Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Long time no write

Hey people and blog!
Must admit that it has been a long time since I blogged.A month or so,bad boy!Anyway just been blundering through life as usual.Starting to teach myself the tools of photoshop cs.It is a bit hard as I have to discipline myself and i do have a short attention span at times.I have also really slacked on my meditation but i try to do some on the bus on my way to work when I am sitting on my own.Just got this interesting snippet on the net," Anne Cushman, a writer for Yoga Journal, once described meditation as being locked in a closet with a lunatic with a megaphone. "
Other than that just in the process of shaping my beliefs.Was doing a reading wxchange on-line on a tarot forum and people who have read for me tell me that I am either in a period of confusion,transition and one got it really good and told me that i have a hodge podge of beliefs.
I would not puyt it that way but i am kind of there,I am getting mature in my spirituality and knowledge of the divine.Knowing the many faces of God is interesting and as i was telling a saved workmate this is a path that i must take so it will be a long long time before you see me in a church.
Nothing against church but right now it is between me and God.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Guess who's back!

Well sorry to have been away so long blog and people i have been postponing posting forever that and my comp crashed.
Anyway things have really been heating up at the office seems that this plan that the big guy has is not that legit.why does it seem in my life that christian leaders seem to be the most sleazy people i come across.not that I have a mad on for them or anything.I guess that people place to much power and trust in the hands of christian leaders thus setting themselves up for a spectacular screw session.
Otherwise I have slowed down my involvement with the cards as I am now learning astral projection and i do not have anyone to read for at the moment.I feel the opportunity to read will come when i leave the country.
The first stage of learning to project is learning to remember your dreams i am doing my best and i remember quite a bit nowadays.but i have to get it down pat i mean when u remember like 4 dreams in one night it gets really tiring.But i want to stick to it till i get it done and i am travelling in the astral plane.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Guess who's back!

I have been busy the whole of last week but the better part of this week I had began slacking off I admit.anyway bought my first Tarot pack last weekend.they were not the usual rider waite but they'll do for now.They're the renaissance tarot pack, the pics aren't that detailed so I have to use my intuition more.I have done 2 readings but just for myself.I have a very good picking hand but now I have to get more into both the literal and immediate meaning of the cards.I did a reading for myself yesterday and the King of cups came up and today he came up again as my personal card.I guess that says a bit well now I have to learn the meanings of the suits and the combinations.
Yesterday I also reached a turning point.I can now reconcile my tarot with my christianity so I actually feel stronger than I was before but my belief system has always been interesting anyhow.

Friday, July 23, 2004

At work again!

Today our supervisor I'll refer to him as super later on to make things easier, had a meeting with us the design crew this morning.He told us alot of the importance of doing our utmost to complete this project on time ( not like people are not working their asses off! ) but with the changes these people come up with!I mean it has taken 8 months to do one site and there are like 40 something to go so when will we ever be through?Especially since these people insist in always having a hand in it instead of letting the designers finish and them coming in at the end.And he says the budget is shot I wonder which heads will roll.I think the writers will go first before they come to my department.
Anyway I am planning on going to grad school soon enough like in Januaury so I need only 3 more months here.I also need some time of my own as this job has virtually killed any personal life I had whatsoever.Tommorrow no way I am coming to work.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

I think this one doesn't need a caption. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

A cartoon for you to enjoy !

Well then one more day to go to the weekend.the way I'm going on about it you would think that I have major plans, nah I just need a break from work that's all.Anyway here is a cartoon that sums up some of the melee that has been going on after the British high Commisioner commented about corruption by our leaders being like a glutton vomiting on the shoes of those who fed them.I guess he was fed up with all the ongoing scandals and having no access whatsoever to the president.I am trying out Hello instead of posting pics at my sites url and giving a link so let's see how it goes.You gotta love the time change facility for when you posted your blog...


Mid week baby!

It's Wednesday that means only 2 days to go till the weekend.Today morning was interesting.a workmate asked me how my work load was as he noticed I was very busy and looking stressed.I should keep up the act as I was a liitle stressed but the work I was doing wasn't.At the moment I have 1000 and 1 links to check on the site we are doing.
Anyway according to the news the EU has frozen aid.Well it was inevitable given the level of corruption in the government.Anyhow when it comes to politicians here I have a zero expectations hence zero disappointments policy.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Still at work!

