Friday, July 29, 2005

Warning shot

It was about time someone put their foot down on these Kenyan ministers.It's an open secret that many of the scandals bedevilling Kenya are masterminded by Ministers and their cronies in power.So with Chris Murangarus' visa to the U.K being cancelled that should be a warning shot to those in power that they are being watched and some of their escape routes are being shut down.Let's see if this is a one off or there is more to come.

Journey cont....

Just getting over the change of climate.It's summer here so it is like super humid over here almost like coasto.Well as for my flight part 1 was da bomb as it was via KLM.Which all you travellers know as a pretty sawa airline.I had a 5 hour layover at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam.That place has like very sawa shops to encourage you to spend and spend.But me being the brokeass that i was nuthin was getting bought I mean a simple soda is 3 whole euros!Close to 300 bob!Damn I miss Kenya already.
The connecting flights really sucked!I flew with Northwest bad planes,bad food and damn the ugliest air hostesses I have ever seen!Yes I am that shallow, I like to have fly airhostesses when I fly.
Other then that there was no drama with my lugagge and the immigration folk.Will tell you bout how Im settling.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


After a tortous and harrowing time packing my bags.If you knew my mother you would understand. I mean the woman sent me to stato with Toss for crying out loud!And loads of stuff that the ppl over there do not want or need but she's a mother so I will not hold that against her.
So my boys took me to the airport it was bila stress or drama.You know how it is being a jamaa.So went through the preliminaries and had noticed a few things.All the duty free shops there are so damn expensive even more so then the ones in Europe.I think they should remove the free part from the name.And like when I last travelled there are still no seats or lounges for the common mwanainchi.But hey we are trying our best as these things take time to implement esp when bureaucracy checks in.
There is this dude I saw at the airport who made me jazzed to no end, the guy had this clad made out of either corduroy or cheap velour.That and lots of rings and a big ass chain of course shades did not kosa.I knew this guy was most def not Kenyan and when he was given back his passport it proved i was right.Oh and his hand luggage was one of those cheap large paperbags boys sell you when you are at the sokoni.
anyway I am a bit tired more on the rest of the trip later.

Monday, July 25, 2005


Hey ya'll.Just got hold of my ticket today supposed to be bouncing on Wed evening.Anyway I have bought all my luggage and extra stuff.I have lots of local sounds but getting hold of the latest stuff has been a bit of a problem.Ethical issue here, I would like to post some of this music online for those of you out there who cant get hold of it but the thing is that some ppl may get hold of it and make money out if it ie piracy.
Otherwise cant really focus now have to go panga myself for the hard knock life that is coming huko stato.