Sunday, January 16, 2011

Yet Again Another Monday..........

Dang how time flies! I remember it was the year 2000 the other day and now it's 2010! Last Sunday, the heavens decided to bless us with an Arctic wind that led to a snowstorm that shut down most of the city. I ended up being cooped up for 2 days. Stores ran out of fresh food and most schools and offices ended up being closed. The cars in the pic below are from the bottom of the hill of my apartment complex. People abandoned their cars down their and walked up hill rather than risk driving up hill and have their cars slide down and and into the ditch across the road. What's even more interesting that in the 2 days that the cars were their nobody thought of stealing from them, I guess their getaway cars were stuck in the snow?

Otherwise I've been catching up with world news and just realized that the Italian PM, Silvio Berlusconi must have 9 lives or something. Scandal never seems to stick on tis dude! He puts most African leaders to shame I swear! World politics wont be the same when he retires and his scandals and foot in mouth statements are gone.

So any New Year's Resolutions out there? For some reason I need to slap myself due to the fact that I can't even remember the ones I made. But they were nothing overboard so I know I may be going in the right direction, now to find the paper I wrote them on! Anyway rule of thumb is that if you can do something for 2 weeks straight then it will become a habit!

A chic pal recently adopted a dog from a shelter. I salute her commitment. Why? That's because having a pet esp a dog in America is almost like having a child, labor pains and the expensive medical stay aside. This is due to the fact that it costs quite a bit of money and takes alot of time. If you adopt a dog you are going to pay at least $200 for adoption fees, if you buy a dog you can be looking at anything from 2 times to 10 times that depending on the breed! If you live in a rental property you have to pay a pet fee that is lowest $200 - $600 per year and may come with monthly fees in some areas. If you are a good dog owner you then have to walk your dog daily and house break it so it doesn't shit all over your house, unless you live in the country few people have yards to leave their dogs in all day unlike in Kenya. Woe unto you if your dog bites someone, that is a law suit right there that might cost you a few hundred to thousands of dollars. The cost of pet care is also on its own level out here (yeah its not only humans who have healthcare issues here in the States). Try and mix that level of commitment in the break neck life out here and you have to really have a heart for it to have a pet but hey in some ways it gets you ready for parenting if you are considering it, but you know what; I think I'll get a pet rock. Less drama and they take care of themselves!

Have a fun week all!!!!!