Friday, January 23, 2009

Getting None, A New Day and Other Things....

After the first few nights of cold sweats, the shakes, handcuffing my right hand to the bed post and deleting my ex's number I knew it would survive. What am I talking about? Not getting any, a dry stretch, lack of carnal pleasure or whatever you call abstinence. You see I have had a dry stretch that has gone back for a while but to make things more interesting I decided to be voluntarily chaste this year. No outlet of any shape, way or form.

One thing that I came to realize is that we live in a very sexualized society, half of the products you see advertised on tv use sex appeal as a hook. Don't let me get started on music videos and half of the sitcoms/dramas. Then you have to look at how people dress and what is taken to be the norm in male-female relationships, so of course living in such a society someone not trying to get any esp if they're not religious comes of as an anomaly.

I must admit that no longer being on horseback takes some getting used to but it's not a bad thing. No I do not have a larger porn collection (I do find porn hilarious though) nor do I have a stronger right arm but I have been spending more time at the gym. So I do think people who equate not getting laid with some sort of death have it twisted. Irony would be of course me getting involved in an orgy 24 hours after writing this post.

I'm sure most of you and the rest of the world were watching the Inauguration. I have work mates who even went to Washington to be part of the action. I have my opinion on the over hyping of Obama and how reality is going to be a harsh teacher in the months to come, but that's a post for another day. It's still a historical moment that we need to remember whichever way we can for now.

Anyway Friday is here so it's time for my mini celebration dance and then get my ass back to the grind. Nice Weekend people!