In an effort to look useful and boost my job security I volunteered to work overtime today.My company is a member of one of those image bank sites.You know where you download images for your own use at a certain fee for a certain amount of time.
Anyway our current membership expires tommorow so I volunteered to stay and take maximum advantage of our remaining time.Anyway after the earlier issues this week I really don't talk much in the office I just put my nose to the grind stone.My proposed transfer is still on hold but when it does come through I'll be doing something I enjoy instead of pretending to work.Anyway enough about this fuckin' job.
I was reading about a vippasana retreat and it sounded really cool visit www.dhamma.org to know all that they are about.Anyhow it is a ten day residential retreat where what you do most of the time is meditate.Both individually and as a group.There are also one or two discussions a day on meditation and vipassana.But you are not allowed to talk to or come in contact with the other students,no exercise,no prayer/worship of any sort,no writing material,no jewellery,no electronics,no contact with the outside world barring emergencies,no music,no dancing,no sex,no books.And this is meant to last 10 days.A veritable depravation chamber if you ask me.Oh and no comfy beds;mats only and a wake up time of 4 a.m.
All this for 10 days man if you do survive it you can survive anything.I am considering going for one of them but not this time round due to the current officce situation and the fact that I have not earned the right to go on leave.In addition this is a christian organisation I work for so if I told them I was going on a retreat based on Eastern philosophy I doubt they would even require my services any longer.Speaking of which have you noticed that worlwide it's usually people who call themselves christians who are the least tolerant?I guess that's what happens when you were once a minority and become a majority.Anyway let's see if I am still on form to lucid dream tonight.


I am out of titles so since it's Tuesday today that will have to do.I learnt somethin interesting yesterday.You cannot aspire to lucid dream when you are tired.I wanted to do that uesterday but the problem is that I spent to much time on the PS2 so i was pretty bushed when I went to bed so I couldn't turn on in my dreams.
Nonetheless I did remember in one dream I met a chic I used to be in uni with.We were not so tight then but I do recall giving her a hug in dreamland.The other interesting thing is that I was taller then her.I also do not recall ever seeing myself in any of my dreams.Why is this?I can feel myself but seeing.Uh uh.Anyway tonite no dilly dallying even though I am doing overtime.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Some rest.

Had a relaxed weekend.I am trying to get into regular meditation, it will help me centre myself and get rid of some of my bad habits.
Went shopping in the afternoon.I bought myself a book on learning tarot.Found out how much I have to learn it will be a month or teo before i understand the cards enough to read for myself even.But I have found out I have a fairly strong third eye so that should help me, like I was looking for some tarot cards to buy later on when I have the cash and I didn't get anything from all the packs but one.I knew they were the ones.
I bought some incense to help me neditate but I have realised it is not strong enough to create the atmosphere that I want when I meditate.Also have an amethyst crystal I used it to meditate last night they really create a difference but I am yet to establish a bond with it.When I do I will be able to tap into it fully.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Still at work!

It's 9 pm and I am still in the office.After being chewed out for doing work I was not meant to be doing badly I am now back to html work but low level testing designed pages.Ooooh exciting.Need to edit or something.
Anyway at least they bought us diner I had a large chicken pizza.Took only 3 slices will save the rest for home.I have realised that my psyke for meat is slowly waning I will be vegetarian in no time.Otherwise i hope i am not needed in the office tommorrow.I want to buy a starter Tarot book.The big guy is here reviewing progress I am not even listening to them as I really don't exist in the big scheme of things unless I assert my presence.Oh life we never get a brake.
I hope I am not too tired to lucid dream tonight I need a brake.I think I will start receeding into a shell all this drama is getting to me. 

Fuck This!

