Thursday, October 19, 2006

Picture Time!

Here's the cream of the crop of last weekend's pics! The walk was loads of fun!
Since there are around 60 pics that were worth putting up I decided to put up a slide instead. From the pics you know where the walk was, we went out and around the park so I got to get some pics of Midtown Atlanta.

Let me tell you something funny, we passed an open bar and as I looked in I noticed loads of men in there but not one woman. So I thought, "must be a dry day for those poor bastards."
It is after walking a few metres and seeing another one that I thought to myself, "that's a gay bar, doh!"
I guess we learn something new everyday. So if I go to to a bar and there are no women whatsoever, I'll know what the deal is.

The AIDS Quilts displayed were very touchy and show that the effect of AIDS goes way past the infected individual and isn't that easy to forget.

My team was lots of fun, even though tempers almost frayed earlier that day when one group kept us waiting in the cold for 1 hour as they took their sweet time getting ready.

I also got to do a bit of networking and meet people from certain organisations that I would like to intern with next year. There was quite a mix of characters as you can see from the pics. I also give full props to the organisers for having the function go off without any hitches whatsoever. I think anyone who wants to get into events organisation in Kenya could learn a thing or two from these peeeps.
Anyway I think I have said enough, it's time to let the pictures speak for themselves! Feel free to comment.
ps: Happy Kenyatta Day!

Trying To Get Things Done and What Would You Do?

I did it! I did something I had procrastinated for almost 2 months! I got off my ass, did a fresh resume and sent it out so I can tie up an internship for next year! For some reason or other a pall of malaise and boredom has been hanging over me for sometime now. I think it has to do with the fact that I didn't take a summer holiday but went through strenous classes instead, add to the fact that I am broke most of the time, tired of this town and bored of my job. But I still have to finish reading a book for class tommorrow, pick a project for stats class, study budget figures for my other class and begin a term paper. But as the good book says, "It came to pass, " so I'll hang in there so one day I can be at peace.

One day this will be my pose of choice!

Anyway onto the second part of the post that's just for you. Suppose for some reason or other you became independantly wealthy and the money was taking care of itself ( no need to stay busy taking care of it). What would you do? Altruistic motives like giving to the church or the poor are out and so is world domination!This is all about you and spoiling yourself!

Imagine all the money you can play with!

Would you go on vacation with a friend?

Would you tell your significant other to stop working so that you can sleep in everyday?

Would you indulge your tastebuds with all things sweet and tasty?

Would you do something you have always wanted to do but never gotten the chance to?

Would you use your cash to impress the one who caught your eye but got away?

Would you go somewhere far away so as take time to be alone and decide what next with life?

Would you look for the best adrenaline rush you can find?

Would you buy all the fine clothes that you can find?

Would you indulge your taste for fine art?

Would you hire the best to teach you a new skill?

Would you spend your time searching for the "one"?

I know there are lots lots more choices that I haven't given here so feel free to indulge your minds and share. Even doves can dream of soaring like eagles you know.
Oh and you should know that one of the other things that I did was to get off my ass and begin resizing my stock of pictures. After all my blog shouldn't be only pleasing to the mind but the eyes too? What do you think? Anyway gotta leave, share the dreams people..........

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mothers and No Good Sons, a new Champion!

I am sure we all know such dudes. A dude who is in his mid 20's and over, has a temp or no job, has little motivation to do anything, more often than not he dropped out of college / university, some have drink or drug problems and in more extreme cases a kid.These are not the mama's boy's who have something going for them but choose to stay at home, these are the bottom of the barrel peeps; the never have beens! Heck you could be one of those dudes!

One thing that I have mentioned is that more often than not these men have close relationships with their mothers. Interestingly enough is the fact that quite often when they have sisters, these girls very often have a straight head on their shoulders and are not as messed up as their brothers if at all. And yes I do know some chics who are just as messed up but this one is about the guys because I have been accused of being a woman-basher by certain people, so this one is for you!

It has been said in the case of single mothers, they lavish their sons with the love that is meant to be targetted at a partner but do not excercise the same when it comes to discipline. There is also the lack of male role models, father figures or just a father! This not to say that all sons raised by single mothers turn to be a mess though. There are other factors but I dont want to get into them right now as that is a post in its own.

I have known quite a few of these dudes and I used to think what a waste! I used to have this neighbour who never used to kosa at jobless corner. The dude was in his early or mid thirties but all the bumming he did seems to have kept him young. He always used to have a tall story, if you listened to him you would think that this dude was on the up and up. He could name drop like there was no tommorrow but at the end of the day; zip zero! When I moved into the hood I was a first year in uni and he was bumming, when I left uni, he was still bumming by the time I was leaving the country he was still bumming!

There are also these 2 brothers I know who are the sons of an ex MP who passed away a few years ago. These two went to India a long time back when it was all the rage and came back with nothing (by the way what is it about India that messes people up? Someone please share).
They also have another brother who is just as messed up, the dude used to drink so much that he was almost losing his eyesight. But they do have one brother who turned out just fine and has a well paying job and two sisters who also seem just fine, so you wonder what went write or wrong in his case.
One of the brothers went drinking in one of the Estate bars and came home to find the gate locked and decided to climb over it. As he went over one side and jumped to the ground, one of the spikes on the top of the gate caught the hood of his sweatshirt. What this did was turn his sweatshirt into a noose, he was too drunk to try and wriggle his way out of the sweatshirt and the gate was pretty high so he couldn't put his feet on the ground. So the rest of the family woke up to find his corpse hanging on the gate.
A sad way to leave the world isn't it?

