Friday, November 11, 2005


Yesterday was painful for me!I was talking to some chics and they told me how they were making a quick dash to Walmart so as to buy stuff to make spanish omelette and samosas for a function.Since my fridge was empty I decided to tag along and get a few things.
So we check in and I pick the basics that I needed eg cereal,rice,heineken,apple juice etc.That took me less that half and hour.Do you know it took these chics almost 2 hours to get those things, I mean if it was a buffet being planned I would still be there now!What happened to in and out?Yes, I sound like a typical miroo at heart but that is how I am.
But it got me to thinking about my life.I think that orderliness and logic at some point are over prevelant in my life but unfortunately they havent fully extended to the state my bedroom.Most of the time before I do anything I think 2-3 steps ahead.When I do something most of the time I have weighed the consequences, if I can deal with them and how I can deal with them.I am not Mr Perfect but many times when something comes up I have plan A - C.There are times I have not wanted to do things especially those involving other ppl coz of a lack of plan B.It took me time to learn how to listen to people tell me their problems without chipping in with a solution.But thank God I am not alone, I was chatting to an old workmate/pal who is in the U.K and she tells me she has the same problem.Sometimes I wish for excitement and unpredictability in my life but at times it also comes with more problems then it is worth.We came to the conclusion that as long as the schedule is bearing fruit there is no need to fix what isnt broken.All I need to do is to spice up my life once in a while do something different, so on Monday I will cross at the first red light instead of the second!On a serious note I think that is why I am looking forward to Thanksgiving in ATL a change is in order.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

News,radio etc

There are times when you find yourself doing some things that people would find interesting or even strange.Anyone who grew up in Kenya knows how the news is one of the most pivotal times of day for the old folk and those who seek to be informed.I recall how when you were in some locals the music would be turned down and the volume of the telly turned up at 9pm for the news.You could usually hear a pin drop when the news was on, I recall being the recipient of a couple of slaps as kid because of making noise during news.Anyway during the last few weeks I have actually been watching FOX 5 news in the evenings instead of stuff like MTV,VH1 and the many other channels on cable.
I turned on the radio this morning,something I rarely do (refer to my morning schedule) and there was a most interesting discussion.First of all it seems that this station ( a black station ) had been making jokes about Africans.Of course some ppl didnt approve and sent mail.Then the discussion moved to what Africans think about African Americans.Well one African I think Nigerian called and said that first they need to drop the African part from the name.Something that I agree with totally because there are many populations in the States that descended from immigrants but not too many call themselves Italian American,Irish American, British American etc according to the caller.Also they do say that they are descended from Africans which I dont argue with but since Africa is the cradle of civilisation doesn't that mean that we are all African in some way and everyone should add African in front of their heritage ie African-Italian-American.Then one other thing that most of the African American callers pointed out is that most Africans think that African Americans are lazy.A point that I dont dispute, thing is that even though most of the callers said that none of them refuted the belief that they are lazy.Not to say that I think that all of them are lazy on the contrary, they do have quite a number of super achievers among them but as Bill Cosby said there are very many who are not carrying their share of the load.The thing is that people didnt get angry at Cosby for what he said, it is because he said it out loud; he aired dirty linen.It was also pointed out that they don't take advantage of all the opportunities that they have like free education and loans for college.An African American chic actually called and said that we foreign black ppl have more opportunities in the form of grants and scholarships.Anyone who is an international student out here knows how fallacious that statement is, it is really hard getting scholarship and aid as an international student.Bickering aside I dont think anyone persons choice to be lazy or not can be used to describe a whole group of people.It was interesting to listen and know how people can be so the same yet so different.Anyway back to my term paper...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Acolyte 3 - Roaches 0!