Seems I screwed up yesterday.I was given someones work to add some features to.Seems he had not done the content as it was meant to be so I catch flack from the chic on top of me.
I was really pissed at first but I just put on my headphones and listened to music, did work I am supposed to and of course blogged for the week.
Fuck it today work ends for me at 2 pm.Due to where out offices are I can't bounce so I'll just kick back,blog and listen to sounds.I think I will write my letter to have editorial responsibilities added coz what I am doing now ain't helping me personally or proffesionally.
At least I will have time to meditate and relax this weekend.

A lot of uneccesary work!

What I do with myself from 9 - 5 is web design. Anyway our overall supervisor is a total dumbass who knows jack about graphic or web design. So the designers here turn ideas into concepts ( pictures ) and I turn those into web pages.
anyway the main big guy takes forver to make up his mind and perfect work is always being tweaked and redone.Add a supervisor who also makes stupid additions and these designers work forever so I have quite a bit of free time.
Anyway I dunno how but the super convinces the main guy that he should see the whole site done.Even though a few templates as usual would do.so work comes up.To make it worse he wants them done as pics so all that work has to be done in photoshopand fireworks.These are graphics applications that can be crashed by too much text.So I am called in too irregardless of the fact I am not a graphic designer to do alot of work I know nothing about.I have gotten home at 11.30 pm the last 2 days.

Interesting Dreams

I had an interesting dream on Monday night.( This is the Readers Digest version folks ) I dreamt that I was hanging out with some ppl sharing words of wisdom and stuff.Anyway the drream went on a little and it turns out I was sleeping so I woke up.Ordinary huh?Guess again I woke up in the dream world.I mean have you ever heard about dreaming about dreaming?I have not gotten time to do any indepth meditation with my new crystals but I will tap in as soon as I do. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Sleeping can be tiring

Yesterday I was checking out this site on stuff like astral travel and lucid dreams.Anyway I used to have lucid dreams which is basically being aware/awake in your dream and being able to do stuff as oppossed to the usual kind of dream where you are a spectator.
So I do some light meditation before bed-time something I am trying to make a daily habit if I am to make any progress whatsoever.So I can only focus for 10 mins now,that may seem brief but when you slow down your mind 10 mins feels like 50 mins.
Anyhow I have this really interesting dream amd the most interesting thing is that it's a dream.Meaning I wake up and I find that I'm dreaming!Crazy huh?guess I'll see waht happens tonight.
the only thing is that I'm feeling kind of run down and it's just morning.I'm also trying to watch Carlito's Way, an Al Pacino classic.due to my poor attention span I'm going to watch it in like 4 parts.Well let's see what goes down later.

another week begins

tried to post yesterday but something went wrong so my post couldn't go up,damn!It was a pretty long one too.Anyway had a laid back weekend wanted to see Spiderman 2 but aiiii the price they were charging was way too much, will simply wait for it to drop.
Otherwise checked out some really good tarot book, may buy it if the imbecile I so a site for coughs up what he owes me.
Anyway went for a play this Sunday, a gal pal gave me a ticket.My first play in almost 10 years.Well it was nothing to write home about.In fact Ileft after the interval.I guess the only theatre I really like are musicals.
the hiring and firing guy should be coming in on Thursday so I can give him my proposal coz this bumming biz is getting real old real fast.

Monday, July 12, 2004

another week

Another week begins.Had an interesting let's call it exchange with a pal who gives me a ride home after the church meetings I usually go for.so this friday we were covering outreach and such.Have you ever had one of those moments of clarity, you know where everything seems to move in slow motion but you're still in real-time and some revaltaion comes to you.Well it is at that point that I realised that I felt nothin whatsoever for this out-reach issue.
I realised that Church is not the thing for me given the revalations that have come to me.I noted that I now have a much wider reaching holistic view of god.I believe that the best analogy is that god is like a chameleon whom men saw at diffrent times of the day so one saw it as red,another orange and another blue.so I no longer believe in one main religion,what I believe is that there is a right religion for everyone.As a result I am also tapering down my church attendance,I realised that church was not doing much for me socially or spiritually.A
Anyway so i tell her about my new view and plans as she is giving me a ride home.I told her that she would see me in around 3 months time.Needless to say she was not too amused and held the usual christian views,one god,Jesus blah blah blah....
She said that the conversation was not over but I doubt we'll continue.I'll still hang around with christians socially but this is a walk I have put off way too long.I must complete it no matter what the cost.I do not want to live a life with any regrets.I have procrastinated too many things in my life, this is not another one.

