Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Long time no write

Hey people and blog!
Must admit that it has been a long time since I blogged.A month or so,bad boy!Anyway just been blundering through life as usual.Starting to teach myself the tools of photoshop cs.It is a bit hard as I have to discipline myself and i do have a short attention span at times.I have also really slacked on my meditation but i try to do some on the bus on my way to work when I am sitting on my own.Just got this interesting snippet on the net," Anne Cushman, a writer for Yoga Journal, once described meditation as being locked in a closet with a lunatic with a megaphone. "
Other than that just in the process of shaping my beliefs.Was doing a reading wxchange on-line on a tarot forum and people who have read for me tell me that I am either in a period of confusion,transition and one got it really good and told me that i have a hodge podge of beliefs.
I would not puyt it that way but i am kind of there,I am getting mature in my spirituality and knowledge of the divine.Knowing the many faces of God is interesting and as i was telling a saved workmate this is a path that i must take so it will be a long long time before you see me in a church.
Nothing against church but right now it is between me and God.