Friday, November 25, 2005


I have been looking at things through my cynic glasses and it seems sometimes that there are more things in general that I dislike then like.I am yet to take a tally but was one thing that was passing through my mind just now.
There is this group in our uni that is suppossed to be helping create awareness about AIDS.So I went for my first meeting last week.So first of all the meeting starts late so I had to sit in the coffee shop looking lost.The group was like 3 other people.The meeting was suppossed to be one hour long but the chic leading the meeting spent all that time dotting (blithering) over stuff that could have been covered in 15 minutes.In the past when I have been part of small committees we have worked efficiently,fast with minimal lip service.Frankly I dislike meetings where everyone is made to talk and people get chatty saying lost of uneccesary things that do not add any information of value to the meeting and simple lead to people running down bunny trails ( derailment ).When I am in meetings usually I don't say much, I prefer to gauge everyone's points and then give my opinion after hearing what they have said after taking what is useful from what they have said and adding my own two cents or I may speak just to clear some glaring oversight or too answer questions that are directed at me and my role.In my opinion meetings should be more like military briefings where the speaker says it all simply and to the point.That is a reason why armies are so efficient they know how to disseminate information to maximum effect.So it may seem that I don't like speaking?Au contraire I do and that is why I got an A in public speaking when I was in uni and whenever I go for open forums/talks whenever I ask a question the most probable response I get is, "That is a very good question/point."
I think over time we as a society have become way to talky.People are using to many words and time to say simple things and it isn't like that has improved how effective they are in most cases.What happens when people have too much information to take in is that they only take in half of it.
Something I also dislike is people who talk to much about something ie activists but at the end of the day what they do on the ground is negligible.I have seen this in so many areas such as gender issues,politics,church.I am of the "shut up and do something ilk."That is also a reason I dislike seminars.Don't get me wrong alot of good comes from them when they operate on the grassroots level but the higher you go the more hypothetical and dreamy the solutions get.Kenya has been delivered from AIDS and poverty a thousand times over in costly seminars over the years, I remember some time in the past when President Moi said that he would put a cap on the amount of seminars that ministers could attend as they were spending more time at them then at their offices.
Hmmmm time to take this hen home to roost.What am I saying here?That I am sick of people doing more talking about problems and doing very little about them, some of the people who do the most are the most silent.Ironic I have used so many words to talk about the misuse of words.
PS:Has anyone heard that song by James Blunt called Beatiful?I think it's one of the deepest songs I have heard in a long long time.


The following are the available vacancies... please circulate to friends

RELEASE DATE: 23rd NOV 2005 jioni
TITLES: Mininster and ass.Minister in the following depertments

Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife
Ministry of Information and commmunication
Ministry of Transport
Ministry of Local Government
Ministry of Gender, Sports, Culture and Social Services
Ministry of Water and Irrigation
Ministry of Regional Development Authorities
Ministry of Energy
Ministry of Trade and Industry
Ministry of Lands and Housing
Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources
Ministry of Labour and Human Resource Development
Ministry of Co-operative Development and marketing
Ministry of Justice and Constitutional affairs
State Law Office

1. Favourable advisory skills
2. Banana

If you dont hear from us (press release)in the next two weeks please consider you application unsucessfull
canvassing will lead to somewhat disqualification (depending who the canvasser and the canversee are)
The govt is an equal opportunity employer (though some are more equal than others)

If you think you are the right candidate please apply to recruit@statehouse.ka.lucy (gov)

Moving on....

Well after the drama of last night I had a nice laid back evening at home.How do you know when you are financially prudent?When you can't remember the PIN for your ATM card coz you don't use it much.It took me two guesses to get it!
Anyway it is really interesting how news travels.A member of the KBW family I met today was telling me of how she had heard about the drama from someone who was picking her from the airport and the thing is that she had not even read the post!Oh who is the KBW member you want to know?Well she will remain anonymus coz I have not told her that I was goin to post on this.All I can say is that she is a petite cute gal with a great smile!Fill in the blanks from there.And yes now there is someone who knows how The Acolyte looks like!Well other then that the club was just there.When the club is not all that I usually make sure that I leave knowing some new people and tonight I left knowing 2 new gals.Gotta have something to show for that entrance money you know.
Other then that there is the usual dysfunction in my family.My big sister who really wanted my mum to come over never spends any time with her at all.I don't know what is with gals and their mums.I could tell you more on that but sleep calls.Ya'll have a good day!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Just came across these really interesting road signs,church signs and tombstones that I thought that I would share

One for Milo

One for Nick

One for M

Rest assured I was in the front row!

You gotta love Baptists!

At least they were straight to the point!

I saw this when I used my time machine

It's so hard to say goodbye!
Oooooh today I leave town Woo hoo!Nothing beats a change of scene.Hmmm I wonder who will comment first today?