Friday, July 09, 2004

Friday Baby!!!!

Last day of the week!Woo Hoooo!!!!I always get like this at the end of the day.Friday night plans?None whatsoever, I'm planning on just kicking back and maybe playing a little PS 2.Despite all the money I have spent on it and games I rarely play it anymore guess it's also due to the fact that after looking at one screen the whole day it is hard to do the same in the evening.
i'm getting kind of sleepy.I've been listening to chill out music the whole day.It's really cool if you want to relax your mind or even meditate.I've just written a c.d today going to use it for meditation today.
Now where was I?don't you just hate it when you want to say something but forget it at the material moment?
There's this meeting I used to go to at church every friday.Young Adults ( YA ) where people would go to hang out and discuss life's issues and be ministered to, but with my new focus I don't think we are compatible anymore.Besides which I never really felt comfortable so friday is my new chillout day.
Saw an ad for classes in pranic healing, I think it's worth a look.I wonder what it's all about, i know about prana ( also known as chi ) but I want to see how this technique works.
It's been so long since I have done uch typing my carpals always strat aching when my post gets this long so adios...

100 things about me part 1....

I have been reading some really interesting blogs lately.I will post the links later but there is one thing of note I saw on two of them. The authors put up a list of 100 things about them that made them unique or just ordinary.Well I think it's time you got to know me a bit better.So here's part 1 of the list.....
1.I don't like eggs, I have not eaten one in around 16 years.
2.I enjoy reading comics
3.I hate soap operas
4.I sometimes procrastinate too much
5.I can be a trifle untidy at times
6.I love martial arts
7.I can never put on weight no matter what I eat
8.I am a light sleeper
9.I was in the same school for primary and high school ( 12 years )
10.I have no respect for alcoholics
11.I think politicians do nothin of note for the people esp in Kenya
12.I love playing strategy games
13.I am a picky eater
14.I enjoy the company of deep thinkers
15.I am a deep introvert
16.I take forever to anger
17.I believe in re-incaranation
18.I have a very short attention span at times
19.I find it very hard to pay attention in church
20.I can be arrogant at times
21.I don't believe in following set societal roles ie go to school,
get a job, get married, have kids etc.
22.I am single and enjoying it
23.I am a big fan of Liverpool.Best football club in the U.K
24.I believe in both destiny and free will ( confusing )
25.I love outdoor shoes
26.I love dogs
27.I'm going off meat right now
28.I love chocolate
29.I wear my clothes forever before i get rid of them
30.I love reading
31.I feel sorry for people who get their approval by impressing others
32.I believe there is a special place in hell for child molesters
33.I hate the complex crossword puzzle
34.Cricket bores me
35.I think too much
36.I don't like smiling
37.i think there's not too much to laugh about
38.I'm an underachiever
39.I have a keen interest in divination
40.I think marriage is way out dated
41.I support women's rights but not feminism
42.I am not a male chauvinist pig just a male supremacist
43.I believe in karma
44.Kids are way over-rated
45.Life sucks but only you can change that
46.you will never feel alive until you express yourself
47.I find ties uncomfortable ( wore one to school for 12 years )
48.I believe tradition shouldn't be dissed as much as it is
49.I wear specs but I own contacts too
50.I don't talk much but when I start I can go on forever......

Anyway that's a liitle about me.hope it makes me less faceless.It's easy for that to hapen in cyberspace.

