Friday, December 12, 2008

I Thought It Would Never Come........

As you can tell I'm talking about Friday. I was getting tired of the dilbertesque stuff that goes on at work, I promise I will blog about it. I've learned how to roll with the punches and keep my head down.

Anyway I came across this and it made my blood boil. I know Africans get screwed in the name of charity but now to get literally screwed in the name of charity, that's a bit much. I also wonder what kind of exotic STDs this chic might have after going around the world screwing in the name of charity.

Over Thanksgiving when I went to the Kenyan club, I had had a few drinks before getting there to help the experience go down faster (you do know by now clubs bore me stiff). So as I was going to the bar to recharge I see this dude whose head is barely at the bar and he seems to be holding himself up by his forarms. So in my head the first thing I thought, "did these bastids ship in chang'aa or some other moonshine?"

So I go closer to the bar to see if I can find out if the the dude is fine. As I got closer I then realized he was a little person aka midget. Needless to say I was glad I hadn't been expressing those thoughts to someone otherwise I would have looked like a fool.

Looking at this, I'm glad I don't eat alot of fast food. Sad thing is that that isn't the only fast food joint where staff have been busted messing around in the sink. Speaking of hygiene and such, anyone remember how butchers in Kenya would always have their coats slathered in blood, looking like they hadn't been washed in weeks; but funny enough that didn't affect the flavour of the meat? I won't even go into how the meat itself was handled being tossed in the back of pick ups, but since we are here in one piece I won't complain.

Anyway before I leave, gentlemen here is a good gift idea to buy your ladies this holiday season....

Have a nice weekend!