Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another Wonderful Week Almost Gone....

Ironic that when mungiki have been causing all sorts of chaos, and in true nerd fashion I was getting my fill of the month's comics when I came across a few pages I wanted to share (click on images to get them in full size)

Kind of weird and interesting to say the least.

I wish CFAs (Convenient F*cking Arrangement) were that easy to come come across. Like I have said before, dating is alot of work; too much work. Hence my retirement from the whole process. I'll just watch things unfold from the sideline. That reminds me. the person who said that communication is key when it comes to relationships needs to be kicked in the teeth. People will hear what they want to hear no matter how many different ways and how many times you say it. Anyway since I'm now watching the game from the Director's box, it's all good.

Other than that I've been riding out the recession here to the best of my ability, because sadly the good times are gone and it shall be quite sometime till things turn around. Of course in times like this is when companies decide to try and do what they can to maximize their revenue, credit card companies are jacking up interest rates on those who can and do pay their bills (urgh). While other companies charge you for anything extra they give you other than the service you paid for, for example with my gas company the only way you can pay your bill without a fee is to do it the old fashioned way ie snail mail; so rest assured I have a whole pile of stamps for that. But on the flipside, there are loads and loads of sales going on at the malls for those who have money to burn. But you know we Kenyans are survivors, should things get tight; I'll be the dude with the parafin lamp and stove in his apartment.....

ps: my other part time joint