Thursday, July 08, 2004


Where I work I am part of the design department.The designers make up website concept as pics ( jpgs ) and I turn them into HTML ( web page ). Only that with the slow rate of approval by our bosses and the amazing amount of re-working that is done I usually have a lot of time to do what I please hence the blog.
Anyway yesterday the designers had a long night, they left the office at 12.15.Anyway one of them Ted the responsible,quiet,principled one almost misses the staff bus which we catch at 8 am while the rest Vic and Tia don't catch it but they do get into the office later.
Anyway I was looking at caliblog ( life in Hollywood ) a blog by 2 guys and a chic who live in California.One of them had been here and posted pics of his trip.Anyway he had posted a pic of the duracell bunny and the caption under it said ' no doubt the scariest duracell bunny I have ever seen'.Well looking at the pic I had to agree.I'll post a link to it later.Anyway back to the story, so I turn to Vic and tell him most def our duracell bunny looks scary we should do something about it.Then he says something like they don't last and I say they do too as I use them first on my discman then on my walkman then wall clock ( yup I'm cheap like that ).Anyway that's when he says you can't use a durex for that.Seems he thought I was talking about condoms.Some and the rest of the design dept ribbed him about it for a minute or two.Well seems we now know what he does with his free time.....

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Same ole same ole

Hey people!
Hope you are all well.Just another routine day at the office filled with doing jack.At least I was given a form to develop for the site.That kept me slightly occupied.Anyway ya'll must be curious about what I am doing after Sunday's drama.
Well I have started to refresh my yoga.I never realised you could get so stiff even the simplest poses really tire me out.But I was told it would be a long road. I also started meditating again.Do you know how hard it is to slow down your mind?I tried and i was at it for what I thought was ages but in reality it was only 20 mins well that's a start at least and using a crystal has made it all the more exciting anyhow.I think I'll go buy some crystals this weekend as I have only one at the moment and it does not boost the all the abilities I want to magnify at the moment.I've decided that my abilities have to be as fully honed as possible before I even consider using them on anything like tarot etc.
Oh seems chaos is on the menu this Friday so I've decided to give myself Friday off.Woo Hoo!!!
Anyway that's the little I have to say for now so guess I'll blog off.....

Monday, July 05, 2004


Hey ppl!
If any one of you follows Kenyan news you would have known that the city was an arena of running battles this Saturday.this was due to the fact that some politicians and members of the constitution review were to hold a rally to press against the current impasse.Following the overhaul of the cabinet the president and his boys were having none of that and proceeded to ban the rallies.And according to pattern the other politicians decided the would go ahead regardless of the consequences.so you can guess what happened..
The police had barricaded the meeting venue since early morning but this did not stop the mob from dancing on the streets and singing anti-establishment songs.After a while tensions boiled and the police unleashed the teargas and water cannons.Some louts took advantage of the situation to loot from shops in the area and ravage the surrounding area.And as this was going on where was I?In the city of course!But I was wise enought to stay away from the hotspots.I banked,shopped and booked a reading.
What did I see from this.As a leader let your critics speak it will be less damaging then shutting them up as it will make what they want to say seem more precious than it actually is.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Zen Stories

Hey people!
Me again.At least the cold has reduced.You see where I work is higher up then the rest of the city and it is in a very green area with plenty of trees.so if you did science you know that in areas like that you never get heat waves.And for me with my close to phobic fear of cold it sure as hell ain't fun,but I survive.
Anyway you ever watch those old martial arts movies where alongside back-breaking training the sensei also imparts wisdom to the hero in the form of age old stories.Well
here is a large collection of those stories.Knock yourself out and tell me what you think.Later people.

Whoo hooo!It's Friday!!!!

Hey people!
The week is at an end!Thank God for small favours.Oh by the way I did get paid yesterday, not that we ever misss gettting paid but there are one or two day delays at times.I do have some fuzz in my head due to sleeping late after watching yesterday's EURO 2004 semi.I must compliment Greece on their victory they played pretty well.
Anyway as usual I think I'll grab 40 winks in the afternoon.Our supervisor is in Holland for the week so I can kick back a little.
Well with all the political rallies going on this weekend I have to be back in the house by lunchtime.No need in putting my neck on the line,you never know when chaos will erupt with these rallies.
Anyway other than that I am drafting a proposal that should increase my workload and pay check,wish me luck.Otherwise I got an audio book but just realised that my attention span is like totally shot so I don't know when I'll listen to it.Gotta go....

Thursday, July 01, 2004

The more things change....

