Friday, July 23, 2004

At work again!

Today our supervisor I'll refer to him as super later on to make things easier, had a meeting with us the design crew this morning.He told us alot of the importance of doing our utmost to complete this project on time ( not like people are not working their asses off! ) but with the changes these people come up with!I mean it has taken 8 months to do one site and there are like 40 something to go so when will we ever be through?Especially since these people insist in always having a hand in it instead of letting the designers finish and them coming in at the end.And he says the budget is shot I wonder which heads will roll.I think the writers will go first before they come to my department.
Anyway I am planning on going to grad school soon enough like in Januaury so I need only 3 more months here.I also need some time of my own as this job has virtually killed any personal life I had whatsoever.Tommorrow no way I am coming to work.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

I think this one doesn't need a caption. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

A cartoon for you to enjoy !

Well then one more day to go to the weekend.the way I'm going on about it you would think that I have major plans, nah I just need a break from work that's all.Anyway here is a cartoon that sums up some of the melee that has been going on after the British high Commisioner commented about corruption by our leaders being like a glutton vomiting on the shoes of those who fed them.I guess he was fed up with all the ongoing scandals and having no access whatsoever to the president.I am trying out Hello instead of posting pics at my sites url and giving a link so let's see how it goes.You gotta love the time change facility for when you posted your blog...


Mid week baby!

It's Wednesday that means only 2 days to go till the weekend.Today morning was interesting.a workmate asked me how my work load was as he noticed I was very busy and looking stressed.I should keep up the act as I was a liitle stressed but the work I was doing wasn't.At the moment I have 1000 and 1 links to check on the site we are doing.
Anyway according to the news the EU has frozen aid.Well it was inevitable given the level of corruption in the government.Anyhow when it comes to politicians here I have a zero expectations hence zero disappointments policy.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Still at work!

In an effort to look useful and boost my job security I volunteered to work overtime today.My company is a member of one of those image bank sites.You know where you download images for your own use at a certain fee for a certain amount of time.
Anyway our current membership expires tommorow so I volunteered to stay and take maximum advantage of our remaining time.Anyway after the earlier issues this week I really don't talk much in the office I just put my nose to the grind stone.My proposed transfer is still on hold but when it does come through I'll be doing something I enjoy instead of pretending to work.Anyway enough about this fuckin' job.
I was reading about a vippasana retreat and it sounded really cool visit to know all that they are about.Anyhow it is a ten day residential retreat where what you do most of the time is meditate.Both individually and as a group.There are also one or two discussions a day on meditation and vipassana.But you are not allowed to talk to or come in contact with the other students,no exercise,no prayer/worship of any sort,no writing material,no jewellery,no electronics,no contact with the outside world barring emergencies,no music,no dancing,no sex,no books.And this is meant to last 10 days.A veritable depravation chamber if you ask me.Oh and no comfy beds;mats only and a wake up time of 4 a.m.
All this for 10 days man if you do survive it you can survive anything.I am considering going for one of them but not this time round due to the current officce situation and the fact that I have not earned the right to go on leave.In addition this is a christian organisation I work for so if I told them I was going on a retreat based on Eastern philosophy I doubt they would even require my services any longer.Speaking of which have you noticed that worlwide it's usually people who call themselves christians who are the least tolerant?I guess that's what happens when you were once a minority and become a majority.Anyway let's see if I am still on form to lucid dream tonight.


I am out of titles so since it's Tuesday today that will have to do.I learnt somethin interesting yesterday.You cannot aspire to lucid dream when you are tired.I wanted to do that uesterday but the problem is that I spent to much time on the PS2 so i was pretty bushed when I went to bed so I couldn't turn on in my dreams.
Nonetheless I did remember in one dream I met a chic I used to be in uni with.We were not so tight then but I do recall giving her a hug in dreamland.The other interesting thing is that I was taller then her.I also do not recall ever seeing myself in any of my dreams.Why is this?I can feel myself but seeing.Uh uh.Anyway tonite no dilly dallying even though I am doing overtime.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Some rest.

Had a relaxed weekend.I am trying to get into regular meditation, it will help me centre myself and get rid of some of my bad habits.
Went shopping in the afternoon.I bought myself a book on learning tarot.Found out how much I have to learn it will be a month or teo before i understand the cards enough to read for myself even.But I have found out I have a fairly strong third eye so that should help me, like I was looking for some tarot cards to buy later on when I have the cash and I didn't get anything from all the packs but one.I knew they were the ones.
I bought some incense to help me neditate but I have realised it is not strong enough to create the atmosphere that I want when I meditate.Also have an amethyst crystal I used it to meditate last night they really create a difference but I am yet to establish a bond with it.When I do I will be able to tap into it fully.