A mutumia moment ™

On Monday afternoon when I was leaving the library I had a mutumia moment ™.What is that you ask?A mutumia moment™ is when someone who has been made celibate and single by circumstance glances at a sliver of what they have been missing and are hit by longing,lust,sadness and at times shame for having such thoughts.This term was inspired by this post.
Anyway my mutumia moment was outside the lib.I had just picked up a copy of the New York Times ( but do I say ) and as I was using my powerful acolyte lateral vision to scan the headlines, I saw her.There was this chic who was bending over beside me, and no I was not looking at her ass!She was wearing this small t-shirt so the small of her back was exposed.Other then the fact that the small of a womans back as long as she ain't a whale looks pretty good it is also a very sensual spot when touched just right.Ah the memories, anyway I looked I enjoyed then as she felt that someone was looking I looked away and moved on.Oh well back to work and masomo will have to work on that situation later on.We all have out mutumia moments ™ but make sure that they are just that moments and not an excuse to slip into a porn habit
( unajijua but I will not name and shame! ).
This was a moment proudly unwittingly sponsored by Mutumia.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Precoital contract

Subject:Legal Screw Contract

Ladies and Gentlemen, Given the present legal tussles surrounding sex
and more so the pressure put on men by FIDA, We men conscious about any
aftermaths of a sexual intercourse have come up with a binding contract
that if adhered to would exempt you from any legal recourse.


This certifies that, I, ____________________________ the undersigned
female (hereafter referred to as the "screwee") about to enjoy sexual
intercourse with _________________________ (hereafter referred to as the
"screwer"). I am above the lawful age of consent. I am in my right mind
and not under the influence of any narcotic or alcoholic substances. The afore mentioned screwer need not use any force, threats, coercion or
promises to influence me.

Furthermore I, the screwee, am in no fear of him whatsoever, and do not
expect or wish to marry him. I do not know if he is married or not, and
I do not care. I am neither asleep nor drunk, I'm entering this
relationship with him because I love it and want it as much as he does.

In the event whereby I receive the full satisfaction, which I expect, I
declare in advance the capacity and willingness to further
participation as soon as time permits. In addition, I will not act as a
witness against him nor will I file charges against him should I fall
pregnant, contract a sexual disease or feel that he is violating any
legislation, moral, legal or otherwise.

Signed naked before jumping into bed on this ________ day of the _____
Month in the year 2005.

Signature of screwee: ______ Date of birth:_____________Date of conduct:


Please print enough copies so that we can discuss
this Friday
bcc: TeeJ, Mutumia, Guess, Farmgal, Ms K et al.

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Today there were some very sawa horror and supernatural movies on TNT this morning.For the better part of the day till like 2 pm in the afternoon I just watched movie after movie.Now I know how Nick feels when he becomes part and parcel of his couch the whole day.But alas all good things have to come to an end, there was laundry to be done and papers to be written.I was kinda mumbling about doing laundry and to think there was a time I used to have to handwash my clothes.Anyway when I hibernate for long periods like I did today I tend to find things that interested me in the past but I had forgot about.Like this:
I am the way into the City of Woe.
I am the way to a foresaken people.
I am the way into eternal sorrow.
Sacred justice moved my architect.
I was raised here by the divine omnipotence,
primordial love and ultimate intellect.
Only those elements time cannot wear were
made before me and beyond time I stand.

No this isnt anything from my wonderful mind.It is the supposed inscription at the entrance to Hell.It is an excerpt from The Divine Comedy,an epic poem written by Dante in the early fourteenth century, describing the author's journey through the afterlife. It has three parts, each of which is concerned with one of the three divisions of the world beyond: the Inferno (hell), the Purgatorio (purgatory), and the Paradiso (heaven).
So there!Don't go around saying that you don't learn anything by visiting my blog!
I was just passing by one of my other favourite blogs and I came by this funny entry:

Women Just Keep Talking and Talking and Talking...

They never shut up, unless you tell them, in which, they start crying and say you're mean and need to go to anger management. I don't know any woman that doesn't stop talking. Sometimes, I think you could save a lot of fuel when filling those hot air balloons by just placing a woman underneath it and letting her talk. It is does not matter what type of woman - old or young, foreign or domestic, they all never shut up. I can actually count the number of words I say in my conversations with women, however, I lose track of the number of words they say.
¶ 5:30 PM

Please note that the comments and views expressed in the excerpt above are not those of this blog, writer and affiliated companies/coporations.

Acolyte Land part 4!

Well here are some more pics to add to the collection!Coz the Acolyte collection won't stay up too long!Someone out there might track me down!

This is one of the hands that types the blog that you read!It is also a palm readers wet dream!With all those lines to read!

Some of you asked me to move the camera higher?Well there it is!The headshot!

This cute guy had to make a comeback!I think Ill go to China and get me one of 'em!