The President of our wonderful nation decided to have a cabinet reshuffle. read the details here.
Anyway as any Kenyan can see all the guy has done is buy himself more votes so it gets harder to shoot down his bills in parliament.Hey guess what?Less critics too.Also he gets to hook up his old boys I mean all the new ministers are over 50.We supposedly want a new nation yet we are using the same old leaders and expect change?Oh for you ppl who thought that that Manduli woman may get a seat in parliament it ain't happening.You see Kones is now an assistant minister so that case will die faster than an ice cube will melt in hell.
By the way we didn't get paid yesterday.The bank was out of town he's back so we'll see.I only have like 30 bob on me and I really don't want to go to the ATM.
Anyway more later.......

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Things I'd love my cell phone to have

Any person who lives in Nairobi will tell you the most often asked question on cellphone is, 'uko wapi?(where are you?)'
Well depending on where you are and where you are supposed to be this question can call chaos.Well my company is in the process of coming up with an ad on chip for Ericsson,Nokia,Panasonic.Sony and Siemens phones.This chip will be able to add the following effects as background noise to your conversation for the desired effect.
Just make your choice of effect before you answer your call and you can get
1.Traffic Jam - You get the appropriate sounds that accompany vehicular gridlock.Honking,revving engines,touts shouting profanity in the background.
2.Busy Office - it will actually sound like you are in a busy office.Photocopiers will whine,phones will ring, faxes will beep and the sound of people talking.This one makes me proud.
3.Party/Pub - Supposed to be at a gathering you don't want to go to.Well you can be there without being there.Here you get the sound of the latest hits,glasses clinking in the background,jumbled conversations and all the other ambient sounds that come with a party.
4.Silence - You're supposed to be at home but you are not?Well this effect muffles alll the background noise and only your voice is allowed through.So you can be in the club and tell your gal you're at home and get away scot free.
This is just one of the many life changing inventions coming from my company in the future.
My hands are feeling really tired now.We're supposed to get paid today,it's going to 5.15.These ppl stiffed me of 7K last month.Hope i get it back today.
No raving this weekend not that I do it regularly just want to save more K.
Right now I'm playing Championship Manager 03/04 on PC.Im running Liverpool, my fave club.Aaaaaaaaah fingers getting too tired.Hasta manyana mi amigos

Work or lack of......

In Kenya there is a major lack of jobs.Thanks to a president we had for some 24 years.He and his cronies undertook to run the economy into the ground and only by God's grace the would have suceeded.It also doesn't help that the current crop of leaders we have are simply recycled from the last worthless bunch so change will take 10 years plus till we see something tangible.
Things are so bad that there are people with Masters' Degrees wiling to do clerical work.Only if you have mad skills do you have the luxury of jumping from job to job.And even when you do so you have to make sure that you have a job waiting when you make that leap.
The government run Universities are full of crap.They are overcrowded,underfunded and offer many irrelevant courses.The lecturers are usually overworked and underpaid,they have gone on strike twice.The last time they achieved a pay rise,not comparable to their colleagues abroad but a raise none the less.Sex for marks scandals are not unheard of in public universities.A side point here I've heard of chics who have given it up and did not pass guess the sex didn't make the grade.Add to the fact that these uni students love rioting for trivial reasons,at least in the last three years they have reduced the frequency of the strikes but I guess there are very few University of Nairobi alumni employed by the companies that have offices across the road from the Campus.This is because they are the ones who usually feel the brunt of the students wrath at riot time.
Anyway about work.I know loads of people who stay in jobs they do not really like and that pay crap just coz getting another one will be hell.I do not dislike my job much just that it is not much of a challenge.I am thinking of applying for an upward and sideways movement to do something more challenging hopefully for more money.I'll keep you up-dated about that.
Anyway that's just a light taste of how things are in my side of the world.What about you?


Good to have you here!If you're anythin like me you always want to make your mark on the world and for people to know you are there.
Thanks to modern technology we have numerous ways of doing this.Letters to the Editor,radio/t.v call-ins,boards,chat etc.We don't always take the opportunity to do so then we whine that we are not being heard.
Well I for one have decided to pick up the gauntlet and spread scandal,disccord and a sprinkling of wisdon where appropriate.Watch this space.....