant have it all your way and since it was free beer it's all good!Now back to the grind!