Most men I know aspire to make something of their lives, acquire prestige, achieve goals and the such. In fact when men cant do this they get depressed when they can't display their worth, hence cases of alcoholism or suicide when people are laid off. So, it is a sad thing when you come across those who have all the opportunities to make something of themselves but for some reason or other choose not to which to me is different from those who have tried but circumstances in life have prevented them from achieving their goals and full potential. I am sure some of you know some of these never have beens. What to say? What to say?

On the other hand, seems there is a new middleweight Champion in the UFC. The undefeated Rich Franklin was knocked off his perch! Lesson of the day from watching that fight? Don't follow someone else's game plan! Rich Franklin can punch but he is by no means on the same level as the dude he was fighting, Anderson Silva who has had years of Muay Thai training under his belt. Once he has you in the clinch you need to get out as fast as possible!Here's the fight, it was over in no time!
ps: You have to admire how fast Wiki members are! The fight was on Saturday and the entries have already been changed!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Create your own personal feed!

Are you a member of a a webring? Are there certain blogs that you love to read but have to sift through loads of posts from blogs that don't peak your interest? Are there blogs that you love reading but are not members of webrings that you are aware of?
Ladies and Gentlemen! I bring to your Newshutch! With news hutch you can set up a feed that only consists of the feeds from blogs and websites you enjoy reading.
This is how it works, after going to the homepage and opening your free account you will get a window that looks like this.

Go to the option marked MANAGE when you are there you can create folders for your different feeds. As you can see I have two folders with more on the way.

Now that you have the different categories of folders, what comes next is adding a feed. It's pretty simple actually!

All you have to do is click on add a feed and a text box rolls down. What you do is paste the full url of the blog you want to add to your feed list and in most cases you should get a window like the one below. If the site does not have a feed the website will tell that it cannot find a feed.
What you do is go to the site and look for a link to RSS where you should get a list of RSS feeds, the soccernet site feed address looks like this enter that in the text box and you get your feed.
It's really much simpler than it sounds! If the site you put in has a feed, you get a window that asks you to make a choice ( if the site has more than one feed ).

In this case I chose the Atom feed but the other would have worked fine too. When that is done. I get all new posts direct to my page ( don't forget to go to the options window and choose posts dating back from a closer time as I have done below or you'll get posts dating back from when the site was first began).
I have chosen two weeks ago but you can go as close as one hour ago.

When all is said and done you have all the posts from your favourite sites on one page like this! It is all just a simple matter of cut, copy, paste and click!So no more missing out on posts if the feed you read can only handle a set number of new posts because you get to know when a new post is up by the number at the right of the blog name which tells you how many posts you haven't read!So now I get to read Archer's two day post on firedrills and pagets!
What are you waiting for? Go to newshutch now!

Monday, October 16, 2006

The Return to Normal and the Rules

Today marks a return to regular programming in Aco Land. No more crusades, blogwars and beef. Life back to normal!
The last few weeks had been so hectic that I actually contemplated taking a long hiatus from blogging because it had become no fun at all! But I was threatened by physical violence so I will take my hiatus later but for some time I won't be blogging daily, pole sana.

Now since I am no longer an active member of a blogging community I have to set down some ground rules on my blog.

1. This is my blog and I am god here - Now that there is no longer a body that I am responsible to and whose reputation I have to uphold, I can pretty much do whatever I want with this space. If you can't deal with it; please move on.

2. Don't Be Such a Tight Ass! - Most of the posts on my blog are what we call tongue in cheek. Don't get hot and bothered about them because I know that I am not. I blog a means of expression, release and fun. That's all and I like the fact that most of your respect that. I am not trying to bring back the Illuminati or empower the Patriarchy, I tried to do some serious blogging and look what happened; an international incident and a blog war of sorts.It's amazing how much bile people can carry on the blogosphere, so I am not going to be trying to change the world or opinions here!

3. Respect me and I will respect you - If you come to my comments section talking smack, odds are that I'll hit back, ignore you or if I'm really tired delete your comment. And yes there is a difference between talking smack and being critical, you can be critical and still be respectful. I know we won't always agree so let's agree to disagree in a mature manner.

4. Don't carry arguments to other posts - If we disagree and engage each other over a certain post and you keep on carrying on a mundane and obsolete argument, odds are that I wont reply. I mean come on now, I have no time to keep on discussing a two week old post! With that said that doesn't mean that you should bust into the comments section of the Friday fun segment with that argument! Let it go and let's move on!

5. If you are going to argue with me about something I wrote, at least read it! - What last week taught me is that people don't read what you are saying, some read what they think you are saying or what they want you to be saying. So if you say something like, "It's like your last post where you said something like....."
Uh uh, read the post and then comment!

6. The judges decision is final and no further correspondence shall be entered into - I've just always wanted to say that!

Other than that I went for an AIDS walk and I have loads of pics to share!Around 100 give or take! Woo hoo!!!!!