About the survey that I mentioned in yesterday's post it is coming soon just that my HTML when it comes to forms has really rusted so I have to refresh myself in the library tonight.I have this close to preternatural awareness in my room.Meaning?Well I can usual sense when something is amiss in my room eg lost stuff.But in this case I was sitting down watching telly when I felt that there was another presence in the room!My eyes seemed to know where to go.On the wall there was one of these damn large southern roaches!It must have felt my piercing stare because it scurried onto the ground.I looked round and saw only a bottle of skin moisturiser which I threw at it, it was only stunned and ran into my closet.I decided not to look for it as my closet was a mess and just picked up my large can of insecticide and sprayed some in there.I then sat down to watch Supernatural which was ironically about these houses that were built on cursed land and as a result of disturbing the land people were being killed by roaches,bees,termites and other creepy crawlies.
As the show was about to end my skin began to tingle.Roach was out of the closet!He was moving fast!Instead of jumping on my bed and screaming like Nick, I threw the can of insecticide at him since he was moving to fast to spray!BAM!Direct hit!But like a wounded bull he tried to shrug off the damage and keep on walking.I picked the can and gave him a generous blast of the poison within till it covered him like snow.But he kept on moving!I wound my arm like a baseball pitcher and threw the can at him!He stopped moving, twitched once;raised one of his legs in defiance and died.Damn insects better stay outta my house!Acolyte 3 Roaches 0!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

France and other issues

I wanted to comment on the riots in France but at the moment my brain isn't feeling up to the task of disseminating the failed French intergration system and how succesive leaders turned a blind eye as chaos began to forment within their midst.I would have commented about how smug the French were when they pointed out the marginalisation of black people that was made plain by Hurricane Katerina.I would also point out how the French government never bothered upgrading the neighbourhoods that immigrant populations lived in resulting in them slowly turning into ghettos.I also won't point out the way the police in no way changed to reflect the changing ethnic nature of the country and how many policemen viewed immigrants as a menace and in many cases subjected them to uneccesary harassment and that is why the two dead boys ran.Anyway I would notice that the French need to treat the cause of the rioting and not treat it as a symptom.
Good thing that I didnt have to think about that and write it down.For the Kenyan ladies in the diaspora I am going to put up a poll.I will need some information from ya'll about your opinion of Kenyan men out there.Seeing as I am a fresher and completely unspoiled, in fact I am virgin land.I have been talking to some Kenyan chics out here and in the U.K and I have gotten a wide range of opinions which I will not go into at this point in time.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Sports roundup with a gang of robbers

It was good to see Chelsea go down this weekend to Man U.I am not a player hater but Chelsea's billions have spoiled football.They have made the epl less competitive.Mourinho hasn't really built a team but has more or less just bought one.It used to be fun in earlier EPL seasons to watch the battle for first place shift from team to team only to culminate in a battle for the wire during the last 3 games of the season but alas that is no longer the case.Last season more people watched the Carling Cup Final and FA Cup.
Anyway I am no Man U fan but it was good to see that Roy Keane's criticism about the lack of committment at Old Trafford spur the boys to a win over Chelski.Yes Chelsea are still sitting pretty at the top of the league but at least some teams have decided not to bend over and take it but to fight them all the way!
Also it was good to see Paul Tergat win the New York marathon even though it was not that easy.It is fitting seeing his poor finish in his last races and injury problems.When I showed my boss the headline the inevitable question came "can you run?"I didnt have the time to explain the differences about living in the smog caked city of nai and life in the crisp clean air of the highlands plus the strong running culture over there so I just told her that I haven't bothered trying and that I do find it boring ( I would rather skip then run ).
Oh and it's official,League position not withstanding that Liverpool are the top team in world football.The world club rankings have been released by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics.Click here to see.


The agony of defeat!!!!!!!!!!

"Hmmmmmmmm, so this is how it feels to lose."

OOOOOOOOOOOOH!An old pic from the archives when Micheal Owen missed a sitter.It is rare for so much emotion to be gathereed in a soccer pic.It won some prizes

Djibril Cisse thanks God after scoring the winning penalty in the Champion's League Win of last year

Last but not least Paul Tergat wins the men's division while Hendrick Ramaala tumbles in for second during the New York City Marathon in New York Sunday, Nov. 6, 2005.


These kind of storos make my day!These are from today's Nation:

Private acts yield public confessions

Hilarious drama was staged last weekend in a Nakuru church when a pregnant young woman made a startling confession.

Her pastor, she said, had put her in the family way but would not hear anything about taking responsibility.

Incensed ushers and aides responded swiftly. They cast the young woman out of the church where photojournalists were waiting. Then hell broke loose, quite literally, as the aides engaged photographers and TV cameramen in a fierce fight.

The man of the moment, undoubtedly, was the rotund man who wrestled everyone to the ground, then made a rather sluggish dash for freedom.

A plainclothes policeman attempted to hold him from the back, as they usually do, but was met with a punch and a grab of the neck. They then rolled to the ground, tearing at each other.

More policemen came to their colleague's rescue, wrestling the church man and hurling him to a waiting vehicle.

At the station, the man was probably humiliated with taunts and a sound beating. At the court, if he was finally taken there, the charges could have featured crimes like assaulting a police officer (a fairly serious charge), resisting arrest and causing a breach of the peace.

On the fateful Sunday, another young woman was being detained after the father of her child – another pastor – defaulted in payment of her maternity fees. She called the Press and made her confession.

The moral teaching of these stories is that when people sin in private, it is inevitable that the truth will come out.

I used to go to a church where such a saga came out.Well at least the pasi in this case admitted on the pulpit what he had done amidst tears.The zack in the other story, I mean you have been busted why run?And to make things worse you are on camera.Tsk tsk tsk.For those of you who hook up with church mamas when your wife starts talking about the pastor non-stop know that problems could check in.When your wife starts going for night "prayers" jihadhari!!!In a few months you could end up raising a child that is not yours.But there are some strange breed of chics who like going after pastors.Why I don't know.That is why I have always said that pastors should never counsel women coz that is where most of them gnash.That should be left to the elderly women of the congregation.I have the strong feeling that if Nick was a pastor he would be feasting on his flock with no shame?I mean the guy couldnt pass up a free meal as a kid so what about free bootie as a pastor?Anyway vultures are everywhere nowadays there is no refuge in the church anymore.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


My muses are on vaction because of blogger eating part 2 of something different so today I am going to take things kinda slow.I think it is about time that this semester ended.Even though masomo is not stressful I am getting tired of the same old schedule every other day.
1.Wake up episode of Angel on TNT while doing some exercise,
3.Eat one bowl of oats (whole stash cooked on Sundays and frozen to be microwaved every )
4.Pack lunch and coke can
5.Walk to jobo,pass the same white zack jogging ( if I don't see him it means I'm kinda late )
6.Check into office building
7.Say hi to cleaning lady
8.Walk into office say "hi" to my boss,if it is Monday listen or pretend to listen to her yammer about her weekend.It's Monday morning "Shut up!!!"
9.Turn on the Mac
10.Open yahoo mail read e-mails and kbw comments
11.Read newly updated KBW blogs and make comments
12.Open Eudora and see what work I have lined up for the day, or in my case for the hour coz that is how long the work I am given takes me to finish on most days.Two hours on a stressful day
13.Take my 10am walk and go buy sumthin to go with my cup of Milo or Coffee.
14.Blog if I am in the mood and check on new e-mails and comments
15.Chat with my usual peeps on MSN messenger.Feel free to join tell me your handle I need more chat pals so as to make good use of jobo time
16.Work on term papers a little
17.Chic from next door comes in to heat her tea and makes small talk or tries to as she is really talking to herself as she rarely lets me get a word in
18.Boss' pals pop in at some intervals to say hi and at times take her for coffe
19.Listen to my cds with the earphones I always carry with me
20.Boss leaves for lunch early at times
21.Depends on mood will go for a short stroll or have lunch at my desk
22.Do any extra work that has been emailed to me
23.Have lunch at my desk, answer boss' usual comment about how good my food smells
24.Read Nation,Standard,East African and my other fave sites.Go see drama and insults on
25.Call it a day

When I leave jobo schedule is pretty open.I have 4 hours to kill before class so I do lots of different things but I never miss the afternoon nap.Yes it is a pretty care free existance but seeing the same people for days and weeks on end does get boring.Thanks God the thanksgiving break is coming!I get to go to ATL and chafua with raia!Also Nick and his tricks are smearing my name!Let it be said that I am not a screamer maybe a groaner if the chic has skills but never a screamer.About my assets I am have a very stable asset base that expands more then adequately and no-one who has invested their time on it have been disappointed!I will let the KBW punish you they are capable of destroying a man's ego esp Tee J!